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Olympic center


To whom it may concern, A Hispanic brunette, slightly overweight woman sitting at the main entrance. I came with my mother to her mammogram appointment. There was a nice African American male sitting checking temperatures and helping us figure out where to go. He told me I wasn't allowed inside with my mother but told me where I could sit to wait for her. I sat quietly in one chair with my headphones in keeping to myself. All of a sudden that hispanic woman raised her voice to tell me I couldn't wait where I was. It was very rude the way she handled the situation and literally told me the only place I could wait was outside in the heat and rain. Very disrespectful especially seeing as how that nice man told me where to wait, she completely contradicted what he had told me. I wasn't bothering anyone where I was, I didn't even speak a word while waiting. I understand the rules are different with Covid but I was all alone and wearing my mask. My mother forgot her phone at home and had no way to find me, she can hardly walked and because of this Hispanic woman was forced to walk from the mammogram, to the gym (where I spent a portion of my time waiting) all the way back to the car. She never saw me standing out front in the rain. This situation could have been handled better and that woman is not the person you want to have as the face of the UT or Olympic Center company. The incident happened at 9:50 AM, Olympic Center main entrance on Tuesday September 14, 2021. Thank you for your time.
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