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Box 30, Macpherson Road Post Office
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Complaints & Reviews — Creation Watches

18 Feb, 2021

Creation Watches

Bought a watch off eBay from them and returned it. They already got it back but have not refunded my money. I wrote them inquiring about it and and got an email from someone called Vanya; saying that they are ‘checking’ with their team. No details, no refund and absolute silence from them after this e-mail. They... Read more➤
The watch functioned correctly during my first wear. I wore it for several days with no problems. I changed over to another of my other automatic watches for a few days, and when attempting to wear again, I could not get the watch to function? I have had email correspondence with Creation Watches and they have told... Read more➤
I ordered a watch 4 days ago, and after that, I asked for a cancellation order and refund. The order was not shipped yet. I am trying to contact the in order to cancel my order and be refunded without success. I have sent so far 10 emails asking, I left messages via Facebook chat, I... Read more➤
26 Dec, 2019

Order [protected] not yet received


Hello, I bought a watch from Creation Watches on 29 November 2019. It has been almost a month and the tracking code has been stuck on transit status for 14 days. It apparently has been shipped but has not arrived in my country. I tried e-mailing Creation Watches but they have not replied at all about this... Read more➤
Order no. [protected] Company took payment – 4 days later had a response saying that the item was out of stock – email stated I could re-order another watch or request a refund? Have sent in excess of 10 emails but no one ever responds. Have rang the uk customer service number but no one ever answers... Read more➤


I am the sister of a father of a 3-year-old girl at risk, a pregnant woman at risk of 25 weeks of pregnancy. I am writing because I am shocked about it as a person like p. Paoconok can work in an ambulance, completely disregarding the doctor's code of ethics. So from 5 a. m. to 6 p. m. , around 2 p. m. Temperature in a child 40. In general, there is an intolerance to high temperatures. The child does not react to anything and remains limp like a doll. The eyes go up and the lips remain purple. We were all scared. We were all visiting Omas and Opi. Oma called for an ambulance, and with the girl's mother and my brother, we took the baby off and moistened her body with a towel that lay in my hands. The moment her lips remained purple I raised her in a sitting position and began to vomit. An ambulance arrived. The paramedic came in p. Pauconok,I started talking about the situation that happened. The first reprimand from him was "what you, the whole parish, ran here and made a brawl that you can't cope with the temperature". My mother told him that the ambulance was for him. He said, “Soon there will be none and you will be able to do whatever you want!” But we are not doctors. I told her that she had a purple lip until she started vomiting, to which the answer was: "think something else, it's already - big eyes for fear!". He then asked who the mother of the child was. Seeing a 25-year-old woman, he said, "This one has a mother, does his path look like a child?". I'm just shocked! He put a teaspoon in the child's mouth, as a result of which the little one began to vomit again, seeing it again, he put that spoon in her mouth. In a small vnk affliction. He is told that a week ago she stopped getting sick and was released to the garden, even though she was still coughing. He did not listen to even the little one and did not look or hear noises. When we told him to go to the children's hospital, he also said that he refused to take her and that she had to stay home to go to the family doctor in the morning. But it was 6 a day and the GPs didn't work. I was nervous. My stomach started to hurt. I made tea. This p. Pauchonok told me: "whatever I have to give birth here will be born soon!". I started to shed tears. He filled in his own forms. The little one was given a candle and left. The result is now 7 days in the evening. Yesterday during the day for a child 40 temperature. The drug does not help. Diarrhea. Today also temperature and diarrhea. Don't eat anything. He doesn't want to drink. You cannot force the dirt. The little one is better off. Parents are afraid to call an ambulance now, because they think that it makes sense if in this salami everyone and does not help at all... Is it really p. Pauconok must work in such a profession if he already has such views. And the first time he hit. There was another situation where my father stayed bad at night. He has a heart attack and surgery on his heart. But p. Pouachonok salami about having to wait for what we call so fast because it is night. All doctors have always said “if you are not sure to call or not to call an ambulance, it is better to call!” But Pavel Pauconok breaks it all! If anyone has any questions, feel free to write to [hide] Also critics...

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