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Random Reviews

12 April, 2020

China Southern Airlines CompanyJust a loss of money

I booked plane tickets online. I do not know what else to call this case, but by all indications it was a real theft! Tickets sent to me by email were for the wrong dates – another month! It turns… Read More.

11 April, 2020

Copa AirlinesNo late refunds for flights

Do not have a business with this company, unless of course you are a super-lawyer who has a ton of time to sue these ‘dealers’. Of the 3 flights on which I happened to fly, one was significantly late, the… Read More.

10 April, 2020

Delta Air LinesIf the problem is not noticed, then the problem does not exist?

Can someone tell me why the stewardesses of this company can’t react in any way to the inappropriate behavior of passengers? My neighbor was completely drunk, leaned on my shoulder, climbed onto “my territory” and what did the stewardess do?… Read More.

10 April, 2020

Delta Air LinesFateful flight) Maybe…

Maybe it was a fateful flight in my life. My neighbor was a pretty blonde, and as it turned out, she and I were not only from the same city, but even from the same district. She gave the address… Read More.

07 April, 2020

Endeavor AirThank you for your generosity and understanding

When I bought a plane ticket I already read bad reviews about this company, but the flight was so relaxed and easy that I will write a good review. 6 cans of beer for a 3.5-hour flight — the stewardess… Read More.

06 April, 2020

Qatar AirwaysThe complete lack of punctuality

I am a citizen of Qatar, I was invited to Helsinki for an important presentation for my business. My flight to Helsinki was scheduled at 10:30, but for unknown reasons we were taken out of the plane just before the… Read More.

05 April, 2020

Pegasus AirlinesI managed to catch a plane, despite all the obstacles

When I went to the airline counter before my flight, it was about 50 minutes before landing. Before me stood only 2 people and I thought that everything was in order. As it turned out, the previous passenger had some… Read More.

04 April, 2020

Pegasus AirlinesMiserable compensation for lost baggage

I just lost my luggage! Most recently, I bought a great Samsonite suitcase, and this office lost it! When we arrived at our destination, I stood at the belt for about two hours, still hoping to see my luggage, but… Read More.

03 April, 2020

Uzbekistan AirwaysWhat should not be an air service

Dear Uzbekistan Airlines. Since you have ignored my emails several times, and in the telephone support service I “hung” for a total of about an hour (at a very cheap price), and I heard in return at best lengthy promises,… Read More.

02 April, 2020

AeromexicoSolid positive – I really liked the flight

I read a lot of negative reviews about Aeromexico and about everyone in general. People are not happy for various reasons, and if you attach importance to all the reviews, it seems that it is better to ride the train,… Read More.

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