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Miniclip SA
Case Postale 2671 Neuchâtel Switzerland - 2001

Phone number: 41327225919

Category: Software and Video Games

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Business Customer Service:
+4 132 722 5910
Business Customer Service:
+4 132 722 5910
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+41 327 225 919
Case Postale 2671
Switzerland – 2001

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Miniclip SA
Case Postale 2671
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Complaints & Reviews — Miniclip

I had about 8million winnings and all was taken away from me because I gave my wife some winnings. They cant simply take all my winnings away. Unexceptable. They could have warned first and if happen a second time then it would be fine. I want all my winnings and my wifes winngs returned. One of our... Read more➤
3 Sep, 2021

8ball pool

The game keeps saying slow connection and the other person wins!!! My connection is PERFECTLY FINE! The entire club is looking for your contact information to complain or just uninstalling the game completely. This is RIDICULOUS. It has been 2 days now. I always pay for pool pass, as well as some others. I definitely will not... Read more➤
31 Aug, 2021

8 ball

If the game don't want you to win you won't! Cue stick move by its self! Balls reappear on the table! Balls move to different spot! 8 ball go's in the pocket spins back out! Cue stick shoots no power on full power! Cue fills like it's on a rubber band! I have video of this happening!!!... Read more➤
I wish to thank MINICLIP for: deleting my 8ball pool account and hereby deleting 820.000.000 coins, 6150 cash, 650+ rings, 50+ emojis, countless avatars etc. etc… This was my first question I asked to miniclip support in my request earlier this month (read it please!!!) ; I just want unlink my account with my wife’s facebook, please... Read more➤
23 Aug, 2021

8ball pool prize

I’ve played 8ball pool and joined a team called clear break we won our league and I came 5th putting in over 50million coins, my prize should have been around 30+million coins instead I got 4 million some of the team members are the same, the leader got 6 million and he only came 10th and put... Read more➤

A 9-year-old child has to pay for a specialist consultation, which is free of charge.

My daughter was diagnosed with high blood pressure - more precisely, her pulse was high. We are from Devonport. I raise two children, we are a low-income family - assigned status. We live in an apartment thanks to the social service. Calling a children's hospital offered us December — that made me feel even more distant. How then to live in this system children AND the future. The answer of all was the one we assume from 14 years is not a pediatric cardiologist. But for a fee we can accept how to understand it. The answer is one for the money will also be the services of a cardiologist for a 9 year old child. And the amount ranges from 50-60 AU$‎ for which place. I was desperate and decided to go for a fee because I have important health - the separation of my child from the State system. If I had the opportunity to ask the child's daughter to pay it but what to do to others who would have gotten into the same situation and would have no one to ask. I have tears in my eyes. I called all the authorities for a week. Sending a letter even to the Ministry of Health. If they called me back but didn't say anything new. Only when the court does not have So specialists right child Cardiologist. And how many places the State dedicates for free so Ari unfortunately IR. And there are only Paris authorities which have a number of allowances set by the IR State. And the conclusion is then you just have to call the others to say that it is bad and only it can be without queues and charges. And it's interesting if a child pays 51 AU$‎ how much it costs an adult.


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