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About Furniture and Inventory

In the category «Furniture and Inventory» you will find honest reviews about companies that produce and sell furniture. Customers write their comments and complaints about the quality of products and provided services. Also, they describe the whole opinion about companies they used to deal with.

It’s necessary to note that in this category there are shown both positive and negative reviews. Our policy provides calls for struggle with fake comments, but still there’s a small amount of them. Nevertheless, you will be able to form a realistic opinion about all the companies.

If you have experience of buying furniture and inventory, you are welcome to leave your own comment. Please, write what inconveniences and problems you have faced. Did furniture meet your expectations? Was everything unbroken and pretty, or have you found some defects? Or were you so pleased that you want to give the company the highest rating? Leaving a comment, you help other people with choice.
If you are a representative of the company that produces and sells furniture, you may officially comment on reviews of other users. Giving feedback, you claim the status of your firm and show the ability to help customers if they face some problems.

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