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Preface: I’m a homeowner who’s tired of buying cheap plumbing supplies from Home Depot and Lowe’s. Also, I don’t like supporting Amazon and will buy from the little guy even if it’s more expensive. I can’t recommend doing that with Katom. It cost me $141.69 to return a faucet, that’s their restocking fee plus the required shipping… Read more➤

Fist of all, good luck speaking to some one over the phone, the phone number on their website is not existent, all communication is only via email. The way you will be treated with this company is extremely UNPROFESSIONAL. I placed a order worth over $1,300 CAD and specifically asked this company (as the sender) to ensure… Read more➤

If you have an immediate inquiry, please do not expect to hear a response during the busy hours. I love the bank, and how they treat new and loyal clients but reaching them during the day is a real challenge. Furthermore, I want to recommend you to overlook their FAQs page to find the answers to your… Read more➤

Booked an apartment through the site, read reviews, looked at photos, contacted the “owner” did not want to pay in advance. The photo showed a clean, neat, bright apartment with a good view. In the end, we were perenapravlenie from one owner to the other, the apartments are in terrible condition (although in new homes), linen not… Read more➤

Average service and average assortmentNothing to say much about this online shop of accessories. They have pretty much the same stuff as in other shops. Their prices are at least lower, so they are most likely to hook the potential clients with them. Some items are presented in small quantities, so if you see that there is… Read more➤

Practically everything at the university was fine. The staff were knowledgeable and experienced. I could always count on their support. Still, I did have some difficulties at times because of my working schedule. The changing hours and need for business travel sometimes prevented me from completing my assignments in time. As far as I see it, all… Read more➤

In December 2020, I contacted the bank and was connected to an inexperienced customer representative from the small business department. I just opened a business account, and wanted to open an online one too. Unfortunately, I could make it since I did not have a checking account number. Also, I was told to wait for one week… Read more➤

Even though I paid my loan several months ago, I kept receiving strange withdrawals from my account. I called them to figure out the issue and I was told that there was no confirmed discontinuation of my loan. I found that I did not pay the percentage left but how could I know it? The bank was… Read more➤

I ordered with them for 10 years, and they were by far the best site when you look for quality and affordability until now. Yesterday, I called them to cancel my order (which should be pretty easy since they did not start the shipping) but their representative told me it was impossible without explaining the reasons why…. Read more➤

Sometimes I can’t, simply can’t read all these bad reviews about this small online shop. They like other retailers do their best to cope with the necessity of hike in prices, and they have unlimited assortment which won’t run out. Some people wrote here that they sell bad goods that would not last a day or so…. Read more➤

I used to order with them for 4 years, and their prices were always the reason why I chose them. Now, due to the current situation in the country, I believe they experienced much loss and needed to raise the prices. I understand that but such a hike is too much. I hoped that together with increased… Read more➤

The services are overly nice, but the growing number of imperfections makes me change my reviews from the excellent ones to the average ones. Firstly, everything seems to be nice with the personnel. They are knowledgeable and hardworking people ready to help anyone who needs it. Secondly, when I tried to cancel my membership, I understood I… Read more➤

I liked studying at this school. I can say that on the whole it was a good choice. It was great to enjoy the flexibility I needed badly being a full-time employee. With the help of the staff who were knowledgeable and understanding I succeeded in earning my degree. The support you get there is really great…. Read more➤

Ordered a pair of shoes last week but the size was not good for my feet. I asked the shop for a refund, and they gladly made advances with my request. The next day I got my money back without any troubles. It is worth mentioning that this shop is fairly good because they have a fashionable… Read more➤

This shop is nice and I believe they have many clients. Their specialization is the items with movie prints. You may find StarWars, Mandalorian, Avengers among others. I choose them whenever my kids have a birthday. We’ve already got pajamas, t-shirts, and summer shoes. What I also love with them is their helpful customer support team. They… Read more➤

I lived in this apartment for over 2 full weeks and managed to become akin to the amazing apartment ant their owner. I really like that. There is everything for an absolutely comfortable life, and the owners have taken into account every little detail. The apartment is cozy, not far from the city center, but the area… Read more➤

Firstly, I’m fond of online representatives. It was great to have a fruitful conversation with the patient and courteous online pros. I needed a consultation concerning the recent updates and was pleasantly surprised at how clear and thoughtful the answers were. Everything, starting from the quality of the products, finishing with the prices on bindles, is great…. Read more➤

I personally have only positive impressions of this university. First of all, I’m really satisfied with the information I gained there. It’s a good place to raise your education to a higher level and become more successful in your career. What is more, it is online, which is a suitable option for those who work. You do… Read more➤

Guys, those who write that this online shop is a scam, are you real? I used to order with them goods for over 3 years, and I have never experienced any poor service, bad quality as well as scam. Based on my experience, I only once had a misunderstanding with them when they could not deliver my… Read more➤

I am not a fan of ordering online with clothing stores. I always lack a touch or review of the item in person but I decided to give it a chance. This store has trendy clothing for teenagers and young adults. I liked one hoodie, and ordered it for my girl. We waited for it to be… Read more➤

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