24 May, 2023 → by Kumar Naggati
Some unmentioned questions

I would not like to specifically complain about IQOS but to express my own observations on this topic. As it seemed to me, based on my personal experience, when I switched to IQOS, I started smoking more. That is I gave up cigarettes, but now instead of two packs of cigarettes in 3 days as I used to, now I smoke a pack a day of IQOS. Maybe because you don't smoke like real cigarettes. It seems that IQOS positions itself as if it is a way out of tobacco addiction but in fact it turns out that I started smoking more. Accordingly, spend more money. According to IQOS, their "sticks" contain 95% less harmful substances compared to cigarettes. Well .. well if that's the case, but I tried to find information about this and it turned out that there are no independent studies, but only studies made by Phillip Morris themselves. It's strange why no one has done independent research so far, maybe the company influences their concealment? Or maybe it's not so easy to do... In general, there are some questions that were initially hushed up in IQOS advertising. I do not rate this time, I ask resource users to share their impressions of using IQOS. And perhaps the company itself will shed light on these issues

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That's right I also definitely started smoking more when I switched to iqos. Sometimes I even buy a pack of regular cigarettes because iqos does not replace cigarettes in effect. I also have doubts about the advisability of switching to iqos... : /
Dont2 | May 24, 2023 | Reply
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In fact the guys from Philip Morris certainly did a great job - now they sell us not only cigarettes, but also IQOS, just pay money ... great job, nothing to say : >>
Yeah | May 30, 2023 | Reply
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