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American Income Life Insurance

1200 Wooded Acres Drive
United States
Phone: +1 800 849 4820

Category: Health and Life Insurance

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incompetent authorized service

In July 2020, I bought a new Sony phone that had the display backlight shining from the start. Since I had already lived without a phone for 2 weeks, I didn't want to give the new one to the service immediately due to such detail. Unfortunately, in February 2018, people complained that they could not call me, the zone disappeared. I didn't bring the phone for repair, but I was denied a warranty because the phone body was scratched. Since I couldn't afford to make paid repairs at that time, I kept the phone in the closet until June. In June, I took the phone for repair. I was told that I needed to change the cable for a few dollars and the display for 160 dollars. I called and asked why the display needed to be changed. I replied that because I said the screen light was twitching. I decided that so that the defect in the phone remains to make up for at least the main problem that I can not call that disappears zone. I was told that if I don't do a full repair, the problem may not go away. After changing the cable, the area improved, the screen twitched less, I could send and receive sms, but I couldn't call anyone and I couldn't call either. I bring the phone back for repair. This time, the service staff was able to add that the display had a built-in antenna and that it had therefore previously been said that the display needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the helpline staff could not tell me. After a short time at the service, I was told that the phone was set to 2G mode. Although I carry the phone for repair with the data completely erased and with the factory settings. Got my phone back. I think that the phone has finally been repaired and I will be able to use it again. The zone was there, I could call others, but I couldn't call me. Again, the problem was not fixed. I bring the phone back to service. For the 4th time. I think it will replace the display with a built-in antenna and peace of mind. But this time I was offered to replace the motherboard of the phone for 230 dollars for prevention, but the display did not have to be changed. I called the helpline to explain what had happened to the phone. Why did I have to change the display before, but now I am offered to replace the motherboard for prevention? Previously, the master had said that repairs should be made for 160+ CAD, that it would solve everything. Then the master admitted that everything was fine with the device, that only the wrong mode imposed. The master then has the motherboard replaced for prevention. The master does not seem to understandwhat do and I am offered to spend money on dullo, but there is no guarantee that the phone will be repaired with it and will not have to spend more money on repairs. People on the helpline can not explain anything, only answer that the master has noted it and the repair will cost 230 dollars. For each question so count your verse and put me in your face the amount of money. I wonder what will have to change if I bring the phone to the service for the 5th time with the same problem and then what will be the amount? The feeling that Sony has made a flaw that I can't change to a new phone, but I can't fix an existing phone either. Sometimes the masters in the factory spin a wheel of fortune with solutions to problems and prices. The authorized service was called. Unfortunately, my trust in this service has been lost and I would like to return my phone, I will look for another service. Otherwise, I will have already paid for spare parts as a new phone during preventive repairs.

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