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Låna pengar snabbt och enkelt På Scanlaan hemsida listas över 20 långivare och banker i Sverige där du snabbt och enkelt kan låna pengar direkt. Låneansökan är med andra ord enkel att fylla i och betalning kan ofta göras inom en timme. Fördelen är snabba handläggnings- och betalningstider. Nackdelen är att det ofta är mycket dyrare att låna pengar direkt än att ta ett... Read more➤
I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and concern regarding the consistently negligent handling of my parcels by your delivery personnel. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance, and I am compelled to bring this matter to your immediate attention. On 10/01/2024, I received a parcel from ABX Express, tracking number [CNEMA001003389]. To my dismay, upon... Read more➤
23 Mar, 2024

IQOS False hopes by IQOS

I agree with previous negative reviews about Iqos. I myself also tried to “quit smoking” and thought that Iqos would help me with this. Of course, there were already doubts when I found out that the manufacturer was Phillip Morris. Does a cigarette manufacturer help you quit smoking? It’s funny. For some time I was able to... Read more➤
7 Mar, 2024

Bet MGM W2-G sent incorrectly

I received a W2-G owing taxes and I have never bet or received money from you. Getting the run around with everyone I speak to! Need to file taxes very soon and need you to find out who this money went to and take this out of my name. I did not sign up with bet mgm... Read more➤
My husband and I decided to book a cruise on the Gulf of Mexico. There were good price offers on the website and we bought the trip 2 months before it started. At the same time, we were not sure that everything would work out and my husband would be able to take a vacation from his... Read more➤
Does 3M** (UKR) management know that GlobaHub (Global Message Services) is making large volumes of FRAUD (AIT) on their network, deceiving Google, Meta and other partners? There are up to 100,000 SMS messages from AIT per day. Or in such a scheme, the 3M** management is in share. Mr. Oleg and Mr. Victor please comment?
Before the holidays, I made a one-time appointment for house cleaning with Sun State Facility Services. Obtaining a quote was a very simple and quick process. Before I accepted, they went over the entire procedure and all of my expectations and made sure the pricing was reasonable for the degree of cleaning I wanted. After calling, I... Read more➤
The past three times I’ve got milk from my dollar general, it has been nasty. This past time it was white flakes in it, taste spoiled. I would like a refund.Its the dollar general in Crimora, VA. Thank you in advance, I don’t like to complain, but 3 times is a bit much.
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