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I just bought two boxes prepared one. I drained the noodles and I was stirring I noticed some small clear pieces that I thought were apart of the noodles maybe starch even, I didn’t think anything of it. Once I stirred in the cheese I noticed what looked like 15/20 small tiny clear looking worms all over… Read more➤

I recently purchased a Family Size 24oz package of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese and found that it was not extra sharp at all. I would say it was most likely Medium, or even Mild. Certainly not Extra Sharp! This is at least the second time in recent memory that this has happened. When you love the sharpness… Read more➤

There was no container in the package. It was just a lump of rice and beans in a cardboard box. No plastic covered container at all. This is the second time this has happened. I like the smart ones brand but this was not safe to eat. I would like a refund or replacement for 2 meals…. Read more➤

Just boiled water for Mac and cheese. Poured noodles in and guess what? Bugs floated to the top! Dumped that down the disposal and started over. Boiled more water and dumped another box in after inspecting the noodles on a white plate. Didn’t see any bugs so dumped the noodles in! Guess what? More bugs. The product… Read more➤

I have been purchasing Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea Packets for several years and use 3-4 per day. They come as 10 singles per box. Lately I have opened 3 boxes to find 3-4 packets in each have crystalized/hardened. Since that is the case it means the packet was not properly sealed at the factory and has… Read more➤

Went to go make mac and cheese today only to discover bugs floating in the water and in the empty box absolutely disgusting. I think you should be giving me back the money for the 4 boxes that I bought and I will never buy this product again. you keep saying that the problem has been resolved… Read more➤

Upon opening the package the cottage cheese was at the bottom under a pool of liquid. The blueberry was added and stirred. I wanted to bring it to your attention. I attached a photo of the lid with all of the information on it. This is just a quality issue, the product didn’t have an off smell…. Read more➤

Kraft Heinz
24 Aug, 2021

Kraft Heinz Shake n bake

Out of ten boxes, of shake n bake, either box had no bags or holes in bags. Please fix this problem we are really getting tired of this. We have had to rush around to re do our meals on short . Notice. I have seen we are not the only ones that have had this problem…we… Read more➤

Kraft Heinz
6 Aug, 2021

Kraft Heinz Smart ones

I just ate one of your smart ones meals the spaghetti with zucchini and they were rocks in it I think all of your products are contaminated with rocks. I think I’m gonna contact my lawyer. I think I’m also going to call the USDA to complain about all of your smart ones meals because they are… Read more➤

I recently bought breakstone cottage doubles which I buy frequently and their sas very little cottage cheese but mostly liquid. So much that I could not mix the fruit in it. It was like a tub of milk. The little bit of the curd that was in it tasted funny and was not as smooth tasting as… Read more➤


Dear people, no matter how difficult you are, never go to work at this office. Self- respecting people do not work here, only those who can tolerate being humiliated and openly ridiculed. If you do not want to be regularly paid everything you have earned with your work, to correct you for thieves and fools, then you are sure to go there. Leadership - the only sick and hysterical foreign languages here and still full of bosses in neighboring Lithuania. You will be filming and digging pictures all the time where you are not standing, sitting or eating. Village's Mall rests compared to this farm.

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