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Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines Inc.
Aeropark Yenişehir Mahб Osmanlı Bulvarı № 11/A 34912 - Kurtköy
Phone: 908 882 281 212

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When I went to the airline counter before my flight, it was about 50 minutes before landing. Before me stood only 2 people and I thought that everything was in order. As it turned out, the previous passenger had some kind of error in the ticket with which the employee dealt with the registration for a very,… Read more➤

I just lost my luggage! Most recently, I bought a great Samsonite suitcase, and this office lost it! When we arrived at our destination, I stood at the belt for about two hours, still hoping to see my luggage, but everything was hopeless. The airline promised to sort it out, but in the final result a tiny… Read more➤

Terrible service at Tokyo City Oak Street

We came with friends to have a meal in Tokyo City, because it has been a popular place so far. Sitting at the table for four, we got a waitress who didn't even greet her. On the menus we noticed that there had been a change, a friend asked if sushi with a certain name was still available, which was no longer visible on the menu, but the waitress answered with some hesitant counter-question about promotions and other sushi and its ingredients that made us realize that she really does not know Australian well, because he did not understand our question, although it was repeated. Then we decided to place an order, realizing that the above sushi is not available. Friends ordered their food and drinks, we and my girlfriend 2 sushi, sushi names - Alaska and Philadelphia. Then the waitress repeated our order to make sure that everything is correct, in a broken, incomprehensible english language, we don't really understand whether the correct order will be made. By repeating the names of our sushi Alaska and Philadelphia, the waitress added the ending "EBI", which I automatically corrected it simply to Philadelphia without any "EBI" or any other attachments. Then the waitress repeated our total order, quickly muttering it, we didn't understand or we would receive our ordered dishes at all, because we didn't understand a word she said in her broken english language. She collected the menus without revealing her name (as is usually the case in all of Tokyo City, where the waiters name their names when accepting an order). We are waiting for our ordered drinks, fortunately nothing was mixed with them,we already laughed a little at each other, or that the order of food would not be so confused and whether we would receive it. The order came, everything was brought to my friends correctly, but my friend Alaska and completely different sushi were brought to us instead of Philadelphia and Alaska, the waitress left immediately, but it should be mentioned that Alaska who has warm sushi had already cooled down. We didn't understand what to do briefly, we decided not to complain and eat the sushi we brought, and to pay for it without making any claims, because everyone can be confused and she clearly didn't understand Australian when we placed the order. I was surprised by the attitude of the waitress after we had finished her meal and as usual she asked us how it tasted (usually the waitress comes to ask about the meal in the middle and not at the end), to which the girlfriend honestly replied that one sushi was mixed,but we will pay for him and that's all right. To which the waitress shockedly began to defend that we ourselves were confused, that she brought the Philadelphia EBI, which she thought we had ordered, and she thought we would like it (needless to say, the price of sushi was twice as high as usual 14. 70 AUD). When we explained that we had ordered sushi called Philadelphia without any words before or after it, she reassured us that we had to mention that we wanted classic Philadelphia (although the name on the menu was one - Philadelphia - without any "classics" and never before). I haven't had a problem with ordering this sushi and during the order, we fixed that we just want Philadelphia). We said we wanted to pay, brought us the bills, the waitress went to the corner of the room and together with the other waiters,looking shamelessly at our table began to cant, pointing fingers and dissatisfied facial expression. I do not understand, we should feel guilty now? For some reason, the waitress, now terribly apprehensive, for our small reprimand and did not come to take our money for the order for a long time, even making eye contact several times and living with her head, she continued to stand in the corner of the room with folded hands looking at us and explaining something to others. It is a very shameless attitude to persuade customers to see it and not to be ashamed to watch it so conspicuously on top of it and to ignore the customer's desire to pay, considering that we could also refuse the wrong order and make the right one we thought. We probably did the wrong thing, that we didn't immediately shout, that the wrong sushi was brought, but we see we tried to understand that everyone makes mistakes. We had to wait a very long time when we could pay, finally she came, we paid, we left. Very unpleasant attitude, for the first time as follows. When we went home, we looked at the menu again, it turns out that the name of the mixed sushi brought is "Unagi Philadelphia", where "EBI" was not mentioned anywhere. We visited on 16. 07. 2016, served by a girl with black hair, medium height, who should learn the national language and a couple of courtesies.

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