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Your Manager Lesley in Jollibee branch 17136 90 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta was very rude and arrogant towards her customerrs. The company should look into this matter seriously. It has been a recurring incident that this manager keep on doing it to other customers also. You can check your video and if you have audio just verify the... Read more➤
I have tried ao many times and don’t have any problems just at first was difficult to understand how to use it, but after some time start to figure out how to use it easy have no problem with this just need more calls.
I subscribed to lipmonthly was receiving my package for a few months then they completely stopped sending. But they are still charging me! They haven’t giving me an explanation as to why no response back what so ever.
Tired of this bs claim of scammers getting my info. They block me 5 this week claiming this shit. Then the last 4 months blocked me at least 10 times. F*k this site anyone know a site I can get on better then here that doesn’t require bicoins
I have never been treated so disparaging Ky by any other companies. They are scamming customers with premade schemes. I wanted to buy the extended warranty and made the request but they denied it saying I didn’t meet the terms(20 days late). But the fact is that they didn’t let me do that. I tried to connect... Read more➤
As a student, I know how difficult it can be to find reliable sources for essays. When I first heard about NerdySeal, I was skeptical. However, I decided to give it a try and I was surprised by how helpful it was. The database is full of high-quality resources that students can use to help with their... Read more➤
I’ve got five of their jerseys. Delivery was on time and the products are great value. Each time I’ve contact customer service regarding a question they have always promptly replied. I would recommend them.
Highly recommended for all types of apps. They are extremely competent in their work and the working employees are ethical in communication, coordination, and very cooperative while doing work with me.
I subscribed to MF a few days ago and made a couple of investments. And all of them resulted in an absolute failure. I see that most reviews are positive. So, I am confused. Furthermore, after I lost so much money, MF started to send me offers on more expensive subscriptions. They say then they will send... Read more➤
I ordered a bottle of Veer’s foundation and they billed me for a “Subscription Box – $20” that I DID NOT ORDER. I’ve e-mailed them several times with no response. Watch out!!! They will take your money and run!
 I created an account to receive cashback and closed it before my 30-day free period finished. Afterward, I was charged a fee several times, while I never used their services after that. I called them, sent them emails, and wrote to them via their chat. Still, no refunds or any other results so far. Their customer service... Read more➤
25 Jul, 2022

KEEPS Need my money back

A few days ago I decided to change my subscription, so I opened my account on Keeps and removed the shampoo and conditioner from the list. And I am sure I confirmed my action. I did not receive any email notifying about the changes, but I did not know that I must receive it. Today, I saw... Read more➤
Thank you Trek Movers for great service and fast moving. Thanks to the company, we left our animals in a pet hotel with a good discount. The guys packed our things very quickly and efficiently, thanks to Sergey for taking care of our plants. We chose a company that would help us for a long time and... Read more➤
Science of Skill
21 Jul, 2022

Science of Skill SCAM!

I got an offer for a knife and only paid shipping but now I’m getting charged every now and then for 57.00! They charged me that 3 times so far! I want out of this and a refund!!! I can’t find them on the internet!
I noticed there’s a mom pink cake thing going on this week I just wanted to say I could not help myself but to buy one of those pink cakes that are all over the front end. To my disappointment I get home and this cake is old , and hard Feel like I’ve seen them for... Read more➤
I purchased a sofa on September 2021 and it is doing major squeaking noises that is to embarrassing to let company sit on on it. I purchased the Alstate insurance and referred me to the manufacturer because it will be a year on September 2022. Alstate informed me to contact the manufacturer. Please help asap. NAPLES LT... Read more➤
Don’t trust this website. They are scammers. They will take your money and run!!! They kept ignoring all messages all calls. Don’t trust them at all
Wizehire is the worst company when it comes to customer service. they will cancel your subscription without reason and wont tell you why. I have tried calling them multiple times, but they keep lying that they have already told us as to why the account has been closed down. They don’t want to be transparent and I... Read more➤
BEWARE! Hope Noelle davenport is a theif! Hautetrader is a scam site! THEY STOLE MY $ AND DRESS! They STEAL YOUR INFO AND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND AS SOON AS YOU SEND YOUR EXPENSIVE ITEM THEY CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT! How many $25 or $50 dollar charges have you stolen from members? You barely have ANY ACTIVE MEMBERS... Read more➤
I order product on April of 2021. It is now July of 2022 and still no product… U get the run around and the refuse to give you your money back. Run to your bank if it hasn’t been over a year and get your money bk… This company got $335.55 free from me. They bearly answer... Read more➤
Yes it was a super fast way of getting downline signups. I needed to get people to join my mlm business, this was the perfect solution. I got all the signups I ordered. My business is growing super fast. I can’t say enough about this excellent company!
I am 83 years old and I can’t afford to have a product that is absolutely causing me serious skin and eye trouble. It is very hard to get off after applying..it turns white and flakes very bad. Please send me a refund. I have 4 BOTTLES, TYREE OF THEM ARENT OPENED. ONE IS OPENED ONLY AND... Read more➤
Most recovery companies will take your money again. I personally think they are the same set of people that run all of them, seems like an unending cycle and its too sad. The most crazy thing about the whole internet thing is how you can clone a website to make it look like the real one, I... Read more➤
Being charged $57.00 for several months and have received nothing. I have looked on the internet trying to find a way to contact Science if Skill about the issue, however I found nothing. I want a refund and cancel the membership.
The doorknob system that I bought has just fallen apart. 2x in a day period. The screws are stripped out that’s why I won’t stay together. I didn’t strip them with installing either. Never again will I buy another tru bolt
I pump my home’s water out of Lake Travis, and there are very few lake pump repair companies to choose from since they have to be plumbers AND divers. My water went out and a local plumber told me my pump was bad. I called Brandenburg Water and left a message; within a couple of hours, Travis... Read more➤
They do not answer emails and do not care after they have your money. If it works, great. If not, you will have a horrible time getting them to respond to you. Find a shop with a phone and someone you can talk to.
I bought Western family medium white prawns prawns and find for a 41 to 50 pack there was actually only 34 in the bag. This is not the 1st time it’s happened this is about the 8th time it’s happened that there’s less than the 40. This is very misleading and actually a plain rip off
Powerful system. Works like a clock. It automatically recruits. Got all my signups and more. Can’t say enough about this amazing service and company. The people there treated me right. They answered all my questions, and I started getting downline signups within just 24 hours after I joined. I’m very pleased and recommend prebuilt down line to... Read more➤
I want to let everybody know you can get your page back all you have to do: 1. go to your email app, click compose then email ([email protected]) 2. send out a email with a subject & write what you have to say or whatever you feel they did was wrong 3. wait up to 24hr i... Read more➤
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