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Complaints & Reviews — Folgers

10 Aug, 2021


Hi, Maybe my request of to make a deal with Folgers to supply the Exceptional coffee Supplier everywhere Folgers is established from Domestic consumption and around worldwide. On the right side, my letter did not receive by the Administration of Folgers Administration. Can I get the email of Folgers?

this will be my second attempt to reach someone. folgers instant packet found with plastic substance in packet. wish to be reimbursed for my inconveince . i took pictures and can upload them if required please respond to this email

I opened a can of Folgers Medium Roast and it smelled like chemicals. Not even a hint of coffee. I will be returning it and never buying Folgers again. 0 stars User’s recommendation: Don’t buy Folgers.

In 2018 I purchased a jug of Folgers I realize that after drinking I had stomach pains. I quit drinking it. Today I decided to try some instant Folgers my daughter bought but never tried it because of my experience with it. Bad Idea!!! I’m Throwing up, watery stools and severe stomach cramps. cramps cra crampsmp cramps… Read more➤

Wanting to know why you’re not making Folgers cappuccino French vanilla anymore. And why it is an in grocery stores like Walmart and the dollar store because that’s the only coffee that I drink and I can’t find it anywhere.

The Folgers Pants commercial..the song is so loud and umpleasant because the singer is yelling and screwching! Please make it stop!

5 Mar, 2021

Folgers Awful taste

We’ve been drinking folgers for over 20 years that we’ve been buying from Sam’s club. Recently we noticed Coffee has no coffee flavor, no aroma, just awful taste. Clean out the coffee pot. That didn’t work. Brewed in new pot , nothing changed. Glad to find this site that I’m not alone. User’s recommendation: Don’t waste your… Read more➤

Every time there is a Folgers commercial on TV I quickly change the channel or hit the mute button. The commercials are horrible, weird, *** and /or offensive. And the coffee is disgusting. The COVID-19 no pants commercial is NOT even a little funny! It’s stupid. I have never reviewed anything before. THAT’S HOW MUCH I HATE… Read more➤

13 Feb, 2021

Folgers Re: Folgers coffee

I have been buying and drinking Folgers 1/2 caffe ground coffee 25.4 oz for 20 plus years. Recently one morning my coffee tasted so bad I could not drink it and poured it down the drain. My coffee had a strong taste of what is similar to dishwasher detergent. At first…

29 Dec, 2020

Folgers Plastic taste

I buy multiple containers of Folgers from Sams Club every month faithfully. Well I have 2 open containers here that taste like Plastic. I have cleaned coffee pot with vinegar twice, no change, opened second container, no change. So bought another coffee pot to see if there was a change and there is none. What in the… Read more➤

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