23 Feb, 2024 → by Erica En
Unkept promises of 100% refund


My husband and I decided to book a cruise on the Gulf of Mexico. There were good price offers on the website and we bought the trip 2 months before it started. At the same time, we were not sure that everything would work out and my husband would be able to take a vacation from his work so I read the conditions and on the cheapcruises website they promised a full refund if we canceled the cruise in a timely manner before a certain date. The website emphasized that they would return 100% of the amount without any deductions. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to take a vacation for these dates and we had to cancel the cruise. I made a return and to my surprise the amount of the cost was returned to my account minus the amount of about $100! Nowhere was such a condition indicated... Perhaps it was written somewhere in small print for lawyers, but I noticed that in the travel advertisement, in capital letters, the company promised a 100% refund. I was dissatisfied with this situation.. I understand in such cases that money may be withheld but in this case there is no need to promise a 100% refund. I tried to contact them and they promised to sort it out but after 2 weeks nothing happened : (( OK, I'll give 2 stars and not one because the main amount was returned but I was still dissatisfied with such tricks.

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