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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland, 21244-1850
United States
Phone: (877) 267-2323

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Complaints & Reviews — Medicaid

These sociopaths REFUSE to allow the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. It happened many times, including today A A GAIN when I saw my doctor and he examined me AND I CAN Barely walk, having to stop 3 times between the car and his office- he sent in a prescription to Walgreens on Torrey Pines and Charleston,… Read more➤

Update by user Mar 02, 2021 I had to ask for a fair earring and I’m waiting for a date Original review posted by user Jan 31, 2021 Has your dentist told you that the deep cleaning is not covered by medicaid? Not true! Has your dentist told you that they submitted the request for deep cleaning… Read more➤

We have both Medicaid and insurance from work we use the insurance from work first and they have a 10 dollar co pay on all 5 meds i take 5 meds that are covered by both insurance and Medicaid but medicaid wont cover the co pay for 3 of them but they cover co pay for the… Read more➤

I would like to ask FBI and ADA irganization to investigate congresdman who maked Medicaid to refuse service or taking away the insurance from people with documented disabilities in time of need for immediate attentiin by writing misinterpretation of the true and false facts on the survey, which breaks ADA act They make and are pushy for… Read more➤

I have significant degenerative spine conditions in my cervical and lumbosacral spine, plus other significant physical stuff thats degenerative as well. Have mris,scans, and xrays. On disability and medicaid. In a Texas clinic for last year, and the puppeteers in medicaid paid of another hired puppet provider to obliterate all my objective physical medical evidence and conditions…. Read more➤

Why is vision and dental separate from traditional health care? Arms, feet, hands, bones, brain, ears, nose, throat, stomach, heart, knees, ankles, back, reproductive, *** and elbows (to name a few) are covered under traditional health care. Why are my teeth and eyes not included? This makes no sense to me. I am a disabled senior citizen… Read more➤

Mainecare/Medicaid prints on its yearly reviews that it will claim the estates of recipients up to the amount of medical services rendered. Most elderly people and an increasing number nationwide have no other health insurance available that will supplement Medicare. This entitles states to take property and bank accounts that would normally be left to children, grandchildren,… Read more➤

14 Apr, 2010

Medicaid MAD AS ***

A very rude gentleman called my husbands cell phone; when I answered he proceeded to tell me of his debt. I exolained to the (nice) gentleman that my husband had become diabled and that between insurance and medicaid all debts should have been square, he snapped and said “do not interupt me” when I said exuse me?… Read more➤

I went to the lunch seminar yesterday. I fell for the whole deal, my fault. What I found so disturbing was when I went to get my password and access no. There was a woman who told the man at the table that she was on disability and could not earn money. He told her “that is… Read more➤

Yes, with he new regime we have in place, they need more ssi, medicare, Medicaid for the new illegal citizens to be. one new way, only one of many, are the fire safe cigaretts, they will kill off most of those who smoke them, and no one cares, tere is no fda, cia, fbi, ect, to protect… Read more➤

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