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Complaints & Reviews — UncommonGoods

This online store is still among my favorites, but something has changed concerning the attitude to the clients. Besides, something has gone wrong with the system of notifications. Now I never know about the relevant dates of the sales, as well as about seasonal price reductions. Besides, I have not received an annual coupon for my birthday!… Read more➤

I paid over $200 for my order and never received it and also never got my money back. It was taking way to long so I contacted UncommonGoods customer service and they said that my order was shipped and asked me to be more patient. I called almost every day and they finally said that my order… Read more➤

I ordered an item from these guys. It arrived, it was fine. No problem. Then the spam email started. I could find no opt-out in the mails themselves, or on the site. I contacted the company, and was able to communicate with a human being (which is nice, I'll give 'em that). However, the arrogant and offensive… Read more➤

THIS COMPANY SELLS STOLEN ARTIST DESIGNS! Even after being notified, with documentation and websearch info ('kelly O'Neal + swindler' or 'design legacy + thieves'), this dishonest, unethical, greedy company still sells designs and merchandise stolen from Dallas-area artists! What's wrong with so-called 'businesspeople' these days that they think no one cares how evil and dishonest they are?… Read more➤

UncommonGoods.com = Theft This website sells stolen designs! Several items on this website have been stolen from artists here in Texas and are being used illegally. Maybe you don't care if a big company like this steals from artists, but we do! Until they stop this practice, if you buy from this retailer, you are supporting theft… Read more➤

Telstra Go3 TV + Films free for 3 months

In September, Telstra offered a gift by changing the tariff plan to Go3 Tv + Films free for 3 months. But as it turns out, if you do not refuse this gift after 3 months, then this service is automatically subscribed and a monthly fee of 7. 99 dollars is applied. What Telstra looks like has not learned from the penalty imposed by Ptac. As already acknowledged, the active and explicit consent of the consumer is required. Accepting a gift, in my opinion, does not constitute consent to subscribe to the service. Now, when changing tariff plans, a discount for an unlimited tariff plan for 12 months also appears. I understand that the discount is valid for 12 months, but no. Enter into a contract and you may not terminate it for 12 months. It's such a word game, the consumer is always a loser, himself has not understood something. Once wrote - Price valid for a contract of 12 months. Telstra Internet is a completely different thing. The home router is not able to pull any film in the evenings, even in the worst quality, it disconnects all the time and cannot connect. At the same time, connecting the phone as a hammock television shows even the best quality. And always all sorts of reservations, change the router, too many users in the evenings connect to the tower. You are too densely populated, the house does not have such a roof, etc. Remember for free there is only mousetrap cheese.

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