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Synchrony Bank

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Synchrony Bank Inc.
950 Forrer Blvd
United States

Phone number: 18664194096

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Toll-Free Number:
(866) 226-5638
Customer Service:

Care Credit
(866) 893-7864

Care Credit
(800) 677-0718
(866) 419-4096
(855) 875-1850
Business Customer Service:
(800) 333-1082
Existing Partners

(800) 859-9975
Healthcare Providers (Existing Partners)

(800) 300-3046
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(866) 838-0655
Prospective Partners

Investors/ Franchasing:
(855) 818-3056
Equity Investors

(855) 821-4534
Fixed Income Investors

(866) 247-1651
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(203) 585-6508
(203) 585-6143
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+1 866 419 4096 (Customer Service) +1 866 893 7864 (CareCredit) +1 800 677 0718 (CareCredit, Open An Account) +1 866 226 5638 (Savings Products) +1 800 333 1082 (Small-Medium Sized Businesses) +1 866 838 0655 (Prospective Business Partners) +1 800 859 9975 (Healthcare Providers) +1 800 300 3046 (Healthcare Providers, Prospective Partners) +1 855 875 1850 (Digital Help Desk)
950 Forrer Blvd
Dayton , Ohio
United States – 45420

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Synchrony Bank
200 Crossing Blvd Suite 101
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Complaints & Reviews — Synchrony Bank

Synchrony stopped taking my payments suddenly through my credit union. Nothing has changed on my end and the credit union don’t even see where payments were attempted. Pay them off and run! I can not get ANYONE on the phone that knows anything. One of the accounts I have had for 3 years with NO problems and... Read more➤
Each of these accounts had credit lines dropped and were closed for no reason. All were paid in full. This damages my credit. Your company treats creditors like DIRT. I have multiple cards I am working to pay down. Your spiteful decisions have nothing to do with credit reporting. No other card behaves this way. Many have... Read more➤
Was told my account was closed for fraudulent reasons which I disputed. Synchrony stated that I had been delinquent, had too high usage, made payments that were too low. I disputed all these reasons and they still refuse to provide me with facts or instances that they claim were the reason my account was closed. All payments... Read more➤
1 Sep, 2021

Logging into the site

This is the third month in a row I have had this problem. When I logged in using Google Chrome, I get the “we’re sorry, blah, blah, blah.” Try again later. Well, the real cure is just to launch Internet Explorer. The site works like a charm. Somebody at the Synchrony network staff needs to fix this.
In September of 2020, I opened a Sweetwater account which is a musical instrument distributor. I made purchases, and payments were made through the app on my phone. This system worked perfectly until this past July when my payments started getting rejected. Nothing was changed on my part- account/routing numbers, nothing. My bank, a credit union, looked... Read more➤

Poor service

I never thought I'd have to write a complaint, but maybe someone will be deterred from moving to this "friendly" office. I've been a bee customer for many years, and everything has been ok, but not for the last six months, the internet is no, conversations are often disconnected, or the interlocutor suddenly stops hearing - the bee employees themselves called 4x because they didn't hear. The point was added to all my last purchase - I bought a smart watch, the employee provided information that I will have to pay a certain amount and everything, I agree. When I use the clock, I find that I don't even charge during the day. I turned to the bee salon, where I bought the watch, told me that I could not give up the watch, because it was bought on the spot to write an application for a change. After 2 weeks I was called back and told that due to eg the clock does not keep charging, and if you do not need e. g. can be unlocked by paying the clock value. The next shock was receiving the bill and realizing that I had to pay for the money separately, not as I was told. I turned to the bee's salon again, saying that I could give up the example and the number, paying the full value of the watch. I have written an application that I want to pay, but the application for eg and number disconnection was accepted, it must be submitted when I pay. At the beginning of the year I paid everything, I turned to the bee salon to unlock the example and the number. The application was accepted, but it was announced that you will also have to pay by the month, so the key with the end of the month, I agree. Today I found that nothing is unlocked, called the bee info, and received an answer-unlocked is just an example, but not a number! It's a scam for customers, and it's been the last to switch to another carrier with all three numbers.


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