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Complaints & Reviews — Hoobly

24 Aug, 2021

Hoobly Username help

My stupid phone accidentally entered a typo username and I want to fix it but you have like ZERO contact help info. HELP!!! My username is currently gsdceaz and I want it to be gsdcrazy. It used to be herdthis. I really want this fixed before people buying my stuff see it too much! ISNT THERE LIKE… Read more➤

I have been with hoobly for years then I get a crazy nasty vulgar person responding to my post and wala she managed to get my posts and email block from hoobly so Hoobly you cater to those nuts that just sign up? what do we have to do to protect our selfs worse then Craig list… Read more➤

Cant upgrade account with the bitcoins. Bought them and cant get them into Hoobly. Doesnt make any sense. Cant see how theyre making money

29 Jul, 2021

Hoobly Sick puppy sold to me

Nothing happened because the number provided for hoobly customer service says they dont accept incoming calls. I am very upset. User’s recommendation: DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE.

28 Jul, 2021

Hoobly Scammer ad

There is an ad for Dachshund puppies that is a scam. Sent a deposit and woman disconnected her phone number and is no where to be found. Ad is still running on Hoobly. It should be taken down before she scams someone else.

Drove to Jupiter fl. To see French bulldogs advertised on your site The lady never responded to me or gave me an address once I got there. This was purposeful and she should not do buisness with the publisher site is frenchie, (something fl.) Please call me for more details. Jim Goldstone 561-398-****.. User’s recommendation: Stay away… Read more➤

I tried dealing with the lady in Jupiter Florida for a French bulldog. She acted strongly from the getgo, telling me about scammers Had me drive within miles of her home them would not answer her phone to give me directions. Total waste of time. She should not be in buisness. User’s recommendation: Do not have anything… Read more➤

21 Jul, 2021

Hoobly Unable to change City

City incorrect on add, showing Miami Beach instead of Miami. Correct on profile but incorrect on add

20 Jul, 2021

Hoobly Threatening dog breeder

https://www.hoobly.com/u/greenisgood1. Standard Poodle breeder in Brea Ohio. Called me an [censored] number our times and a back yard breeder when I inquired to the genetic testing of her dogs (she claimed they are akc champions but no proof of that anywhere) and when I asked the price for a show dog. I got told I’m an [censored],… Read more➤

You banned me. [protected]@gmail.com, off hoobly. After I posted multiple warnings of a lady jcqdmsndnh3 who is purposely breeding and selling sick kittens. I have proof from my vet, and other people who have messaged me saying the same things. she’s aware they are sick . I currently have been contacting animal control and the attorney’s General… Read more➤

Extortion or blackmail?

Decoding is still a minor misfortune. Fortunately, they (Aumobile) do their best to buy their expensive antennas (prices differ significantly from other outlets), because only then will they guarantee that you will see television in acceptable quality. It was not for free that at the end of April the waves on which they would be broadcast were changed, as a result of which a large part of the TV does not show or shows very poorly (for those who bought antennas elsewhere and not at Aumobile). Basically, there is a simple blackmail, either buy antennas from us, or you will not see TV! And the quality of service is also none. Until May 10, the TV show was acceptable, somewhat jerked, but the whole economic package was shown, but then at one point everything disappeared. I called, told everything I thought, after repeated insistence promised,that within 2 days the master will call and come someday. The master came and was the first to ask if the antenna was bought from them, if not, then the whole fault is in the antenna and that from April 22 we could not see anything or what we saw. The masters tried their antenna!, which after great torture and jerking of the decoder, digging the antenna, wholeheartedly, Tv started to show something. The answer is one - the fault of the antenna... When I ask if I buy an antenna from you and the TV will not show anyway, will the money be returned? No, let's change the decoder, but first of all, buy an antenna from us, then let's see... Fui Well, I don't get that money from the air. I already collect it for that decoder and antenna, but it turns out that people are deceived. All ads show that you only need a decoder and an antenna (that decimetre). Then let it advertise that the TV will show only if you buy an antenna from us too!Overall, I'm very unhappy with the quality of the TV and the attitude towards our customers.

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