WoodSprings Suites

WoodSprings Suites
Choice Hotels International, Inc.
1 Choice Hotels Cir., Suite 400 Rockville Maryland United States - 20850
United States
Phone: 13015925000

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My Husband, myself and our 18 lb Pug, ” Zoe”, have been ataying at the Woodsprings Suites off of Leeds Avenue since August 10th, 2021. We are a part of 180 Place’s Rapid RE-housing Program, after we were evicted from our home of 3 1/2 years. in July, 20221. I am permanently disabled as the result pf… Read more➤

I have been staying here for 3 months and have yet to have a problem with paying. Ive paid weeks and months at a time but today i was trying to pay a for 1 day and the guy behind the counter refused to let me pay at my rate and told me ive never paid just… Read more➤

Me and my family got woke up by the manager by her screaming cuss words at us telling me to get my truck away from her building and if I did not do so she was going to throw me and my family out..after we paid 2000 dollars to stay here..she said it did not have a… Read more➤

The hotel is situated in the best place in town and you can feel the vibe of a town instantly when stepping out in the street. The restaurant has a terrace area so you can dine while being practically outside. It is not recommended when there is strong wind outside, but on a quiet day it is… Read more➤

Good Morning, I was notified yesterday by the manager from the Woodspring Suites located at 2619 N Loop 1604 E. San Antonio, TX that there had been an error in their advertised daily price of $50.00 per night for the Non-smoking Double Queen Suite. My Reservation was made on June 5, 2021. I made several consecutive reservations… Read more➤

I spoke with the general manager weeks before coming to this hotel from Texas to work a month. I explained to her over the phone that I get paid housing every Friday. I got there on may 18th and paid. The following Tuesday I was told I need to pay again. I should have paid till that… Read more➤

The location in Arnold Missouri is very poorly run, takes forever to get your room even after check in is at 3:00. The manager walks around with an ego and just act like a jerk when in reality couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. A lot of rift raft hanging around, it’s pretty scary… Read more➤

The washer at this wood springs, gorege town, tx take your money. I put money into the washer and push start and they didn’t start, the washer also don’t fill up to the level it shows on the lid, it only fills half way. The dryer will not dry your clothes. No matter how much money you… Read more➤

First of I had to clean my own room upon check to find damage and drug paraphernalia. Sencond I was approached my several guests asking me if I was a prostitute. Thirdly hotel manager called me a drug addiction locked me out my room blamed me for damage and kicked me out a day early. Last but… Read more➤

This hotel is one of my favorite places to stay. First of all, I need to tell about incredibly polite, careful and attentive staff. These people are always ready to help and make my hotel stay to the utmost comfortable and easy-going. For example, one day a receptionist told me how to get to the necessary location… Read more➤

About the Infection Unit

I want to post my problem. The girl is 14 years old, one day says she suddenly has a headache and strong vomiting, I was taken to the hospital, put on infections. Performs analysis, assembled the system, the second day came, told that she has an enterovirus, the temperature stood at 40. gave ibugesiku, nothing broke, head numb, passed days, last week, worse and worse, the end is already watching as she barely goes, doctor Zdune says, well, that's how it always sleeps. Please examine the head, they examined the sinuses, said that everything was ok there. 2017 wanted to put on the house, I ask either way to investigate the head. They did it.. A doctor comes and tells that the child has a head tumor.. Javed to Melbourne, I went to my house and we will go there. Arrived on January 2, it was agreed to drive 9, but we leave only 13, because there were problems with the computer and the printout of the guide. Successfully arrived in Melbourne, the child became very ill. Surgery was planned for 4. 01. The doctor came to Pectam and was shocked, he said if he had known that he was very ill, he could have been married... Why, why do our doctors work so superficially? It's just a child, and it ruined his whole life,treating a caucasian virus that didn't exist at all. I want to blast.

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