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16 Aug, 2021

ATT Got the wrong device

No one hasnt came to my house to install the right landline and my phone is still not giving a dial tone and I am on in house arrest until the 18th so I really need the straight phone landline just in case to help so I dont wind back up in jail tomorrow

15 Aug, 2021

ATT Cheap 5G phone

Got a letter stating my phone would not work with the new 5G network. AT&T sent a new phone…$50 prepaid Walmart phone. Piece of CRAP. Not comparable to my Samsung phone. Spent the entire Saturday trying to get the phone to work and at the At&T store. Worst customer service EVER! Switching 4 lines to different cell… Read more➤

I do not have AOL email which Ive always had I transferred to a new phone and it did not transfer over. I am not getting any emails and I put in a new password and my old password neither of them work

When I placed a mobile call today on my cell phone, a man came on the line and blocked my call. He had a sales spill on AT&;T mobile phones for right now. I told him I have 6 months to decide. I greatly resent this intrusion on my prepaid calls. It seems it is illegal. Is… Read more➤

I am an identity theft victim. The person committing identity theft has been identified. She has now associated my email with a business name and I cannot stop it. I NEED HELP If I were to type in my name, and birthday a large number of emails have been associated with me that I did not create…. Read more➤

10 Aug, 2021

ATT Delayed captions

cancelled att for these reasons Closed captions 6-8 seconds delay or no captions at all. Volume hikes up to MAX volume when I would attempt to increase volume to 1 increase. Then STUCK ON MAX INDEFINITELY. Several calls for help, each call lasting over an hour…no help. Refund offered for last month… never received. on

7 Aug, 2021

ATT Fed the f*!k up

I really don’t even know where to begin. My fiancé and I have always been fans of AT&;T and have never really had any issues. However, this past month has been a nightmare. He decided to upgrade his device. He was told it would be here next day. He received a…

7 Aug, 2021

ATT Construction in my yard

Forget it, i over reacted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Aug, 2021

ATT International Data issue

Im traveling abroad and I Have paid for a day plan but i don’t have ecxess to Data I need this resolved ASAP ASAP

The free phone that is about $100/month more than it’s worth. The SM-A716U is good for one thing: Target practice. I’ve had more dropped calls in the 6 months I’ve owned this pile of junk than my previous 20 years with Verizon. Also, the touch screen works some of the time, and some of the time it… Read more➤

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