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Complaints & Reviews — 800notes

19 May, 2021

800notes Post blocked by trolls

Every time you make a legit post on 800 notes and the registered trolls dont like it they block your post under the ruse pending moderator approval which never happens User’s recommendation: 800 notes is a useless site

Any thread that acquired a significant response /readership accompanies challenged trolls that ruined their service, they usually have avatars and simply antagonize with rather juvenile behavior. User’s recommendation: Ignore the trolls.

Ive posted off & on about telemarketing calls/scam calls to that site. I regularly get some complete IDIOT troll posting behind me trying to discredit my post or tell me what or how to post – poster calls themselves TygerKat. 800notes really needs to remove them permanently. User’s recommendation: Post- but just be wary of TygerKat coming… Read more➤

12 Apr, 2020

800notes Not letting me!


I’ve noticed that the admin on this site fluffs phone numbers with fictitious Comments for the purpose of SEO (my guess) and I’ve seen that the site also steals content from other sites.

You just report telemarketers to them. As a consumer I like to be able to report phone number scams so other people can see what caller id’s are being used.

2 May, 2019

800notes Love 800Notes

My experience with 800notes has been great. In the past I would get these annoying calls and had no Idea where they were coming from, until a friend of mine told me about 800notes. And I have been using them ever since, at work and home. I have people at work and family members using this site…. Read more➤

It is the breeding grounds for people to post unwarranted stuff about a site with no means to correct it. once you try to go in and show real stuff theres a gang there that sputters bs like MikeHuntleton so no matter how u legitmately respond they blaspheme you

It really doesn’t matter what you post on here, 800notes is just going to moderate this site as well and downvote any negative reviews. And then use slanderous and defamatory statements in order to destroy poster credibility. I’m not sure if pissed consumer even monitors these comments, but it’s really out of hand when they are allowing… Read more➤

I don’t understand why 800notes is listed as some business or why people complain about a common bulletin board they can avoid by not going there. Want to find out about a caller, then go find out. Don’t like what people say, then don’t go there. These reviews are from people who complain they didn’t like the… Read more➤

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