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I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase. I was shopping for a dress to make myself feel pretty. I just had our 3rd child and I have put on some weight that I’m not use to. Purchased this dress hoping that it wouldn’t be too tight or too big. It fits wonderfully. It’s almost too flattering in the... Read more➤
Compared to other shipping companies like DHL and UPS only Fedex charges customers a ridiculous 11 USD storage fee. On top of that I was double charged (Already paid online but the receiver of the package was still charged 11 USD). Now, it has been a month and I’ve been continuously contacting and following up via their... Read more➤
this company is a scam they make it seem that they are helping you save money but instead they are taking it. their is nothing that benefits the customer in this company their policies and procedures on how they process claims does not even make sense. ultimately at the end the customer loses
When you buy anything via their website, they will not charge you anything at first. But they will save the details of your card, and, in 30 days, you will be charged an annual fee automatically! And that’s $59.95! I had no idea about that. Luckily, they notified me before charging my card. When I saw the... Read more➤
MyAssignmentelp review says it has gained the position at the top of the search results. With many positive reviews and happy clients, MyAssignmenthelp.com stands out Infront of all other competitors. Students also love to avail their services due to its great discounts and seasonal sales. You can also enjoy their sign up bonus once you fill-up the... Read more➤
I made a reservation with help of Snaptravel. The covid-19 brought us a lot of problems especially with traveling, that is why I wasn’t able to travel abroad and use the hotel. I requested a snaptravel to ask the hotel for a refund. The company told me they did everything they could but the hotel denies to... Read more➤
18 May, 2022

Perfume Shark Top Class

I have found my favourite and it’s affordable enough for everyday use! Very pleased with this and the others that I bought as gifts. The service was very efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend these products.
When we decided to buy a new home for our family, we could not even imagine that we would waste so much time, effort, and nerves on getting a loan. So, we did a search on the Web and chose LoanDepot. The biggest problem was the lack of organization. You know, I work in a customer support... Read more➤
It’s not a happy tale. My air Jordan order turned out to be an unpleasant experience for me. The purchase was delivered on schedule, however I had to leave and didn’t open it for a week. I tried them on and was first pleased, but later discovered that there was something with a sole. There made an... Read more➤
This company sold me a damaged, scratched iPad that they claimed was new and then denied me a refund. I had to go through the refund process to get a refund. They disputed that as well, but in the end I prevailed. Buy elsewhere or risk losing your money. They should be like Amazon. To get your... Read more➤
Keep in mind that this company is not based in the U.S., at least the production and warehouse. I had a bad experience with them. My furniture came with a defect. I decided to return it and was told I would have to pay for shipping. How can you claim “free shipping” when you charge for return... Read more➤
Don’t buy from Vecano. My shoes that I ordered are just a pathetic copy. The patterns aren’t the same at all, they look similar but look so much cheaper. It seems like a small difference, but all together makes these boots are not the same as the ones shown on the picture. It is only to sell.... Read more➤
In one of my orders, I ordered a wig and asked for a specific color. I also ordered several other items and also strands of another brand. The wigs I bought were not available, еру customer support contacted me and told that. They asked whether I wanted them replaced. I decided that I did. I looked at... Read more➤
I was looking for a program that could help me improve my grades and I found this one. I’m not sure how it works but I’m getting better grades than ever before, I think it may have to do with the fact that I don’t have to study as much anymore. I’m really happy with it and... Read more➤
I wanted to buy some garlic products and I made my orders almost 2 weeks ago. After waiting a while they finally responded to me and told me that my order is not in stock. Then they suggested I choose an optional order and I agreed. I wanted to get some detailed shipping information or at least... Read more➤
I’m totally disgusted with the service I got from Edgars after so much years of complaining and yet I am a loyal customer I feel disrespected and humiliated after complaining so many times and begging them to change my gender what do you do?
I am happy with the food and the instructions. But when they switched from FedEx to another delivery company from California, I decided to quit. The problem is not about their location in California, but about constant delays in delivery. When they used FedEx, their boxes arrived at 1 PM, which was quite OK, but, now, they... Read more➤
From February this year my retirement umbrella fund did not grow at all. All the money from me and my employer was taken for mangament costs and colsultant cost. Over R13000 and every week I am getting a sms from Momentum to say I am must chick on this link to register and join WEBINAR.
10 May, 2022

Find company please Rent owner

Hello I am Kimberly Thompson in I been renting from some one we’re I don’t know who these people are I never saw this people be for I been with them almost 2 years can y’all help me this people I’d going up on my rent for the second year in it never went up for 6/1... Read more➤
My name is daphne I love mild monster slim Jim’s and get them a lot but lately Marseilles IL Casey’s slim Jim’s have had holes on em and they go bad and I never really care but it’s been an issue lately every other time I get one from there one of them is messed up
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