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False hopes by IQOS


I agree with previous negative reviews about Iqos. I myself also tried to “quit smoking” and thought that Iqos would help me with this. Of course, there were already doubts when I found out that the manufacturer was Phillip Morris. Does a cigarette manufacturer help you quit smoking? It's funny. For some time I was able to buy only Iqos and supposedly receive “95% less harmful substances.” But Phillip Morris does not mention that these studies are one-sided - from the manufacturers themselves, and there are no independent studies. In addition, if we accept that at high temperatures, as when burning a cigarette, many harmful substances are produced, but at lower temperatures, when smoking Iqos, harmful substances are also produced, but different ones.

Let's add to this that about 40% of Iqos users end up smoking not only Iqos, but also regular cigarettes. As a result, it turns out that users receive harmful substances at both low and high temperatures. In general, Phillip Morris is now actively selling poison from both hands - both cigarettes and Iqos. Don't mess with smoking and beware of Iqos!

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Yes, it’s just something weird happening. Philipp Morris is selling poison without adequate testing. By the way, why doesn't someone do independent tests? Too difficult?
Whatta | September 21, 2023 | Reply
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