14 Jun, 2023 → by Mikolay
International SMS fraud


I have been working for GMS for a long time and quit my job recently because I couldn't stand the fact that we were cheating our own partners. We cooperate with partners such as Telegram, Viber, Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp), moreover we work with major SMS hubs, which serve SMS traffic Google, Twitch, Twillio, Telesign, but we do this on a daily basis - we register fake accounts with SMS generation which we stop at ourselves (hijack) - making ourselves an impressive profit and robbing service providers. It doesn't matter whether we do it on a transit network or one we protect. We do it easily on our own, Ukrainian 3Mob, Kyrgyz Megacom, Georgian Magticom, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova and other countries.

Everyone in the company knows that we pay bribes remaining exclusive in the network and in such countries as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and others - they take them without problems and gladly! In general, our business is very dirty and the management's attitude to employees is like a slave! I would strongly advise against going to work at GMS.

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I used to work there too :)))) all true! We were also stealing messenger accounts on request and a big fee by reactivating them and not texting the owner. Moreover, we have been actively involved in spamming (gambling, fishing, etc) through grey routes (SS7, SIM etc)
Anna | June 30, 2023 | Reply
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Agree with the review and comment. I would also like to add the excellent work of *** **** and all his Pakistani friends whom he promotes in their careers. Thanks to the fact that he diligently licked the asses of the management, he rose so high that his competence is not enough to run the company. I am silent about the fact that he deceives the management and earns money on the side by cooperating with the companies he needs and receiving commissions. I do not recommend anyone to work here.
Ali | August 09, 2023 | Reply
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Wow! man..) If this is true then these r serious statements)) can u prove sms fraud??
TJay | September 07, 2023 | Reply
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Guys, just a few people know about GlobalHub AG - this is a structure controlled by GMS, through which they do the same dirty deeds and most likely everyone in this publication associates GMS with GlobalHub. Everyone knows that they generate GMS directs, including the Ukrainian 3Mob network (Ukrtelecom), despite the fact that the guys themselves are from Ukraine
TelUser | September 14, 2023 | Reply
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Let me add more details to all this story, not only GlobaHub AG is doing generating traffic for GMS, also they use the company TelcoTest AG (telcotest.net) for MNOs to cover their face. Actually this company belongs as well to GMS. Anyway the fun part is that they renamed the company this year to TelcoGuard AG and guess who is now the CEO of the company... N****** Y******** he is the Head of International Roaming at Bakcell in Azerbaijan. Look at the swiss register and you will see all this information.
Yevgeny | September 16, 2023 | Reply
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According to my friends inside, who still work at GMS, they cheated China Mobile on SMS traffic to Pakistan Ufone in the end of 2022. I wonder what Ufone would say if it found out that its network is generated by GMS and a large amount of SMS traffic is hijacked by GMS? As far as I know, GMS even ignored the official US FBI fraud report due to the statute of limitations.
Truthfighter | October 24, 2023 | Reply
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