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Red Lion Hotels Corporation
1550 Market Street, Suite 350 Denver Colorado United States - 80202
United States
Phone: 15094596100

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Good day to all! I’ll start with the fact that we had a rest-three adults in November 2019. We were afraid that at this time of year it would be cold and we have nothing to catch there. But the weather, surprisingly, was wonderful, Sunny, 25–26*, and the sea 23–24*, cold when leaving the water was not… Read more➤

Absence of Medication

Hello, I am writing to inform you about the quality of services received at the Infection Department of Jekapils Hospital. On December 19, 2020, when a 2-year-old child had an elevated temperature, dry cough, runny nose and doses of the medication provided did not give the desired result, an ambulance was called. Examining the child, the doctors found that taking into account the dry cough, red neck, high temperature and the fact that night is coming and medical supervision of this child may be necessary, they recommended to drive an ambulance to the regional hospital in Launceston. Given that I had not needed such a service before - I was interested in asking the doctors what it is necessary to take with them: I asked if it is necessary to take any medication,drops, etc. things. I was told that this medicine would be useful for me even after check-out, and all the medicines would be provided in the medical institution. Of course, I went to Launceston Hospital with my child. I have no objection to the quality of the services provided - to the services that were provided. Aware of the current situation in the country, I also treated the premises and services of the infection department with understanding and it was not the most important thing at the moment - the main result is to help my child. We were given a ward where a woman around the age of 60 was already sleeping. At that moment, I didn't think to ask it, because I was more worried about the fact of what my child is and is planning to do. The child was taken to the treatment room to have a catheter inserted. And then I was told to bring the baby. After half an hour, a sleeping baby was brought to me and put on the system. He was given medication in addition to the system. To my questions about what medicine he was receiving, I had to ask such a question what the doctor meant when giving it. But I am sleeping and no doctor has told me about the medication and the doses my child should receive. I was shown a button to press when the system stopped dripping. Nothing more. In case of high temperature, the button could not be pressed - you have to go to look for a nurse and inform if the temperature becomes higher than 38 degrees. After the system, the child's temperature continued to rise, so I went to look for the nurse with the child's hands. Please or is it not possible for the nurse to give the child a candle - because the child is asleep, tired and did not want to injure him with a squirt. Of course, the suppository was better - she agreed with me - but not Paracetamol 250mg, but only Efferalgan 80mg - 1 suppository can be supplemented with another - the total dose would be 160, of course it was an option, but when I went to the ward in the first hour I realized that there is no result. No one came to me and I was not interested or the temperature would drop and continue to climb. Had to go again to look for and bring a nurse. This time she said that there was no other option and that it should be sprayed. Must be sprayed on the ass. Needless to say, it was another experience and ordeal for the child, after which he had to be comforted and could no longer even be put in the next bed - he only slept in his arms. It was still night and I wanted to help my child. He fell asleep, but his sleep and peace were disturbed by a runny nose and difficulty breathing. When I went with my child on my hands to ask if I could give any drops to make it easier for the child to breathe. I was told that only black tea could be offered. I hadn't even heard before that it could cure a runny nose, so I asked what to do with it. I have to rinse my nose. I admit that this is one of the treatments - probably less harmful than any drops, but in this case, when the child is seriously ill, tired, powerless and already traumatized enough, I fully understand that rinsing his airways with black tea I don't undertake to just drink tea and clean my nose all night to make it easier for him to breathe. The night passed and the next morning at the earliest opportunity I passed all the papers to discharge from the hospital. When I was discharged from the hospital, I indicated that I would continue my treatment at Aizkraukle Medical Center. The doctor and the nurses were not satisfied with this fact - despite the fact that it is my responsibility. They tried to dissuade me both with the fact that they had to pay there and with the fact that such a small child with a temperature did not have to be carried. Unfortunately, the catheter, which was always difficult for my child to insert, was removed - this is the order of Jakabpils Hospital. it was also possible to have an 'system' to check that the lungs were not affected. For this opportunity - thank you. I also wrote as I checked out - I have no objections to the arrest in this hospital. I am outraged by the inability to treat - due to the lack of medication. Is it free medical care for children under the age of 18 if I can't even get medication at night for a fee? I really don't want to offend anyone and I also want the medical staff to do their best - not to question their workload for a moment. and low pay, I just want to find out whether it is not possible for doctors to receive any support and material support so that the services can be provided with the best interests of minor children in mind? Also- please give me advice on what to do in case of emergency medical care. will you have to call another child or another relative?

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