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Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
E-QA, 7500 Centurion Parkway Jacksonville Florida United States - 32256
United States

Phone number: 1800736912

Category: Vision, Glasses and Lenses

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(800) 876-4596
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(800) 843-2020
(888) 998-6290
(916) 445-1254
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(800) 952-5210
California Department of Consumer Affairs

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1800 736 912 (Australia) 1800 812 100 (Ireland) 8800 100 0309 (Russia) 1803 020 8225 (Indonesia) 1800 815 750 (Malaysia) 1800 156 207 8225 (Thailand) 1855 861 1702 (Mexico)
+1 800 843 2020 (United States) +1 855 345 0032 (Canada) +44 800 022 4222 (United Kingdom) +64 800 466 173 (New Zealand) +43 136 025 235 (Austria) +420 227 012 171 (Czech Republic) +45 80 601 200 (Denmark) +358 80 096 535 (Finland) +49 800 100 2590 (Germany) +36 618 842 884 (Hungary) +47 80 030 274 (Norway) +46 201 605 663 (Sweden) +41 800 563 992 (Switzerland) +86 400 882 3636 (China) +852 25 881 100 (Hong Kong) +91 226 664 6449 (India) +81 120 132 308 (Japan) +886 800 068 346 (Taiwan) +65 800 101 3130 (Singapore) +82 800 230 202 (South Korea) +54 800 444 2604 (Argentina) +55 800 762 5424 (Brazil) +56 123 0020 1192 (Chile)
E-QA, 7500 Centurion Parkway
Jacksonville , Florida
United States – 32256
200 Whitehall Drive, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0T5

45 Jones Street, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia
New Zealand507 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand
Leonardo Da Vincilaan 15 B-1831 Diegem Belgique

Via del Mare, 56 00071 Pratica di Mare – Pomezia (RM)

Ul. Iłżecka 24 02-135 Warszawa

Paseo de las Doce Estrellas, 5-7, 28042 Madrid

South Africa
The Grove, Houghton Estate Office Park, 2 Osborn Road (Cnr Louis Botha Ave.), Houghton Estate, 2192, Johannesburg

Mohamed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum, Academic Medical Centre, Building 14 , Level 7, Dubai Healthcare City, PO Box 505080, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tamarindos 100 P-2 Bosques de las Lomas, Cuajimalpa, Mexico DF CP:05120 Show MoreShow Less

Company Address
Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
7500 Centurion Parkway
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Complaints & Reviews — Acuvue

3 Aug, 2021

Acuvue Oaysus

some contacts are fine and others i put in my eyes and completely cloud for no reason, this has gotten me through a year supply in much less time, this is the 2nd or 3rd time i have experienced this. This has been ongoing since 2020 i believe in October, i sometime have chosen to not wear... Read more➤
13 May, 2021

Rebates / Rewards

Horrible customer service. I called in for assistance with submitting a rebate for my daughter. They said I could only do one per year. I had submitted one for ME; it went through, but the one for my daughter did not – she is a DIFFERENT customer! I asked for a supervisor, they put me on hold... Read more➤
Your rewards program is a complete mess. I am having so much trouble submitting for a reward. Its torture basically. As if submitting it online isnt enough you need the same items snail mailed. Its 2021, no one should need to mail whats already obvious when submitting online. Ive already switched to Bausch and Lomb and had... Read more➤
Rebate rejected for the ridiculous reason of needing to submit within 60 days. Not to mention you now need to physically mail your receipt and rebate form, during a global pandemic! Acuvue is very expensive to begin with, adding shady tactics to avoid paying out rebates makes it even worse. Will be going to a different provider... Read more➤
This is the second year of problems. Last year I sent the information via mail. They said they never received it, and I should start over. I did it immediately. Then they said, too bad. It’s too late. This year I filed on line. Everything asked for was completed. They emailed to say they could not process... Read more➤

Attitudes, Applause

As an employee with special kindness, this public institution does not stand out. Shefi inadequately permits the use of rudeness, so to speak, showing his power. It is like bread to chew on each other in front of another. There are also those among colleagues who allow people to climb on their heads, make fun of them and spin intrigue and incite others. What do the chefs say about it - nothing!? Shefi smokes in offices. Training does not take place during working hours, but after sleepless shifts - sitting and studying, which of course does not pay. Working conditions - baked in the field in summer, firmly in the horn in winter. Shapes - one too big, another too small. In addition, a very strong Soviet breath can be felt both in it and everywhere else. Why is there such a bardard, as if it were a public authority...


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