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21 Sep, 2023

Fixez Defective Items

Defective items can be a frustrating and disappointing experience for any consumer. It reflects a lapse in quality control and can lead to a loss of trust in the brand or manufacturer. It’s crucial for companies to address these issues promptly and offer satisfactory resolutions to maintain customer satisfaction. A transparent and efficient returns or exchange process... Read more➤
20 Sep, 2023

IQOS False hopes by IQOS

I agree with previous negative reviews about Iqos. I myself also tried to “quit smoking” and thought that Iqos would help me with this. Of course, there were already doubts when I found out that the manufacturer was Phillip Morris. Does a cigarette manufacturer help you quit smoking? It’s funny. For some time I was able to... Read more➤
KraftMaid Cabinetry
11 Sep, 2023

KraftMaid Cabinetry DEFRAUDED

I reached out to Cabinetworks Group’s Customer Care in utilizing my Kraftmaid Cabinets’ Warranty on 1/4/23. Kraftmaid rejected it & blamed the installer who is their authorized vendor/installer & distributor in NYC by the name of Valley Design Center/ owner: J*** M*****; installation: March 2022 Cost: $13676.33 in 4 rooms F**** S*******, Kraft’s local sales rep, visited... Read more➤
I tried many of the assignment writing websites online during my MBA days. They were the only ones who gave me an acceptable paper every time, on time. While they did not always fetch an A, it was good enough for me as I only wanted a B or C so as not to raise suspicion of... Read more➤
5 Sep, 2023

Cheddars Dissatisfied

Placed a mobile order for curbside. My son arrived before the ready time of 7:10pm and waited and waited. Finally a young lady said they were waiting on crossiants to fulfill this order. After almost an hour she told my son we could get refunded on the extra crossiants we ordered but not the ones that come... Read more➤
Ordered a couch online told us it was going to be special order would arrive in four weeks would give us a call when ready 4weeks go by we call them they tell us seven weeks we patiently wait seven weeks roll by still no call from them we called them and then the manager D****** tells... Read more➤
I have been in the restaurant business for 35 years and i have never had a worse oven it looks nice but it goes through thermostats every month and the metal is so cheap the grates are sinking into the oven
Clover Valley
28 Aug, 2023

Clover Valley Coffee

I have drank the Clover valley Columbian coffee for about 3 years and every once in a while it’s sold out and I have to get another clover valley coffee such as the breakfast and the donut shop … once the coffee is brewed it smells fine, but I thought I had poured sour milk into it... Read more➤
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