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175 Berkeley Street
United States

Phone number: +1 844 669 3663

Category: Auto Insurance and Loan

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(800) 225-2467
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(800) 290-7933

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(800) 426-9898
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Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

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PO Box 1604

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Liberty Mutual Group

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100 Liberty Way Dover, NH 03821-7500

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Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston

100 Liberty Way

Dover, NH 03820

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
175 Berkeley Street
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Complaints & Reviews — Liberty Mutual Insurance

20 Sep, 2021

Homeowner insuarance

I have liberty mutual homeowner insurance for many years. I had leak in my foyer and called my association ( I live in townhouse and homeowner association responsible for damages cause by any repair outside that cause damage inside. I called homeowner association and they found out that when they installed siding in 2019 they did not... Read more➤
I have liberty insurance however they have not sent me any information so if I got stopped by the police I could show I have the insurance. I spent 2 hours texting your company today and got nowhere I didn’t really want to cancel but your company has not sent me information that I could prove I... Read more➤
14 Aug, 2021

Terrible advertising

Liberty Mutual has the worse commercials on tv today. The poor Emu should not be dressed up and used in commercials, especially on the treadmill. The guy that sells wet teddy bears is awful. The kids skipping rope that suddenly grow old is also awful. All these commercials are in bad taste and they are not funny... Read more➤
No problems, I accidentally used this site as I did not have my glasses on..When I was trying to find Mutual of Liberty Phone number..
Quite upset with my adjuster. He never answers my calls or emails. I have questions but can’t get answer. The adjuster in my opinion is “Worthless !!!!!!!!”
22 Jul, 2021

In regards of a claim.

been trying to reach them several times and I can never get a real life Agentand I tried to call after I receive the letter from the claim department I until today I have not been able to get ahold of anybody that I can talk to over the phone! User’s recommendation: Take me to have a... Read more➤
My automobile has been totally disrespected under the care of liberty mutual and the Schafer body shop, no one returns calls I have been given claims reps. that doesn’t even work for the company I have been told my deductible was 1000.00 and that I had no deductible fund and they say I do have it after... Read more➤
Update by user Aug 17, 2021 I have received my automobile and it is in great condition now.The insurance company gave the auto body shop the go-ahead to do all of the repairs. I am sure that the tow company drove my automobile while it was missing for 7 days. I DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE ON MY…
7 Jul, 2021

Your tv commercials

Your commercials are disgusting, especially the yellow emu commercials and secondly the people jumping ropes. First, emu’s are very mean especially around people; they will attack them without provacation! Also, they do not stick their heads in the ground like people think. They are attracted to shiny objects like jewelry. The man is a joke. Secondly, the... Read more➤
6 Jul, 2021

Veteran discount

Update by user Jul 06, 2021 When I attempted to have my payment lowered with this discount I was told the premium would have to be completely rewritten and an extra $5000 would be added as a result. This is CRAP and NOT the way a 95 yr old WW2 vet should be treated. If this is... Read more➤

Low quality service

I have been a column customer for many years, I visit salons for convenience in shopping malls, and since my needs have never been great, manicure and regular hair styling, the service was always half satisfied, until this time I decided to use my free time to color my hair roots, I thought that I really do not want to change anything and it is clear what my tone is, an experienced hairdresser should not have a problem with it, but everything is emphasized. very unpleasant. I called Santa Ana Plaza and asked me to write me down on a pinch of dyeing regrown hair roots. When I arrived, I was greeted by a foreign-speaking master who tried very hard to speak a little American. I explained that all you need to do is color the regrown hair roots with a pinch and lightly tone the length of the hair. The master, named Julia, asked a few questions if I wanted a lot of hair, and if I wanted a cooler hair shade, also mentioned the word gray, which I do not like and do not fit and which I answered in the negative., The master began his work very convincingly and quickly that I dyed strands of foil both ingrown flesh and over my blondes and loca solid. I was starting to dislike it, but hoping that the master knew what he was doing and what blonde hair meant, I sat on and didn't bother to work, I put the foil quickly, but sat down with it for almost an hour (the previous hairdresser washed me in parts after a while). opened the foil and said another 10 minutes and then let 's go. In short, as a result, my naturally blonde tone turned grayish-white and the middle part was RAIBA, a more pronounced white, lifeless tone, the styling was very chaotic, not to mention their hair twitching. The master was satisfied herself, I really had nothing to add, so unprofessionally, but the saddest thing started at home, when I washed my hair, it was practically impossible to comb it and, as usual, I had to fight with fluffy and very dry hair! I am disappointed and regret that due to time savings I did not go to the hairdresser who has been coloring my hair so far. I don't recommend risking hair dyeing Column Plaza, a hairdresser with red hair named Julia.

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