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When we arrived, they were still cleaning an apartment. Must say that it was in real disorder: there were broken cups and dissipated flour all over the kitchen. Carpet in the hall was trampled, and in the bedroom I’ve found… Read more➤

The quality of education and student life were average. The education process is rather dry and boring, teaching definitely lacks passion and assistance. The students are not encouraged to learn and develop their practical skills. They should include more extra… Read more➤

I’ve chosen this operator because of attractive advertising, and now I don’t know whether this decision was right… They said that my Internet connection would be perfect and stable. But in practice it’s quite opposite! Coverage isn’t good, that’s why… Read more➤

My husband and I use services of the company for the second time. Need to notice that the first apartment was nearly perfect. We liked furnishing, clean floors, neat curtains and presence of all necessary household appliances. Also, the surroundings… Read more➤

Okay, nearly everything is fine with this company. I can choose number of the rooms, floor, neighborhood and some other additional options. And I need to note that pricing is rather reasonable, I can’t say that apartments are really expensive… Read more➤

This is the main reason why I keep on using this hosting. I am not so tech-savvy, so proper tech support is a must for me. I have been using their services for 3 months so far. And I turned… Read more➤

The University is one of the biggest ones in the country. I completed an international exchange program here. There are a few libraries and parks to hang out with your friends. High-end computer rooms with speakers, projectors microphone and everything… Read more➤

Their tech support is superb. I used several hosting services before, and I should say this one provides the best tech support you can find. First, they reply swiftly ― in a few minutes. Secondly, they are always friendly and… Read more➤

The University can be a challenging and tough place to study, as you do much work independently. As a student, I didn’t get plenty of contact hours from the tutors. It took me a while to get used to do… Read more➤

The college shows very little interest in teaching and assisting students. When I made mistakes, no one explained them to me. Your essays receive only feedback saying what additional information you might add. Only one professor was truly helpful and… Read more➤

Nice school for education, however, the support for students leaves a lot to be desired. There were a few cases when housing staff ignored my requests. If you came to this University to study hard, I guess you’ll be satisfied… Read more➤

No one bothers to answer the phone when I need it. There’s also not a reaction to the voicemail notifications. That’s a bad start. The provider looks entirely legitimate at the beginning, but it looks that the equipment I paid… Read more➤

It’s only three weeks I’ve been dealing with the provider, and I’ve got something to say about the service and attitude to the customers. Firstly, I had plenty of issues to fix at the very start, which is not a… Read more➤

I purchased a puppy at Rockhurst from Beth in September 2018 Just to warn new buyers that she is still using Dolly and Rufus to have nee litters Dolly has had many many litters My pup was born with Congenital… Read more➤

It’s only three weeks I’ve been dealing with the provider, and I’ve got something to say about the service and attitude to the customers. Firstly, I had plenty of issues to fix at the very start, which is not a… Read more➤

We arrived with the children at the end of the season. We managed to have a great rest because there were few people, the hotel wasn’t overcrowded as usual, and the sun and the weather were pleasant. I liked the… Read more➤

It’s a nice little restaurant with moderate prices and great food. I am so glad we decided to stop at this place on our way to the shopping mall. We had delicious coffee and breakfast in a homey atmosphere. Portions… Read more➤

My stay at this city hotel was nice but the rooms need some improvements. I had my eye on it for a while because of its perfect location in the center. All sights are within short distance. What attracted me… Read more➤

We came here yesterday. We were in the company of 10 people. That was a great day with old friends. We were in a good mood when we came here. But the hostess spoiled everything from the very start. She… Read more➤

We visited this place two weeks ago. We had dinner with friends there. The menu was substantial. The wine list was perfect. We ordered pasta, salads and a bottle of wine. And we really loved all the food. But the… Read more➤

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