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Everything from the range of products to delivery terms is OK. They always do a good job. The only complaint is about sales. They run sales every week or so. That is also great. But their discounts sometimes are tiny. They are just ridiculous. If they want to make their customers happy and to offer a discount,… Read more➤

When I opened the package I saw that one of the products was badly damaged, although the box itself looked fine. I was disappointed, but the support manager promised to send me a new piece as soon as possible. They really did it, but it took them more than 3 days to arrange everything. And then I… Read more➤

I placed my order and paid for it 3 weeks ago. But it hasn’t arrived yet. Although all the previous orders from this website arrived within a week or so. More to the point, they haven’t given me any precise information about its location. I have a tracking code, but it doesn’t work. I checked it several… Read more➤

That is my first experience of buying from this store. And it was 100% positive. First, they managed to send my package out right on the day I placed the order. So, it arrived in 4 days. When I opened the box, everything looked fine. But then I tried to switch it on, and I didn’t work… Read more➤

To be honest I didn’t expect to receive such top-class products for such a cheap price. But they had hundreds of positive reviews and I decided to take the risk. Now I see that all those positive reviews are real. What for do they set such low prices? As for the delivery, they promised that the order… Read more➤

I never expected such a rude attitude as they have always been delivering the best goods and services. Two weeks ago, I placed another order and counted to receive it in 5 days as usual. But after I made a payment, I got an email saying that the product I needed was unavailable. They asked me to… Read more➤

Why didn’t I think of looking at a few reviews before turning to this store? That would save me both nerves and time. I placed two orders 3 weeks ago. At first, I received an email confirming that both of them were processed. But then they called me and warned that both items from the second order… Read more➤

I bought 5 different products. Three of them were cool, but the other two were not. They looked cheap. I decided to keep them just because they didn’t cost much. And I didn’t have so much time to buy other presents for my friends. Still, the people I gave them to didn’t look much impressed as well…. Read more➤

The first thing I must highlight is that their service is at the very least two times quicker than on other websites. I do most of my shopping online since I hate wasting time in lines. So, as of now, I am waiting for 5 packages to arrive. All of them are from different stores. And all… Read more➤

I cannot claim that it is the fault of the store. But I paid extra to order express delivery and to receive the package in 3 days. The website said it would take 1–3 days. Instead, it arrived in 10 days! I wrote them yesterday, no answer so far. Are they too busy to answer me? Sure,… Read more➤

I got my first order 3 days ago. And one of the items didn’t work. I sent an email to the customer service team and explained the situation. They answered without a delay and promised to send out a new piece till the end of the day. No other questions asked. They didn’t even ask me to… Read more➤

Last week I ordered a gift for my sister from here. It arrived in 3 days. And it looked so beautiful that I couldn’t resist buying one more piece ― for myself, although the price was a bit too expensive. My sister’s birthday is today. Can’t wait to see her reaction! Hope she will be happy! Looks… Read more➤

I had some doubts about the product I received. It looked like it had been used before. There were a few scratches on it. I was not so sure about that. Still, I decided to return it. I took some photos and sent them to the store. They agreed to replace it right away. No long discussions… Read more➤

I prefer to get prepared for important holidays beforehand. I have a huge family. So buying presents for everyone takes 2–3 months at the very least. No doubt the easiest way is to order everything online. This year I decided to try some new websites. I had certain delivery issues last time and wanted to change the… Read more➤

I understand that it was a holiday season. But it cannot be considered a sufficient excuse! I placed my order a week ago. I needed certain items for my home and some presents for my friends, and I found everything on their website. I got an email saying thank you for the order, so I thought everything… Read more➤

From my experience, buying anything online usually ends up in disaster or at least a small headache. But this website surprised me! When packing my order, they made a mistake and put 7 pieces instead of 8. I saw that after opening the box. I told the courier about that right away so that he would bear… Read more➤

I have been staying with them since last year. I was always absolutely happy with their goods, prices, fees… and all the rest. But today I was literally shocked! I happened to forget about my mom’s birthday! How could that happen??? Have no idea! But yesterday I recollected about it and realized that I had no present…. Read more➤

What I like the most is their enormous assortment. They have literally everything one can think of. I turn to them every time I need to buy presents for my family or friends, or for myself. And I always manage to order everything in one place. That saves plenty of time! And I am always sure that… Read more➤

I know that it is not so easy to find an online store that will meet all your expectations. I had a few bitter experiences. But this website is a different thing. They are helpful, attentive and hard-working. I had never had any serious issues with them. Just a couple of small mistakes. And every time they… Read more➤

We had a delicious dinner with my wife’s parents there. The food was really good. The interior was intricate but stylish. The music was soft and relaxing. And the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable at the beginning. But the waiter spoiled everything. He was impolite and inattentive. We had to repeat our requests several times. Also, he… Read more➤

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