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Cirro Does Not Act Consistently W Electric Facts Label Terms

Cirro Energy bought out my former electric provider Pioneer Energy and informed everyone involved that Pioneer’s contact terms would remain the same. Then Cirro turned around and sent me a contract with terms completely different from Pioneer’s contract terms immediately after the buyout on August 21st, 2018, that were almost double in cost and an increase of two more additional years to the contract. When I would call in, Cirro’s customer service would tell me my contract rate was 12.9 cents per kWh for 3 years rather than my Pioneer contract of .0834 cents per kWh for 1 year. I sent in my copy of Pioneer’s Electricity Facts Label with the correct information via email and Cirro would turn around and tell me they never received the information from me and would tell me that the paperwork that Pioneer Energy submitted showed my contract to be the higher rate and longer term. When I filed complaints with the Texas PUC, I documented everything very carefully and found there is NO customer or consumer protections at the State or Federal levels left, as legislation has completely gutted all regulatory power from these agencies. Even with this third party observing, my contract still is NOT corrected to my former Pioneer Energy terms! And I have copies of ALL the contract terms from Pioneer Energy including the Pioneer Electricity Facts Label! Cirro does not honor your former contract’s terms as stated during company buyouts and they are not honoring legal contracts that were to be legal and binding as part of the buyout terms.
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