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18700 33rd Ave. W, Ste D
United States
Phone: +1 877 339 5161

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Wow, where do I begin? We use Frontier for streaming Youtube tv. We have had NOTHING but problems from day one. The tech installed the router in the kitchen, because he didn’t fell like running another phone line. They did come back and move it. My signal is always…

Ive never used frontier phone service to make long distance calls. Today I got a call saying I was being billed for 4 calls to the UK. Billed at 2.97 per minute. They offered no help when I repeatedly said I made no such calls. User’s recommendation: Don’t use Frontier.

Since May 2021 I have had limited internet access. They shipped out 2 new routers, but to no avail. I still only have internet access for 3-4hrs a day. Random times. Instead of working from home, I now have to drive in to the office. I have called “tech support” who just read from a script telling… Read more➤

In early July we cancelled all our services (home phone, TV and internet) with Frontier and received a confirmation e-mail from Frontier for a disconnect date of 8/3/21, same as the end of our billing period. Later in July we found out that Frontier was not porting out…

Frontier failed to fix 3 problems over 10 days of daily phone calls. Frontier customer service made promises to make a modest $6 increase in the internet charge if a technician could troubleshoot and fix the cause of our internet speed being around 600 Kbps. He found…

I HAVE BEEN ATTEMPTING TO STRAIGHTEN OUT MY BILL WITH THIS CORRUPT, LYING COMPANY.It is not possible as they lack basic honesty. They continue billing in the hope that you will fold and pay them whatever they DEMAND. They threaten DDEddemanddemtsuggest. User’s recommendation: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!

My internet went down on Sunday evening. I called tech support on Monday at 6:00 am. I was told, since we couldn’t get it reconnected with level one tech support assistance, that level two tech support would call me within 24 hours. That didn’t happen. I called back and texted, and my internet came back – but… Read more➤

For 10 years I have had my 6 mbs speed paid for cut down to 0.5 or zero mbs daily.There is no other service available here. They keep charging more to get better service, but it only last a few weeks. It takes about an hour on the phone to get the call to them done, due… Read more➤

Nearly weekly my internet service goes to o.5 mbs or to no internet service. then I spend 1 hour on phone to tell them, to no avail. their customer service takes many automated choices and long wait times to get to a person, who is usually compassionate but totally unable to help me.This has gone on for… Read more➤

looking at all the reviews it sounds like company policy to feed people a lline os bs / they seam to think customers are stupid / maybe we are due to fact we deal with them User’s recommendation: what ever they promisse you go stright to the bathroom and flush it /it is all a line of… Read more➤

Poor Service

Hello. I would like to express my condolences and sincere resentment for 3. Bus no. 69515, which was driving at 23.01, around 9:00 in the direction of Stockmannuz Freedom Street, the driver. The bus driver apparently imagined himself as a participant in the race, because both the speed and all the braking at the traffic lights were done like a f1 track. As a result, I shrugged, now blue and painful, an elder lady with all the market bags on her way from Merete Street to the Freedom Street in the aisle. I haven't seen such marashing in a long time or at all. Freedom load speed was developed up to approx. 90km. Hour! If Fremonte's traffic requires subsidies and threatens to raise ticket prices, it must first provide adequate staff, because today's "flight" was so extreme that the services of this blues company are uncomfortable, even dangerous!

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