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I have not received my order, which was supposed to have been delivered on 9/18/21, and as of 9/19/2, 5:19 EST, I still have not received it. I placed this order in sufficient time so I could serve it for Sunday dinner today (9/19/21). I call Omaha Steaks customer service department informed them that FedEx did not… Read more➤

I have put in a ticket for my kitchen cabinets to be replaced a dozen times. They come take pictures and nothing ever gets done. There is a leak, that hasn’t gotten fixed either so the water from the leak has cause a large amount of mold growing under the kitchen sink. I have 5 children, and… Read more➤

This happened today, as of 09/19/2021 at about 12:10pm, in the location of Brea Union Plaza, 2345 E Imperial Highway, Brea, CA 92821 in front of the men’s fitting room. I was waiting for the tailor to have some alteration while the tailor room is in a room next to men’s fitting room. The tailor arrived, then… Read more➤

My nextdoor username is H. Alan Schup. There is a Brenda J in Weatherford TX area, that is a “Karen” extreme. She puts up gross misinformation and calls me names when I correct her with a government website or a scientific research website. She does nothing but troll — argue both sides to trigger a word fight…… Read more➤

Good afternoon; I am writing in regards to a ice cream product, purchased from a grocery store today namely Maple walnut flavour, it was in no way up to your usual standards. It lacked flavour and if I had taste tested this particular product I would never purchase it even if it was a sale item.I am… Read more➤

I bought men and womens deodorant Y21729C and Y21421C, and both spray tops are difficult to press with one hand, while aiming the spray towards the arm pit – my husband had to spray mine for me when l showered this morning, and he himself has the same problem with his – is this normal? I usually… Read more➤

We came to the Roanoke, VA location on 09/19/21. We were sat at 7:30pm, under the impression that the restaurant closed at 9pm, as referenced online. We sat down, ordered appetizers and drinks, and said we needed a few minutes to decide what else we wanted to order. At 8pm, the waitress informed us that the kitchen… Read more➤

19 Sep, 2021

McDonald's Complete Experience

Every single time I’m @ this McDonalds the drive thru is completely wrapped around the building! 98% of the employees and managers are rude! Literally tonight I was picking up a doordash order and the lady in back drive thru window says to me, “My head is about to explode! I’m done! Then slams the window in… Read more➤

Please refer to my case – 1-[protected], I called your customer support and called was picked up by an executive Vignesh, my question was simple as I am getting auto renewal failure pop-ups while I updated my credit card details last week, when did Mcafee tried to perform transaction on my card, he transferred the call to… Read more➤

At the time of payment money deducted and payment failed and ticket was not booked and money get into mmt i confirm from bank about my money deduction he told me that the money debited and get into make my trip. My name Anurag Dubey Email id [protected]@gmail.com Mobile No. [protected] Please help. You don’t have contact… Read more➤

Hello, I had to pay 391.35+insurance 136 eur. The full amount is 527, 35 eur. Maggiore took from me 665.02 eur. I want to know why there is this difference? Confirmation nr is 14260536EE3 and my full name Vilmar Uljas. I booked car 28 July from Fiumicino Airport. Unfortunatly i didnt have documents but you should have… Read more➤

This woman has bad breeding practices and is not responsibly breeding australian shepherds. It’s very clear when you visit her facility that she has too many dogs and animals. The biggest concern is her breeding of double merles, which results in deaf and blind puppies. She does this in order to get more merle puppies, which sell… Read more➤

I received this notification the other day from LBC: Ka-LBC! Your shipment [protected] was released to ROCHELL MONTEROLA, CARETAKER/LANDLORD|HandHeld on 18-09-2021. Share your experience, click bit.ly/CSATPh. Thanks We don’t know any ROCHELL MONTEROLA. Those are very important documents. I am checking with the recipient and he did not receive anything. The landlady does not know the person… Read more➤

I also forgot to add I called the supervisor and still never got a call back… But you send a cop out… And the guy the sent out is a friend of my oldest grandson that lives with his other grandma.. Which are theses brothers… Of my 3… The guy is friends with other grandma and her… Read more➤

I’d like to share my experience of visiting one of LabCorp. Facility located at 775 Park Avenue, Ste. # 350, Huntington, NY 11743. I came into this facility to get blood work for a procedure that needs to be done in the hospital based on my heart condition. When I walked in, nobody was there at the… Read more➤

I took Cryo treatment and paid 65000/- at Kolors Visakhapatnam branch. I was told I will reduce upto 10 kgs and will have 4 to 5 inch loss. I have zero result. I didn’t loose even a single kg. No inch loss. I staff are not efficient enough to give proper treatment. I request you to give… Read more➤

I am really upset to the bad experience with the way of doing business of JustAnswer Mechanics. It seems to be that this is their Modus Operandi, just misleading people hiding or placing in the least visible place of their website, their warning that the caller has been trial connected and has 7 days to cancel. It… Read more➤

To whom it may concern, Both me and my partner have smoked Riverstone RYO tobacco for years and have been very happy with the products. The main reason we enjoy this tobacco is the moistness. We find other competitor companies tobacco to dry and not enjoyable. On the 16/09/21 we purchased 5x Riverstone Rum RYO as we… Read more➤

To Whom it May Concern My name is Steve Parkin and I have been a faithful consumer of your product JPS+Crushball Gold for a few years now. I have never had a problem before and have enjoyed your product. I am writing this to you, not with a cynical scheme to cop free product, and I am… Read more➤

I give my password and booking number and you state that it is not found..I have been cancelled from my Hawaii trip in Nov and expedia rebooked and you don’t recognize..told I would be given the rebooking at the same cost, yet you send a texted, I need to pay to keep my cabin… What is going… Read more➤

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