7 Oct, 2021 → by John Ruth
It was terrible, it’s good that it’s over

I had to use this provider. I had to, not by force of course, but for a while there was just no other option. Since we live in a private house, the cable Internet was not allowed to connect there, calling every six months all the providers of the city, I heard a refusal that it is simply not profitable for them to spend in private homes! Here the employee advised me to try the provider, there is no place to go, I can't sit without the Internet when it is simply necessary for work.

In General, at that time, it was a couple of years ago, the modem and connection cost me cheap. All that was enough for this Internet is only to view pages, I uploaded photos for a long time, I don't talk about videos at all. I used it until July-August of this year, nothing has changed in the quality of service. Only the rate went up. Not to mention that the Internet often disappeared for no good reason. To my great joy, a provider appeared that still pleases me, even if not with a very small subscription fee, but at least with a speed of 100 Mbit/s and unlimited Internet. In General, who is looking for, he will always find! I'm willing to pay for quality, but it's clearly not for a provider without the proper level.

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