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I opened a standard account with Belfx. After some 2 weeks of trading, they asked me for more investment, so I upped it to around 5K EUR as it was showing profits. All seemed to be going fine, so I invested another 15K EUR and a VIP account was opened. Most of the investments were transferred barring... Read more➤

Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology of Adelaide Regional Hospital…. I am really disappointed in the care of the neurology department of Adelaide Regional Hospital! On May 11, 2020, my grandmother had a stroke, as a result of which she was taken to Adelaide Hospital. On May 12, her grandmother went to visit her daughter. During the visit, everything that is happening to the grandmother after the stroke at the moment was told. A contact phone was left that can be contacted at any time of the day. On May 14, I went to visit my all-loving grandmother. When I arrived at the ward, I went to find out who the treating doctor was in order to find out about the health changes as soon as possible. The woman who was sitting at the table answered indifferently that she did not know who the attending physician was and continued her usual job when I asked the question whether I needed to know it,then began to flip through the papers and look for who is the doctor treating this patient! After a long time, it was announced that Mia Krasnopyorova is a treating doctor. I met this doctor for the first time, when I asked about the changes in my grandmother's health, I received a very sharp answer: "I don't have to tell every relative of the patient!" My eyes widened, my heart constricted, and tears welled up in my eyes for such a cool and cruel response. I already suffer the unimaginable pain of seeing my loved one sleepless, helpless, as well as immobile and speechless, and you still have a hard time devoting two minutes to talking to me!? Seeing that she answered incorrectly, the doctor agreed to a few words. I asked the doctor whether he was aware that this patient could not tolerate antibiotics the answer was that he did not know. Does it not the duty of the attending physician to acquaint himself with the medical history of each patient, which medicinal products may and must not be administered, which medicinal products are tolerated by the patient and which are not? Maybe it's not necessary to do it, maybe everyone should be given the same medicine… As a result of the stroke, the grandmother lost her ability to speak and the right side of her body was paralyzed (immobile). Sitting at my grandmother's for a long time, I noticed that my right hand is wrapped in non-breathable material, at first I was afraid to touch, I didn't really understand why my hand was wrapped. I was shocked to unwind wisely! Her whole arm was blue, well, I know she has always had a very hard time finding veins! The smell that came from his hand was indescribable - withered blood, withered bloody gauze. Madness - God only knows when the last time something was changed and cleansed! I ask the service staff to come replace the gauze,because it was not normal! Don't employees who work there themselves need to know this? Do we have to wait for relatives to arrive and then just do something? This hand was also blue and swollen in the palm of my hand, I asked the employee why. Answered, it's because it doesn't move. OK good. I asked why the leg, which did not move, was not swollen, I did not receive an answer. I don't have a medical education maybe already, but I strongly doubt it! While it was time to eat at Grandma's, food was brought to the ward! I immediately informed the service staff that I would feed myself slowly, because the woman who was feeding the patients stated that the grandmother had vomited all the food the day before. I am saddened by this news, because I think it is very important for these patients to eat. Seeing as the staff fed the seriously ill patients I was shocked! The food was stuffed in his mouth at a fast pace. No one there will cry for five or ten minutes. If a healthy person had to eat food, I would vomit


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