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Yesterday, I drove through the town and came across a cafe that seemed to me a go-choice because I was super hungry. They have a huge menu where I had the chance to taste the most delicious… The staff is… Read more➤

I am not fully aware of what happened to my favorite Asian restaurant but their service is poor lately. Last week, I took my wife there for a special occasion, our anniversary. We booked a table, and upon coming we… Read more➤

We have just returned from a weekend trip and were amazed at the beauty and elegance of the hotel. The architecture and design of the hotel is unlike any other hotel I have stayed in this city. The hotel staff… Read more➤

I stayed at the hotel several times and was quite satisfied with their service. This time I booked the hotel online rather quickly, but when I checked-in, I was disappointed. The hotel was advertised as pet friendly. It was a… Read more➤

Wonderful and cozy place. A place where you enjoy pristine nature and blue ocean. The staff and reception managers are friendly and work amazingly well. Even if any problems and questions arose, they were resolved within an hour. The hotel… Read more➤

Can’t say any negative things about the staff. Always nice and helpful. Standard rooms. Yet, we are not sure we would choose to stay there again. The main reason is that they never offer visitors to choose a room, which… Read more➤

I don’t want to seem out-of-date but I am kind of a guy who loves having his Guinness and watching others playing Darts. This sports bar is great for you if we share the same preferences. What I loved the… Read more➤

Our stay at the hotel was fine. Good access, a nice staff, a very comfortable and clean room. We needed a larger closet to unpack our suitcases, but that’s not so much of a problem. The hotel is a good… Read more➤

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel — excellent services, wonderful professional staff, a great room with a comfortable bed, an indoor pool… Just everything you need for a pleasant and cool stay. However, with this hotel you have an… Read more➤

I was surprised to encounter so many negative reviews on this restaurant as my expectations have been overly-met. I ordered a take-away smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and was happy to learn they offer a variety of sides for free. Before,… Read more➤

It is truly a cozy place with super service, convenient parking, an extensive menu, and very friendly staff. I would say this restaurant reminds me of a cafe near place where I used to live, so it was kind of… Read more➤

While I placed my order in the late October, I had to call the company and put it on hold as so happened that I would be away when the order was supposed to arrive. The company went ahead and… Read more➤

Good accommodations, tasteful decor, experienced and friendly staff, a good continental breakfast, nice toiletries, free Wi-Fi. There was some trouble with the TV in my room but they promptly fixed it. All in all, my experience at the hotel was… Read more➤

A nice place. We checked in fast enough. The unit we had was comfortable, spacious, clean and modernly furnished. The staff were helpful. The location was convenient, close to the center. There was a pool there (which was indoors), and… Read more➤

It’s a decent restaurant in which you can dine out either with a company or alone. Menu here is wide, so, you always have from what to choose. Chef in this place knows his way around, and cooks wonderful foods…. Read more➤

Like this place though it’s not my favorite café. My friend told me about it, so, sometimes I order here breakfast or lunch. Pastries in this café are especially appetizing and nearly always I get biscuits or cakes here. Waiters… Read more➤

We had a problem with our first order, which arrived partially de-frosted. When we addressed the customer service with the issue, they instantly offered a full refund and a replacement. I opted for the latter, and our chili arrived properly… Read more➤

Okay, this bar is worthy to be praised. I should confess: I go there every Saturday to listen to cool music, order a couple of beer’s glasses and just to relax. In this place I’ve found the most delicious and… Read more➤

The order was easy to make, and instructions were easy to follow. It just required a couple of clicks to get our order placed and get confirmed. The delivery was fast and each ingredient was fresh. There were several delivery… Read more➤

Velas Resorts
4 Dec, 2020

Velas Resorts Quite good…

Most of the meals were quite good, while the way they were presented was hit and miss. Especially the fondu I ordered was miles different in its appearance from the way it was pictured on the website. I made a… Read more➤

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