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30 Jul, 2021

Emirates Estate Emirates Estate

Real estate in the UAE from the Emirates.Estate agency Our property agency Emirates.Estate will help you easily, profitably and quickly buy an apartment or a house in the United Arab Emirates. Our portfolio includes an extensive and up-to-date database of various real estate objects. We have collected the best offers for property located in such famous resort… Read more➤

30 Jul, 2021

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The hotel is comfy for business trips, as they have all the necessary amenities. One time I forgot my iPad in the room and called the hotel to deliver it to me to one center. They kindly agreed to do that with their internal delivery team. The overall impression of the hotel is that it fits mostly… Read more➤

At this hotel, I truly enjoyed 3 nights. My friend and I mostly traveled the city taking photos of sightseeing, however, the experience with the hotel was unforgettable as well. We had a spacious balcony and could enjoy night views of the city. The staff was not simply friendly but very simple, you know. They understood our… Read more➤

Let’s start with the pros. They have an amazing location, park nearby, theatres. The staff was nice, my room was clean. The food offered during the dinner in their restaurant was top-notch. The seafood platter was to die for. As for cons: there was no space in the bathroom, I literally couldn’t move much, as well as… Read more➤

I find this hotel decent for people with high paying capacities. But, such prices didn’t always correspond with expectations. First off, the rooms are tiny, the showers didn’t drain well. My impression of the service is somehow mixed. The only sincerely courteous person was the doormen. Another staff was just okay, they were doing their job. As… Read more➤

I hope my review will be seen by the management team because they would probably laugh hard. My staying with this hotel was both AMAZING and ANNOYING. Literally, I tried the best cookies in town, and found a staff that treated me without being OVER courteous if you know what I mean, — I hate it. However,… Read more➤

I was quite happy with the hotel, and their service. I booked a suite for 7 days, and all the time was treated very courteously. The restaurant staff learned what I order all the time for dinner, and when I visited them they joked with me about my potential go-dish. Nevertheless, one thing slightly spoiled my experience,… Read more➤

The location of the hotel is excellent, for real, park, and birds who wake you up with melodic songs. My room was also great, with a very soft mattress comfortable for my aging back, if you know what I mean. I really enjoyed staying in this hotel, and I would probably come back if they fix one… Read more➤

It is a very nice hotel in central part of the city. It takes just seven minutes to get to the hotel from the main square of the city. At the roof, there is a terrace with a magnificent panoramic view of the whole city. The staff are friendly, they speak fluently several European and Asian languages…. Read more➤

We stayed there for four nights, my wife and me, and we liked the service very much. The hotel with swimming pools is surrounded by green trees. We stayed in the Comfort room for two persons. The room was spacious but the bathroom was very small. Our room was hidden in a quiet corner of the hotel…. Read more➤

The hotel is situated in the best place in town and you can feel the vibe of a town instantly when stepping out in the street. The restaurant has a terrace area so you can dine while being practically outside. It is not recommended when there is strong wind outside, but on a quiet day it is… Read more➤

I don’t really like interacting with people, so I rarely buy something in offline stores, I almost never go to shopping centers. Most of my purchases I make in online stores, but even here I often have to communicate with consultants or confirm my order by phone. I like this online store because I can refuse to… Read more➤

Ordering anything from this store is like waiting for a celebration. You get your goods properly and beautifully packed. I’ve ordered many presents for my family members and friends recently, and the management respected my wishes and took my preferences concerning the package into account. Delivery time is always within reasonable limits. Additional payment can speed up… Read more➤

Everything in this online store is organized at the highest level. They employ real professionals who quickly and thoroughly answer all questions via chat and e-mail, they help to make the final choice, suggest which products are subject to promotional discounts, promptly confirm orders. I also like the few delivery services that the online store cooperates with…. Read more➤

I’m glad to be shopping at this online store. Real professionals work here, who patiently listen to all questions, talk about the range and help make the right choice. Checkout is also very fast: if you are registered and you have a personal account, then a purchase can be made in 2–3 clicks. And also this store… Read more➤

22 Jul, 2021

Buya Changed my iphone screen

I had my old iphone screen cracked and needed to swap it. Official retailers sell these for a much to high a price and I decided to gamble and turned to online stores for the first time. The order arrived on time and I was able to change the screen myself. Weird thing happened afterwards as the… Read more➤

I don’t understand why there are so many complaints about this online shopping platform. A reasonable customer never buys anything blindly. He studies the reviews of the real buyers posted next to the descriptions of the products. He also understands that buying something means mutual responsibility, which is notified in the “Terms and Conditions” section of every… Read more➤

They have a very decent pricing. At least when it comes to laundry  parts or kitchenware parts. That is the two categories I shopped. I had to have a short advice from the shop and was expecting to have a computer bot instead of a living person. Instead, a living specialist with excellent English skills, and also… Read more➤

I’ve never thought I can be involved in online shopping for so long. I find anything I need here monthly and never experience any trouble with the delivery. The best thing about the store is that it offers a complete money-back guarantee even in case if I merely don’t need the product. Last week I placed an… Read more➤

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