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Random Reviews

23 April, 2020

Air IndiaUseless Priority Boarding

Why sell priority boarding if I still had to wait for passengers with children to board the plane first? I am not against children, but for what I paid extra money? This is not correct, at least.

22 April, 2020

Air FranceVictim of overbooking

This is simply unthinkable! I could not believe it – the case when you buy a plane ticket with a reserved seat, and you are not allowed on the plane, because someone is already sitting in your place. The reason… Read More.

21 April, 2020

Air ChinaThe necessary measures have not been taken

I don’t know, maybe this is normal for someone, but in the previous row in front of me were 2 babies who screamed and “made” into the chutes during the entire flight – and this is 7.5 hours! It seems… Read More.

20 April, 2020

Air AsiaDelay and stale sandwich

It was the most unfortunate flight of my life … Due to a delay of 3.5 hours at the airport, I did not have time for the next flight to Thailand and I had to hang around at the airport… Read More.

19 April, 2020

Air ArabiaThe pleasure of quality service

Thank you for the quality service, the food was excellent, the team was friendly, and the airline meticulous. I liked everything, even the screaming babies who were sitting in one or two seats from me could not spoil my flight.

18 April, 2020

AeromexicoGreat flight in business class!

Super Airlines! Maybe I was just lucky, but I did not have enough seats in the purchased economy class and they gave me a place in business class for free!

17 April, 2020

British AirwaysOnline booking errors go too expensive

We are quite old people – a married couple from Italy. When we filled out the form on the company’s website, I entered our names in the appropriate fields, but when we paid the price of two tickets, it turned… Read More.

16 April, 2020

BudgetAirAirline Mistakes? It’s OK, the passenger will pay!

This is very strange when a passenger has to pay for errors of an airline employee. My name was spelled incorrectly at the registration desk, as a result I was not allowed on the plane and I had to wait… Read More.

16 April, 2020

BudgetAirInactive multimedia will stretch the flight to infinity

Inactive multimedia will stretch the flight to infinity. In my place (in the chair in front of me) the display with films and games did not work. Maybe for some people this is not so critical, but I sleep very… Read More.

13 April, 2020

Cayman AirwaysWhen will airplanes be fairly distributed?

When will airplanes be fairly distributed? My case is probably too banal and to some extent ridiculous. A man who simply did not fit in his chair sat next to me on a plane!) Of course, nothing fatal happened –… Read More.

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