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Timeshares By Owner
Timeshares By Owner
8810 Commodity Cir, Suite 16 Orlando Florida United States - 32819
United States
Phone: 18887078463

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TSBO is nothing but a SCAM. You get lured in with all kinds of promises as to how quick they are going to sell your timeshare.Then you start getting calls, each time someone different and before the end of the conversation it always comes down as to how much money in addition to what you have all… Read more➤

They call and tell me they can sell my time share but they need 1300.00 to get started. call a few months later for more money. lost 3900.00 with no results. this has been going on since July 2020. User’s recommendation: SCAM.

This company tells you that for x amount of money they can sale your time share. I fell for it. I never received “One” call after paying the initial amount. 3-4 months later, Timeshare Share by Owner calls again, well you need to upgrade to sell your time share. Very pushy fast talking salesman..stupid me gave them… Read more➤

So tired of the repeated calls with no results. Every time someone different calls and it’s always a bottom line request for money. Each one blames the previous caller for not doing the job. It has been over 8 months with no results. according to them, we’re always near the finish line if only I put some… Read more➤

Update by user Jun 15, 2019 Here’s the link to consumer affairs reviews on TBO. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/timeshares_by_owner.html Original review posted by user Jun 15, 2019 I was approached by TBO initially due to my web searches for a property rental in San Diego for my son’s Graduation from the Marines. I was told that I…

Timeshares By Owner
26 Feb, 2019

Timeshares By Owner Fr**** Scam

Money suckers smooth talking scam artist, promises never intended to keep… Save your time and money DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE ***

Took my money got a few offers. Then offers stopped. They contacted me with promises of a new more exclusive program listing service. Paid more money…recieved 1 offer th3n nothing… every few months now someone new contacts me with solicitation for more money for a “newer” more exclusive wnd attentive service. I tell them to go to… Read more➤

Wayne C. Robinson, a 15 year sales and marketing veteran with Wyndham, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Villas Del Palmar and many other resorts in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean is sharing industry secrets that timeshare owners need to know. I understand that this site…

So glad I decided to look at reviews he was very convincing he wanted $2900 to start process and he was very persistent I need to start it today for my Marriotts in Hawaii I told him I would have to talk to hubby first so glad I looked them up no way in *** im going… Read more➤

In August 2017, Timeshares By Owner contacted me about selling my timeshare. I did my research and saw many positive reviews (obviously staged) so I went ahead and gave them $749 to market and sell my property. There was no mention of there being a higher level of…


I had already heard about the biggest Lido in Melbourne, located on First Street, that walking there already... If ever its place was associated with delicious food, good service, good rest, etc. Then now there is no crumb left of good service. We stand in line for food, and from the back a jack with a trolley rides (probably a tray picker or something), and is already shouting exactly the following text: "Sliding, sliding... "! We were surprised, but well maybe the jack is bad mental... Next we pay at the cash register and there again "very kind cashier"... Of course in quotes. I give her a goodbye, she doesn't answer anything... she counts the payment, and in a very rough tone she asks "will you need a token too?" In such a tone that I could only shake my head... I was dumb. That's not the end of it. We ate deliciously, we go outside, but there... at the exit tars, two dishwashers are fiddling, in the form of work, during working hours, and don't even notice that they can't even be missed... I'm shocked (17. 08. 08) coming in to eat and see so many negative... Hardly anything would Mr Kirson say about that? I think this is ruining the business?

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