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I would like to give a Big thank you to Isha from MM Conveyancers for the Highly professionalism and knowledge in conveyancing process. We settle 2 properties with her and all went so smooth. Her efficiency and speed of actions are absolutely incredible. Highly, highly recommended to all my family and friends and real estate agents in... Read more➤
I have placed a clothing order of a store in London and 4 weeks later I received a shipment from China which contained this ring that had a receipt of 15200HKD. I have never ordered this and also need my clothing order that I really need.
This may be normal and happens often, but this is the first time this has happened to me. I bought a kids bike from 365 Cycles for a good price (it was on sale on Ebay). I received an email with an order confirmation, I thought everything was in order. The bike was ordered for my daughter’s... Read more➤
24 May, 2023

IQOS Some unmentioned questions

I would not like to specifically complain about IQOS but to express my own observations on this topic. As it seemed to me, based on my personal experience, when I switched to IQOS, I started smoking more. That is I gave up cigarettes, but now instead of two packs of cigarettes in 3 days as I used... Read more➤
I have rented small houses through Streetlane Homes several times. At the same time, I have always been a good tenant – I paid rent on time and, of course, paid utility bills. Always did the cleaning before moving out. During my stay, I tried not to disturb the company, I did minor repairs myself, once even... Read more➤
This is just a blatant scam! I live in Latvia and bought a PlayStation 4 a long time ago. Since it is not possible to select Latvia when registering an account, I had to select Russia – in order to receive updates in Russian. It turned out that Russian is more understandable to me than English. I... Read more➤
About a year ago I bought a Rolex from ermitagejewelers.com. Was quite happy with the purchase. The price matched the offer, the Rolex works properly, no complaints. Yesterday I showed them to my friend, who is a good in watches. It turned out that the bezel insert is not original! The bezel itself is made by Rolex... Read more➤
I’m feeling pretty upset because the clothes I bought turned out to be of really bad quality. I had high hopes when I decided to buy from your store, but the clothes I received were not up to par. To be honest, I was really disappointed. The fabrics were flimsy and the stitching was shoddy, so the... Read more➤
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