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27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein
South Africa

Phone number: 27860459459
Web: https://www.hificorp.co.za

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+27 860 459 459 (Goods shipped in error /Incorrect goods delivered) +27 860 495 495 (Damaged Goods delivered) +27 861 117 775 (JD Lay-By Customer Care) +27 127 613 000 (National Consumer Commission) +27 860 000 272 (Consumer Goods and Services Ombud) +27 117 186 197 (Head Office)
27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein
South Africa – 2018
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Complaints & Reviews — HiFi

My income varied because I was hospitalise and all creditors divided these amounts by 3 Not only did he have a condisending attitude. he was wasted my time and these checks affect your credit score negatively especially when they preapproved me for R30k I’m highly dispappintent and disgusted I will report this to social media Regards Tamryn... Read more➤
We've returned HDMI Cable for credit at HiFi Corporation Wonderpark, 09 September 2021. Music in the shop was very loud and I could not clearly hear employee's feedback. When I've complained about their service, the store manager Neeree Khan attacked me. I asked her where I can log a complaint and she told me the number is... Read more➤
9 Sep, 2021

43’Diamond tv

So we bought a 43’Diamond TV from hifi in Mitchell’s plain took a extended guarantee on the TV, 3years after a black faint line appeared on the TV which was still in good condition, we took it to hifi in Kenilworth center, it was sent away and we were called to collect our TV because it was... Read more➤
I lay-byed a fridge at the Southgate brunch and paid it up on the 2nd Aug 2021. Zanele Ntuli helped me and she said they will order the fridge and deliver it. Nothing we as delivered or any phone call was made to me just to followup. I phoned on the 7 the Aug and spoke to... Read more➤
5 Aug, 2021

Fridge not delivered

I ordered a fridge on 28 July to be delivered within 3-6 working days. On Monday 2 August a lady named Confidence from HiFiCorp called me and said the fridge was broken in their warehouse, they didn’t have another one in stock, and it would take 14 days for a new one. She offered me a refund... Read more➤

Terrible experience in the maternity ward

I would like to inform mothers who think that Armidale has the best obstetricians. Unfortunately, just like me, I received this information in error. My birth story almost ended with a tragedy, of course everything is fine now and my baby is with me, but I want to share my bitter experience, I believe that it will be useful for someone and will make me decide where to give birth. So then, my story starts on 02. 08. 2019. According to Armidale's midwife, the period of childbirth "before", but for me and my husband, with whom we took time, the pain already looked like contraction pain. I called the maternity ward of Armidale Hospital at 4:00, which they had recommended themselves. Of course, the attitude over the phone was not the nicest, but now I understand - 4. 00 in the morning, it is good to say that the pain of contractions is between 6-7 minutes to drive to Armidale. We washed, ate and then we went to the hospital in Armidale with my husband, we arrived, took all my documents, I have my allergies recorded in my mother's passport, which, unfortunately, is lactose intolerance and an allergy to eggs. I ask in a disgusting tone - "what is it!? "And what to do for them now, because everyone in the hospital is fed equallyafter this response tried to write off the first reaction as a joke. Okay, I don't think much about it. Next we go to check the tones, I breathe and breathe a little, I am informed that nothing can be done, I have not started anything yet and that there is currently "before" childbirth pain, which is normal, because other women have it 2 weeks before childbirth. Tests the tones every 3 hours, still examined the uterus and even "pushed" the uterus in place to start childbirth, makes me walk and even gave me an enema to be able to give birth that night, now I have a "before" birth period of 20h and I am informed, when nothing started and in general they had to send me home in the morning, but since I was in pain and we had already taken a room (fees, the so-called family ward), I was promised to start the birth with gel the next morning, if the night did not start, gave me against a pain candle and everything, get up in the morning (03. 08. 2019) and let me knowwhen will not stimulate childbirth and when can I drive home and when driving when I will have labor pains to drive. The shift changes and now I am checked by a doctor / obstetrician when nothing happens, but I inform when the whole cork has fallen out and, in principle, the birth has to start by 48h, I wanted to be put home, I informed when it is my first child and I am afraid and when I do not want to go home, well left me in the hospital with long teeth and mentioned that if the healing does not start today, then the next day will stimulate childbirth, tones were also checked every 3h, but remember I did not check the color of the water, they can, even if they do not tear. So I walk all day and I try to stimulate childbirth myself, I get up on 04. 08. 2019 with terrible pain, I go for an examination, again I am denied stimulation, because my cervix has shortened and something is happening,so then at the end of childbirth, I go for a walk and during the walk I have started childbirth (the pain was the same as 02. 08. 2019, although I was told when the labor pain is different from the “before” labor pain, I was not the case), we take a taxi back to the hospital, now examine me, now everything is that important moment started I have a birth, my husband and I are happy to finish, I am immediately taken to the maternity ward, due to the pain of complications (which neither the doctor nor we and my husband knew at that moment) gave me epedrial anesthesia, checks the tones and now the birth process is happening, but I do not feel so crazy pain, finally there is a 6cm opening, I pierce the water and the ulcer has green liquid water, so I need a caesarean section, because another 5h in natural childbirth and my baby would not survive (I will notewhen unfortunately I have panic attacks due to severe experience in the operation) for which the staff was warned, everything quickly leads me to the operation, gives a second anesthesia and now began a caesarean section the child was born, I heard it, the child comes to the father and now my husband is waiting, when I am brought out of the medicine, I am brought in, barely placed in bed, almost picked up from the bed, the doctor / obstetrician had photographed my uterus, which had turned green due to complications and shows this photo to my husband (in principle she could not do this without my permission) and inform my husband and me with a subtext when we need to check for sts and streptococcus, even though we had both checked with my husband and everything was fine in our relationship so that this doctor was in place below the text. At this point, due to the doctor's time and negligence,my child and I could have died and, aware of my mistake, it even blamed me and my husband. Of course well, it ended well, but the next day was not better 05. 08. 2019 I was given medicine that responded to both anesthetics from 04. 08. 2019, vomiting, water and stomach fluid all day and I am not notified about this medicine, I called a nurse and a fairy tale when I'm sick, all I tell is when it comes to talking to a midwife or doctor and everything goes out. I was waiting for the nurse to call, but no, I had to go to the doctor in a hurry and ask what had happened, then I was only informed when it was a drug reaction. The attitude was really not the best, of course not from all the staff, there were also doctors / pediatricians and nurses who were really good professionals and did the right thing professionally.


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