Del Taco

Del Taco

Del Taco LLC
25521 Commercentre Drive Lake Forest California United States - 92360
Lake Forest
United States
Phone: 19494629300

Category: Food and Beverages

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Complaints & Reviews — Del Taco

Not a bad diner, I went here several times, but the last time I was rude when I “began to ask too many questions.” Nice establishment, but the owners should pay attention to their staff. I understand – there are bad days, but you shouldn’t take it out on visitors.


Hello, If you are a student who really wants to complete your studies, I do not recommend applying to work here, or if you do not like being treated as an animal or a slave. First, the salary is barely above the minimum. Secondly, if you have a set schedule for study or other activities - it will mostly not be taken into account, because they don't care if you can't work when you are asked to look elsewhere. For the first few months (2-3 months) everything seems acceptable, but over time it is understood that everything in the institution is not so nice and fluffy. Most of the co-workers are lazy and you have to do the work for them, the customers treat you as if you were an asshole, the boss is still cutting your salary or hours somewhere. The predominance is to work at least 4 times a week, but you have to count on some 5 times. Often because of drinking someone does not come to work and call on vacation. He has to count his own hours and recalculate his salary, because relatively often something is not added. I worked there for almost 2 years, but my colleagues changed and the new team was much worse and lazy. I don't see the point of tormenting 200 dollars. Because of this work, I almost dropped out of the university budget, but I know some who really had to fall out and others left school, of course, these decisions after some time many regret. In that institution, people get stuck and don't leave - it seems strange, but it happens. I know people who have even worked there since the opening of the cinema, and in the end they are fired and told to go home a couple further. There are different sections, but each has its pros and cons, in the end there are more cons than pros. If you want to maintain respect,nerves and the opportunity to graduate - it's better to find another job.

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