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US Pharmacy
440 St Andrews Dr.
United States
Phone: +1 615 295 2301

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21 Sep, 2021

US Pharmacy ED products

I get constant calls everyday from U S Pharmacy at this number…[protected]. They do not stop and as many as 8 calls per day. I have notified the authorities in Vermont and so far nothing has changed. This is harassment pure and simple and I intend to alert the proper authorties and make others aware via publications… Read more➤

This company is unethical and pisses me off They will not stop harassing me and they use local numbers I have to answer local numbers so they get me ever time They are lousy unethical and rude They can’t speak understandable English and seriously I have blocked more than forty numbers from these creeps but they won’t… Read more➤

I started receiving calls from this place last week and have been getting at least 4 per day until today. Today, I have gotten 6 calls from them. Every call from a town in Texas. If I block the number, I then get a call from another location in Texas. I know they are spoofing the numbers… Read more➤

I bought from this company 1 time 15 to 20 years ago. They go in spurts of calling 10 times per day to 1 time per week. They call at all hours, during working hours interrupting my work, early AM hours waking me up, late evening hours waking me up. I have asked over and over and… Read more➤

Hello. These calls started several months ago. I am getting anywhere from 2 to 6 calls every day. The latest round have been from a 332 area code with the next 3 numbers as 334 followed by (I assume) a randomly generated 4 digit number. The first few calls which I received, I did pick up, told… Read more➤

Constant constant phones calls all day long morning till night How can I stop this.. What can I do to stop this abuse its constantly interrupting frm important things in my life please email me the necessary information I need to stop this my email is [protected] I would appreciate any help you can give me to… Read more➤

Despite years of requesting, adamantly, that my contact information be removed and that I be dropped from their call list, I continue to receive calls from yet another of their minions trying to sell me product I don’t want and have not requested. HOW CAN I STOP these unwanted calls?

20 Feb, 2020

US Pharmacy Lose your phone

Tired of several calls aday for something of no intrest to me and have told you on several occasions to quit calling stop calling stop calling stop calling stop calling stop calling do you understand stop calling you stupid [censored] ideot stop calling stop calling stop calling see how stupid you are that is what you do,… Read more➤

19 Dec, 2019

US Pharmacy Viagra/cialis

They call at least twice a day and I have gotten up to 12 phone calls in one day. I have never ordered anything from these people and never will but apparently the person that had my phone # before used viagra and got it from them. Now they think my name is Paul and I’m a… Read more➤

12 Dec, 2019

US Pharmacy Pills

These bums have been calling me for three years. Now they have resorted to calling me after 8 and 9 pm and as early as 7am because I have been ignoring them for months. I’ve even gotten calls at 11pm which I don’t answer. I have wasted so much of there time with dummy questions yet they… Read more➤

Regular sending of spam regularly sends spam to my mobile phones for cars that never belong to me with alerts that expire OCTA. The calls to the firm with a complaint did not yield any results. There is no way to unsubscribe from spam.

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