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I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Qatar Airport on 2021_08_28 from Frankfurt Airport, Germany. I had all the necessary documents with me and checked in online. I was the 4th in this line. The first thing I noticed was the helpless chaos when I checked in. One of the web check counters was so manned by… Read more➤

I followed the official covid testing regulations on the UAE government website, which was 72 hours before departure, but Qatar Airways did not let me board in Dallas. The manager was clearly mixed up as to the correct policy and told me three different explanations. First he insisted that it was 72 hours before arrival. Then he… Read more➤

Qatar Airways
18 Aug, 2021

Qatar Airways RT-PCR Reports

My flight number is QR710 from IAD-AMD on 23.05 Tuesday 08/24/21 from USA. Booking Reference: NLQ2XB RT-PCR Testing is not available on Sunday 08/22/21. So I have to go for test RT-PCR on Monday 08/23/21. Here they give report within 3-4 days. So I may not get report before departure. So what I do for that? Please… Read more➤

The agent didn’t let me to board because my PCR test in Canada doesn’t have a QR code which is required by the Lebanese authority. They made me do another PCR test at the airport which is also didn’t have a QR code. I told the agent why did you ask me to do another…

– – TST RLR MSC — RP/TLVI3213Y/TLVI3213Y PC/RM 13AUG21/1325Z N2PN6E 1.BELTICAN/RICSON P MR 2 PC 786 W 16JUL 5 TLVSAW FLWN 3 QR 244 Y 16JUL 5 SAWDOH FLWN 4 QR 930 Y 17JUL 6 DOHCRK FLWN 5 QR 931 N 18AUG 3*CRKDOH HK1 19** **** **AUG E QR/N2PN6E 6 QR 243 N 19AUG 4*DOHSAW…

Hello, My name is Pratik Patel. I am flying from Canada to India on November 13th via Doha. I heard that Doha airport won’t allow receipts without Barcode and I took Moderna in Canada and canada doesn’t provide receipts with Barcodes. Please advise.

Qatar Airways
12 Aug, 2021

Qatar Airways Cancel ticket

I booked my ticket from Toronto to Isfahan, Iran in October 2020, for March 2021. In January 2021 my mom died, and I had to go to Iran that’s way I bought other ticket in January 2021 and went to Iran when I back I asked my agent to keep my ticket for a few months later… Read more➤

Hi! I would like to know how much it will cost to buy extra laggage frm znz to london heathrow economy class

Spent nearly 2 hours on hold to QATAR. We require a refund for our flights to thailand in november. These flights have been changed twice by QATAR and some parts have now just been cancelled. We cannot get a refund my managing the booking online – they make you call them. After nearly 2 hours I have… Read more➤

I flew from Doha to IAD on august 1st. My flight number was QA707 and seat number 24A. I left my wallet and notified the airport assistance in the baggage claim area. They kept my information and told me that I will get a call. Its been 4 days, I did not hear back thats why communicating… Read more➤

Vera Silina

I struggled for three days with a sore tooth (bottom 8 - the wise man). Finally, when the pain became unbearable, I went to Charlotte Dentistry to see the surgeon on duty. I was hoping to have Dr. shtala, but she was on vacation, so I came to this V. Silina. You will not wish a terrible experience even to the greatest enemy. After making a ring, without hearing me (about the fact that I have a pronounced vomiting reflex and panic, it seems like a smell), I was given medicine. I nodded a couple of times when she already told her nurse, "look what's going on here, NU! How can I have my tooth pulled out if I can't sit down while I'm on the medicine?" When the medicine was effective and I think I even had a dull head left, after a long scratching on my desk, brought me a piece of paper to sign. All I remember - the amount of 75 € and the inscription on my signature - if the bill is not paid - will send a bailiff. In the meantime, another doctor came in and announced that he had brought another outside to have his tooth extracted. This angered Silina even more and she started screaming all over the office that she sees her back without winning the lottery, that she still has to deal with me and that another patient is waiting behind the door, who also has to have her 8th tooth extracted. And all this should be done in less than an hour, because you can see that the working time ends after 55 minutes, but it takes 45 minutes for one tooth. A couple of times he unsuccessfully brushed my teeth, resorted to heavy artillery. I told the nurse to hold my head, she opened her jaw with one hand herself, so that it was painful for me to open my mouth 5 days later, and with the other hand, she pushed some tool in her mouth, which tore the corner of my lip, started to drill something. or saw. All my attempts to stop were ignored. When I finally opened my jaw and pulled out the instrument, I closed my mouth and eyes so that I wouldn't be here for a few seconds. She started yelling at me to open her jaw and let her continue working, otherwise throwing her out of the office. When I ignored what she said a couple of times, which was difficult to understand due to her broken english language, she really threw me out of the office.... The next day I went to the PSKUS Dental and Facial Surgery Center,where, presenting the ring made in Charlotte, I was immediately told not to take my teeth WITHOUT OPERATION! DID NOT HE REALLY SEE AND UNDERSTAND IT? DOES IT GET HER PLEASURE TO BURN PEOPLE WHO ALREADY Hurt?

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