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I was surprised to encounter so many negative reviews on this restaurant as my expectations have been overly-met. I ordered a take-away smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and was happy to learn they offer a variety of sides for free. Before, we used to have dinner with my husband there, and always went for BBQ sets which were… Read more➤

It is truly a cozy place with super service, convenient parking, an extensive menu, and very friendly staff. I would say this restaurant reminds me of a cafe near place where I used to live, so it was kind of nostalgic. What I liked the most are their biscuits and breakfasts that help start the day with… Read more➤

While I placed my order in the late October, I had to call the company and put it on hold as so happened that I would be away when the order was supposed to arrive. The company went ahead and put it on hold, making a note to send it to me a week later, as per… Read more➤

Good accommodations, tasteful decor, experienced and friendly staff, a good continental breakfast, nice toiletries, free Wi-Fi. There was some trouble with the TV in my room but they promptly fixed it. All in all, my experience at the hotel was positive throughout my fortnight’s stay there. The prices are reasonable. I would definitely stay there again and… Read more➤

A nice place. We checked in fast enough. The unit we had was comfortable, spacious, clean and modernly furnished. The staff were helpful. The location was convenient, close to the center. There was a pool there (which was indoors), and we used it. It was quite decent. Yet, there is one complaint concerning those who stayed in… Read more➤

It’s a decent restaurant in which you can dine out either with a company or alone. Menu here is wide, so, you always have from what to choose. Chef in this place knows his way around, and cooks wonderful foods. The staff is smiling and always eager to serve you in the best manner. My friend has… Read more➤

Like this place though it’s not my favorite café. My friend told me about it, so, sometimes I order here breakfast or lunch. Pastries in this café are especially appetizing and nearly always I get biscuits or cakes here. Waiters are deft, amiable, always try to please all visitors. Only once I was served slightly burned scrambled… Read more➤

We had a problem with our first order, which arrived partially de-frosted. When we addressed the customer service with the issue, they instantly offered a full refund and a replacement. I opted for the latter, and our chili arrived properly frozen and properly packaged. While the timing of the first order was great, the second order took… Read more➤

Okay, this bar is worthy to be praised. I should confess: I go there every Saturday to listen to cool music, order a couple of beer’s glasses and just to relax. In this place I’ve found the most delicious and moist steaks ever. And yes, other snacks are tasty too, they have never served spoilt food. If… Read more➤

The order was easy to make, and instructions were easy to follow. It just required a couple of clicks to get our order placed and get confirmed. The delivery was fast and each ingredient was fresh. There were several delivery options available, and we c hose the fastest one. We are especially fond of their chili peppers,… Read more➤

Velas Resorts
4 Dec, 2020

Velas Resorts Quite good…

Most of the meals were quite good, while the way they were presented was hit and miss. Especially the fondu I ordered was miles different in its appearance from the way it was pictured on the website. I made a second attempt in ordering it, thinking it was may be a mistake on the part of the… Read more➤

This hotel is one of my favorite places to stay. First of all, I need to tell about incredibly polite, careful and attentive staff. These people are always ready to help and make my hotel stay to the utmost comfortable and easy-going. For example, one day a receptionist told me how to get to the necessary location… Read more➤

I give this place 3 stars because of one pretty receptionist. This girl was always nice to me, she did her best to help me. Another receptionist acted really rude, and balled her eyes every time I asked for something. Also, I need to mention a guy who was kind of a supply manager. When my key… Read more➤

I was in this restaurant with my coworkers for lunch. The restaurant appeared to have great energy, with all the staff members smiling and welcoming us. As we arrived at the lunch time, we really expected our food ndelivered with a slight delay,. To our surprise, the timing of the delivery was not that different from the… Read more➤

The pricing of the company is outstanding. Anybody can afford to get a delicious meal with them. As for the quality of the order, it was more than decent. The greens were fresh and meal was delicious. Navigating through the options is made easy, while you can add an extra or a protein on a whim. One… Read more➤

The hotel looks great: a heavy door decorated with forgery, a pleasant odor of fruit and flowers in the halls, friendly staff at the lobby. The guests are served sweet and beautiful apples in the lobby, the walls and the lift are decorated with pictures. In the room, there are beautiful pillows, complimentary coffee, water and wine…. Read more➤

The beef we ordered was not delivered perfectly. The box with our ground beef appeared to be open with juice splashed all over the box. Moreover, the rice pack appeared to be open as well, while mixing with the beef’s juice. I instantly sent a message explaining in detail what had happened, supplied with pictures. The customer… Read more➤

It’s a perfect hotel with a friendly staff. We had a deluxe room, it is a spacious room with a big bed. We choose a room with a bathroom. Everything is clean, the hotel is cleaned every day, wi-fi is good. Breakfast includes a big plate with cheese, fruit, bakery, tea and coffee, you may also order… Read more➤

It’s a great hotel. However, interior design is a little bit vulgar. For example, a rectangular wardrobe is located near the velvet gold armchair in the style of Louis XIV. But it doesn’t matter because the staff is attentive, breakfast are delicious, the hotel is situated in the center. They are ready to solve any questions and… Read more➤

We went there ono vacation with a child of 9 years. The hotel is new and clean, the towels were cleaned and removed every day. Everything is convenient. The hotel is not in the center, but the transport to the center is available, metro is near. Near the hotel there’s a great shopping center with Lego Land… Read more➤

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