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Discriminatory treatment with intent to harm body and medical service


On 7/6/21
I went to my liver Dr. office Karen Cesario (over 12 yrs as a patient)
for blood work to be drawn for an MRI scheduling out of town. This scheduling took over 6 months to execute. The purpose of this MRI was a critical determination to see if my liver lesions had blood flood which points to cancer of the liver. The purpose of the blood draw was for the MRI appointment out of town. This of course is extremely distressing to me.
As I stood by The Lab core drawer, (White female) office, holding my cane to prop me up and in severe body pain as she was talking to a new office member of Dr. Cesaio, about their recreation plans.

The lab core lady looked at me with contempt and disdain, and demand “How did you get in here!! I was baffled and taken aback and didn’t know what she was referring to.

Once again the Lab core lady, proceed with more disdain and stated “you are not supposed to be here. She pulled her paper out and called the name of Allen. I replied My name is Eliane, not Allen, it is an ethnic Spanish name, and most people who are not from Colorado or not bilingual cant pronounce it correctly, my name is not Allen. WHATEVER was her next statement to me.
The lab core person became enranged.
she was swearing under her breath and stuck me so hard and ignored the butterfly hand request I made.

Photo of the arm with blood bruise forthcoming.

The lab core woman cause harm with derogatory, she contacted my Dr. Cesario and had me removed from care at a very serious critical condition which is life-threatening.

I greatly appreciate any information you can provide in this matter.

Eliane Martinez (Native American, hispanic fully disabled 64 yr old female)

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