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Claimbo.com is a new place to share your experiences with a particular service or product. You can write a complaint and warn other consumers. We would like to believe that our online service also gives consumers the opportunity to solve a problem. Indeed, sometimes users get a response to their complaints from company representatives and resolve their situations right here, online.

Don’t forget about compliments! If you liked a service and want to share your positive experience, you can write a praiseworthy review and give a high rating. That way, good service can be encouraged.

In other words, Claimbo.com is a resource where consumers can speak up and read reviews from other users. You can search for the company you are interested in if you have any doubts or just want to know more information.

We hope our resource will help you evaluate a product, service or company more objectively. As well, our users will be able to establish more effective cooperation in resolving disputes and ambiguous situations in the sphere of consumption.

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