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Air Fryer purchased (from SuperDealUSA via Amazon) stopped working. No power to unit. Unplugged unit for 30 minutes. Plugged in–still no power. Appliance supposed to have lifetime warranty. SUPER DEAL XXL Air Fryer Family Size 5.8 Qt. 8-in-1 Touch Screen with Customized Function, Pause Set and Recipe Books Visit the SUPER DEAL Store 4.4 out of 5... Read more➤
I am so happy with American Knights. They were happy to help me for my every needs. They got the everything done so quickly and were very professional. Everything is good and nothing was broken or damaged at all. The movers were very professional and very polite.
Made purchase Sept 3rd -order 9176497. Order was for powered recliner loveseats and single recliners. Site indicated based on zip code delivery would take place 1-2 weeks. After placing order and company taking funds, I received a call where was notified none of my powered furniture could use power features without an additional $800 purchase. I paid... Read more➤
I called the company about their faulty pull tab on the can that lead me to have to used can opener and knife to pull it open that the tomatoe sauce got on my white shirt and some how the phone disconnected when giving them my address. whats the point taking down my phone number if they... Read more➤
American Freight
19 Sep, 2022

American Freight Broken

I have a Youngstown motion loveseat the right side of my furniture are broken it’s gray I got it from American freight and I haven’t even had it two months I bought it July the 27th and my right side of my love seat is already broken
13 Sep, 2022

1StopBedrooms Nothing to show

Spent $5000 for bedroom suit that still has not arrived. Company said it was carriers fault in transit. It has been in transit for 2 months now. This company is a complete scam. Have sent numerous emails and several phone calls no response.
8 Sep, 2022

MAGFAST Magfast fraud

Ordered a Pre-order ~$300 package in July 2019 and never received despite promises. Claimed I would be in Batch 6 and delivered 1st weeks of August 2022. Moved new batch delivery to March 2024.I give up.
Recently I moved to Chennai from Bangalore. I search for packers and movers in Chennai and found AssureShift over there. I submitted my details and instantly I got three reference from them. After checking the estimation I booked one packers and movers. Their service was really good and fast.
Home Depot delivered 6 appliances to my new home, while installing the washing machine they broke the water pipe going down into the wall in my laundry room. Said we can’t fix it to call the plumber. They said they called in the claim, took pictures, and full responsibility, said they know its their fault and they... Read more➤
Mediocre and really frustrating customer service . I’ve been trying to contact them about an issue with the car loan but they have repeatedly ignored my calls.
I had a flight booked in 2020 which was cancelled because of Covid 19. I have credits thru Expedia for JetBlue and United. To book a flight using the credits you have to call Expedia. You speak with a representative from another country, who put you on hold for over an hour hoping that you will hang... Read more➤
I have purchased Chef Boyardee canned pasta for 30+ years. The pool tabs on these cans are faulty I cannot get them open. I tried using a can opener it did not work. I threw the cans away. It was a total waste of money.I was very disappointed with the product.the can pasta was bought at Shaws... Read more➤
Jollibee UAE
26 Aug, 2022

Jollibee UAE Bad experience

Its my first order and get a bad experience with you service(Receipt no:399340)i order 12pc chicken and extra items also then received almost pieces is wings 😡😡😡 So this is our first and last order.
They cancelled my order and never returned my money , emails going back and forward with different information every time . Sometimes they claim they sent the money back other time that they never took money from my account. I sent my bank statement to prove that I never received the money back , then they claim... Read more➤
In March 2021, I purchased one of their Shorefit covers for a boat with a supposed 12 year warranty. The cover didn’t even last a year and half before it was dry rotted and ripping. The tear is at the top of the windshield. They asked for pictures of the cover installed and the tear, to which... Read more➤
The service is fast and efficient. The whole process couldn’t have been more straightforward, even if I had retained a lawyer. All the necessary divorce forms were completed within only two days, and the court clerk has already filed my petition and provided me with a case number.
Filled out application regarding dog and AADR emailed with info about when dog is going to vet and when they may be available so I thought that meant that I was approved to adopt. I mentioned to ASDR that I had also talked to another rescue and AADR said that I can’t work with them if I... Read more➤
Ordered a race me tuner. Been several weeks still nothing. Will not refund my order or harldy even return emails. Have e no idea what to do. Have ordered from them before they were slow but never this bad
Your Manager Lesley in Jollibee branch 17136 90 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta was very rude and arrogant towards her customerrs. The company should look into this matter seriously. It has been a recurring incident that this manager keep on doing it to other customers also. You can check your video and if you have audio just verify the... Read more➤
I have tried ao many times and don’t have any problems just at first was difficult to understand how to use it, but after some time start to figure out how to use it easy have no problem with this just need more calls.
I subscribed to lipmonthly was receiving my package for a few months then they completely stopped sending. But they are still charging me! They haven’t giving me an explanation as to why no response back what so ever.
Tired of this bs claim of scammers getting my info. They block me 5 this week claiming this shit. Then the last 4 months blocked me at least 10 times. F*k this site anyone know a site I can get on better then here that doesn’t require bicoins
I have never been treated so disparaging Ky by any other companies. They are scamming customers with premade schemes. I wanted to buy the extended warranty and made the request but they denied it saying I didn’t meet the terms(20 days late). But the fact is that they didn’t let me do that. I tried to connect... Read more➤
As a student, I know how difficult it can be to find reliable sources for essays. When I first heard about NerdySeal, I was skeptical. However, I decided to give it a try and I was surprised by how helpful it was. The database is full of high-quality resources that students can use to help with their... Read more➤
I’ve got five of their jerseys. Delivery was on time and the products are great value. Each time I’ve contact customer service regarding a question they have always promptly replied. I would recommend them.
Highly recommended for all types of apps. They are extremely competent in their work and the working employees are ethical in communication, coordination, and very cooperative while doing work with me.
I subscribed to MF a few days ago and made a couple of investments. And all of them resulted in an absolute failure. I see that most reviews are positive. So, I am confused. Furthermore, after I lost so much money, MF started to send me offers on more expensive subscriptions. They say then they will send... Read more➤
I ordered a bottle of Veer’s foundation and they billed me for a “Subscription Box – $20” that I DID NOT ORDER. I’ve e-mailed them several times with no response. Watch out!!! They will take your money and run!
 I created an account to receive cashback and closed it before my 30-day free period finished. Afterward, I was charged a fee several times, while I never used their services after that. I called them, sent them emails, and wrote to them via their chat. Still, no refunds or any other results so far. Their customer service... Read more➤
25 Jul, 2022

KEEPS Need my money back

A few days ago I decided to change my subscription, so I opened my account on Keeps and removed the shampoo and conditioner from the list. And I am sure I confirmed my action. I did not receive any email notifying about the changes, but I did not know that I must receive it. Today, I saw... Read more➤
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