22 Feb, 2021 → by David
Worst experience ever!

Fist of all, good luck speaking to some one over the phone, the phone number on their website is not existent, all communication is only via email. The way you will be treated with this company is extremely UNPROFESSIONAL.

I placed a order worth over $1,300 CAD and specifically asked this company (as the sender) to ensure delivery was set as Signature Required (I even emailed them the day after I placed my order to remind them, and got not reply). The company ignored my ask, and they sent items (Diamonds) over regular mail (I mean, when you order Diamonds, is common sense to use the proper delivery protocols).
After weeks, I had not yet received what I ordered and

Gemologica is simply saying ‘you have to deal with the post office, we have nothing to help with’. I am now filing missing package with Canada Post as well as speaking with my credit card company. I did insist and reached out to Gemologica again for assistance in locating the package, in return, they replied to me via email in CAPITAL LETTERS (yelling) saying that I was a fraud to them and they are done communicating with me.
I can not believe the lack of professionalism, I feel like I’m dealing with a company ran by teenagers, it is a real joke.

Also, watch out because almost all items they offer are what they call ‘custom made’ that means that you automatically will lose about 40% restocking fee if you ever need to return.

This has been the WORST customer service experience I have dealt with.

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