Aveksha Hospital

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Aveksha Hospital

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122, Varadarajaswamy Layout,, Singapura, M. S Palya, Vidyaranyapura, Singapura Village, Varadharaja Nagar,
Phone number: 80 67 590000
Web: http://avekshahospital.com

Category: Doctors & Medical Assistants

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80 67 590000
122, Varadarajaswamy Layout,, Singapura, M. S Palya, Vidyaranyapura, Singapura Village, Varadharaja Nagar,

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Complaints & Reviews — Aveksha Hospital

1 Jan, 2018

False Promise & no patient care


Pathetic service and patient care! Nurses are not educated on simple tasks – to take blood they need to ### at least thrice to get it right. Marketing – False promises and offers Reception – False promises and don't bother about patient care Doctors – Met only one of them but ruthless. Rather than showing concern was... Read more➤

Damaged hair for almost 100 € and feedback recorded

I applied via tookbook.ca for the service "hair color removal for 25 €" with master Marika. I wanted to get just as long, only lighter hair from my dark, long hair. No, not even blondes should. Just brown hair. I left the salon with short, red hair. After removing the hair color, a tone was put on the surface, so there is talk of bleaching and bleaching of the hair after bleaching. He just put some disgusting shade on top. It was said that since my hair has not been cut for a long time, but it has not been damaged, the ends should be trimmed, because they are naturally worn. It should be mentioned that not only do I not straighten my hair on a daily basis, but I do not even dry it with a hair dryer, because hair is my most beautiful and most important jewelry.It was. I only support long hair. I said - well, cut those tips, but minimally, as little as possible. When I cut off the first pinch, I left my mouth open. Cut off about 20 centimeters. And how else? Longer in front, shorter in the back, something insane. If it's a haircut, then I'm an elephant. Okay, I'd get disgusting, short and tufted hair, all the way I wanted. I have to pay and suddenly here - 85 €. Stunned I paid and left. Yes, maybe at that moment it seemed that I would go home and get used to my hair, it would not be short or rice, but no. Even a month later, in the evenings, I experienced why I had to take a step into this damn salon at all. Injury from hairdressers. Of course, I left a review with tobook.ca with 1 star, later the same on their facebook page. I recently received a call from this salon. The price you see was 85 €,because there was double paint removal. Double? The master said that he saw a stain here, where the paint was coming off worse and with two brush strokes placed on top of the drip remover. Does this count as double removal? Don't smile, please. That is not all. Recently, on my facebook profile next to the picture, where the hair is dyed back dark and after 2 months has grown a small piece, I received a comment from an unfamiliar woman with the text - "where is the damaged, short, curly hair?" Are you kidding? It's already crazy to sneak up on my public profile and leave derogatory comments. I went to the salon Mariposa facebook page and what do I see? 5 different people put together 5 stars in one day almost at the same time. The next day - exactly the same. So this salon gives itself artificial cat ratings. If it was okay before me,if 15 reviews and my rating average took off, then suddenly in two days there were almost as many 5-star reviews as there were reviews throughout their facebook page. This is funny and humble. I hope no one gets caught up in these false reviews. Don't even go close to this salon. Tear off money like crazy and ruin everything you could be proud of. Attached are my long, dark hair and disgusting, damaged salon.


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