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Complaints & Reviews — LycaMobile

This company is my favorite. I’ve been using its services for a long time, and can definitely claim it. They’ve never tried to cheat me out of my money, every month I pay a predetermined bill. And all employees there are rather understanding whenever I call or text them. The only thing that bothers me is long… Read more➤

16 Aug, 2021

LycaMobile Worst service ever


Not satisfied with this provider at all. Firstly, their network is just horrible, sometimes it’s impossible to receive calls, and my clients complain they can’t reach me. I checked my sim on various devices, but the poor quality remained the same. Secondly, constant billing with mistakes. Once they invoiced me for USD 50 for just one call…. Read more➤

I’m not getting the signal, internet, call’s properly it’s a big issue so I want to port my number to T-Mobile User’s recommendation: T-Mobile.

Hi, I came into the country yesterday and got your line at 40pounds at a store in the airport. I have not been able to make calls on it since yesterday. Can someone help?.

Lycamobile representative me sold a bad sim card that did work on any of my five different phone or locations and they refused to replace or refund me my money

18 Jul, 2021

LycaMobile Network not found

I travel in Spain on 16.7.21 form UK, and the phone is not connected to network .I try with settings everything and still not working

14 Jul, 2021

LycaMobile Very slow internet

Why is lyca mobile internet very slow even after using the best internet settings and why doesn’t the company increase on it’s coverage area? User’s recommendation: It’s disappointing.

I just paid and renew my phone plan and my service has been interrupted saying my plan has been suspended. This is the second time this has happened been trying to call customer service it is only recorded message. Very frustrating can some one call me please . My number is 347-987-****.

12 Jul, 2021

LycaMobile Phone signal problem

My number is 0744007**** .but phone is not signal.i have been 5£ is number 990959**** please

I want to see you guys for fixing the internet problems Service, specifically the internet service provider Cantact social soon User’s recommendation: I don’t know.

Unsatisfactory camera I was tricked into lying

Hello, I bought a camera at this location without a charger without the charger it is OK he set us up that the camera has a navigation charger either OK i bought the charger but showing the camera nelade caller to the authority i say that nelade he tells me that While charging, interested in the camera Sony Center will show that the camera has a completely different charger than as a seller, if I told me, call the Vita pawnshop I say lead back to return my money to him Will this be normal? Your job is to lie and admire people for things that can't be charged, etc.?

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