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8 Feb, 2024

Target Broken heated blanket

i was gifted a heated blanket not long ago and suddenly it stopped working. i plugged it into every outlet to see if that was the problem but it just wont turn on. i belive it may be an issue with the cord but i dont know?
This story won’t be good to tell if galwayreliance didn’t help me to retrieve my funds and get me out of this mess. I funded my account and was able to make a withdraw and later when i deposited second time and they never allow me to initiate withdrawal and they were asking for more money which... Read more➤
The past three times I’ve got milk from my dollar general, it has been nasty. This past time it was white flakes in it, taste spoiled. I would like a refund.Its the dollar general in Crimora, VA. Thank you in advance, I don’t like to complain, but 3 times is a bit much.
Before the holidays, I made a one-time appointment for house cleaning with Sun State Facility Services. Obtaining a quote was a very simple and quick process. Before I accepted, they went over the entire procedure and all of my expectations and made sure the pricing was reasonable for the degree of cleaning I wanted. After calling, I... Read more➤
My name is syed zeeshan and i provided mr. Jose who is sports goods shop owner at new york usa. He committed with me to pay the cost for gloves samples that i sent him and also i provided him digitizing services . He is not giving back my amount. His email is. [email protected]… cell num is.... Read more➤
I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and concern regarding the consistently negligent handling of my parcels by your delivery personnel. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance, and I am compelled to bring this matter to your immediate attention. On 10/01/2024, I received a parcel from ABX Express, tracking number [CNEMA001003389]. To my dismay, upon... Read more➤
I purchased 12 lights three or four months ago and less than three months six out of 12 were burnt out don’t waste your money. Try to take them back to the store where I purchased them but I was told that I needed to contact the manufacturer and basically I was told that there was nothing... Read more➤
CMG i think we have the right to follow up where our boxes now , since it s already super delayed and many times you gave schedule of deliveries but no boxes came ,where we will follow up?Not answering the call,not replying,Philippines number cannot be reached,and now blocked,how???
I made me some tuna went put it on a cracker and felt something sharp my mouth started bleeding and their was sharp plastic fall 910-273-4519 this is the brand I normally always get and also give to my cats I’m very upset imagine if I would’ve swallowed it
Outstanding annual furnace and fireplace maintenance Nov 13, 2023. Just extraordinary and skillfully thorough. In over an hour the absolutely most professional service, the proficient technicians checked, cleaned, verified correct operation, and fully vacuumed all systems. Suitable, proper price. Timely response and arrived on schedule. Great, fantastic job. Well done. Please also note that Freon Doctor is... Read more➤
I made an account and I verified everything took a picture of my identification card and they saying that my age verification doesn’t match I don’t understand why they haven’t verified my account I have emailed them several times and it’s been 3 days going on 4 days and I still don’t know why no one has... Read more➤
2 Dec, 2023

Credit score Scam

These people are good at making you believe you fell for their service when I have already fallen for this 7 days $1 then $39.90 and I feel I was hacked when applying for a loan. They took $39.90 2x’s
Was charges for serves u didnt receive I want a refund ..I cant even use this it has to be thru secures yall shouldn’t be advertising if u cant use it..I cant afford to be took for any money pls refund my money
It is very strange when you buy a product, but in the end the product simply does not arrive. They assured me that the goods were on their way but I did not receive any tracking number. After two weeks of waiting the goods still did not arrive, and they stopped responding to my emails. It looks... Read more➤
My husband and I decided to book a cruise on the Gulf of Mexico. There were good price offers on the website and we bought the trip 2 months before it started. At the same time, we were not sure that everything would work out and my husband would be able to take a vacation from his... Read more➤
If I were to describe every single thing I’m unhappy with when interacting with Adams Homes, it would be a very very long text that would take a couple of days to write… I don’t have that much extra time, so I’ll say in general – Adams Homes has problems with customer support service, especially when something... Read more➤
12 Oct, 2023

GolfClash I was charged twice

I was charged twice for items I didn’t ask for or receive. $14:99 & $7:99 on the morning of the 12th October 2023. This has happened before and I am not impressed. My response is to tell others to be very cautious about this game
Even if you believe in this kind of “medicine”, I still cannot understand how you can trust some of the products from their range. Drink tea and get a complete detox? Come on, guys… Perhaps some of their vitamins are relatively healthy (or at least not harmful) – for example, beauty products. But I would advise staying... Read more➤
I bit down an a hard piece of plastic 1/2 inch long white , while eating a slice of Buffalo Style Chicken FlatBread Pizza and chipped my tooth . I purchased this pizza at Walmart in Longview Washington on 10/07/23
I bought a top from the Fashion Effect Store but the size turned out to be smaller than I expected. Usually clothes of this size fit me but this one turned out to be smaller. When I was going to send it back to possibly exchange it for another, the return price turned out to be almost... Read more➤
10 Oct, 2023

AstroFX How I was scammed

One has to be careful with the brokers on the internet now. Last year, I was scammed by IC market. I met their agent on Instagram. I invested $1400, which I lost. I couldn’t make a withdrawal, and I slowly lost access to my trade account for 3 months. I was frustrated and depressed. After a few... Read more➤
I see this is a popular problem on Credit Karma – on many review sites it is described that hackers hack into accounts and simply take advantage of clients’ money. In this case, the support service either does not respond at all or responds too late. I looked at the amounts that Credit Karma clients lost and... Read more➤
Science of Skill
10 Oct, 2023

Science of Skill Ripped off

I was charged $57.00 after paying the shipping on a knife. I did not authorize this ! I saw their offer on Facebook and ordered a knife. Now they are charging me $57.00 which I did not authorize. How do I get a refund ?
We were thrilled with that were provided by this company. I believe everyone needs to form their own conclusions. It is easy to write a bad review, most will go out of their way, i prefer to take the time to compliment a professional company. This is that and more. Go with your gut! We are so... Read more➤
The situation is simply absurd! My account was hacked 2 days ago and all this time I have been trying to negotiate with support. Yes, they answer my letters, ask additional questions, I answer them, but… I still haven’t gained access to my account! Something unreal is happening, a hacker right now has access to my account... Read more➤
Banktjenesten fra Uno Finans virket ganske grei for meg. Veldig brukervennlig nettside. Jeg trengte å refinansiere 2 smålån, samt ta opp lån til båt. Flere norske banker er koblet til siden og siden ga meg flere alternativer som matchet mine behov. Jeg fylte ut flere skjemaer, fikk 2 tilbud samme dag og 3 tilbud dagen etter. Ganske... Read more➤
I have sent multiple emails & called the customer service line with no response. I only received half of the items I paid for and it’s been over a month. The packing list confirms that the 40oz basin mugs ($56 worth) were not shipped. SO FRUSTRATING!
Soto and Freon Doctor are 10/10……5 STAR all the way! Whether you’re interested in an HVAC maintenance plan, repair, or full scope replacement, I would highly encourage you to partner with the company I’ve concluded is the BEST in the business! Need further convincing? Just give Soto a call, and invite him to your home for an... Read more➤
I had been researching lightweight mobility chairs for a long time. I liked the Pegasus because it was carbon fiber and has in-frame batteries. I spoke with several people at different times from Quick N Mobile before purchasing . Everyone that I spoke with was kind, answered all of my questions, and was not pushy in any... Read more➤
We are a small apparel Company based in NC. We were selling on their platform for years, fulfilling their orders – direct shipping to their customers. They have not made payment to us for sales from April 2023 – June 2023. They’ve stopped responding to my emails asking about payment arrears. They’ve basically stolen merchandise from us... Read more➤
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