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Literally the worst specialty pharmacy I have ever worked with and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. They make arrangements, but then fail to honor said arrangements. Are incapable of interpreting that a latest prescription is the valid prescription when it is for the same medication or processing new prescriptions in an orderly or timely fashion.

Every month I call Accredo Specialty Pharmacy for a refill on my medication and I nearly always spend over 30 minutes on the phone. Today, Aug 27, 2021, I called at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and it is now 10:48 and I AM STILL ON HOLD! I do not understand why that would happen even one time… Read more➤

Have been desparately to get a medication delivered for my Son for his psoriatic Arthritis for 2 months and 1 day. Drs Office and I have been relentless calling every other day. All Pre Authorizations and other requests asked of us have been submitted…quite a few times. This is DELAY OF CARE…no other way to put it…. Read more➤

I contacted Accredo and let them know I was stopping a medicationRINVOQ and resuming stellara ( I had refills available). I was given a delivery date for two days later aug 12. On aug 13 I had not received it and logged on to discover the incompetent person I spoke with discontinued both medications!! They should be… Read more➤

WORST SPECIALTY PHARMACY EVER!! I have had the misfortune of dealing with Accredo’s Specialty Pharmacy since changing insurance companies at the start of 2021 and EVERY MONTH requires a minimum of 2-3 hours of phone calls to get my medication covered and the refill ordered. To top it off, because of some ridiculous 3-way payment split, there… Read more➤

Accredo Health Group
10 Aug, 2021

Accredo Health Group Ruxience

Don’t know where to start. From Pharmacists making dosing errors and trying to hide it not knowing I’m a Pharmacist myself. Wrong delivery, not delivered on time. Lies, more lies and more lies. Supervisors assuring me the medication would be delivered at a specific date. Me traveling my family to help me And then finding out the… Read more➤

The pharmacist at acredo make errors routinely. My cimzia is supposed to be delivered/dispensed every 4 weeks. But acredo has changed my prescription to every 8 weeks without anyone’s Consent or permission. That Is not how the rx is written. Then the customer service reps cannot get the pharmacists on the phone. I waste hours and hours… Read more➤

I am a care coordinator on a doctors office. I help to schedule patient refill of their specialty medications that we have prescribed. Every patient that is required per their insurance to use Accredo, deals with shipping delays, billing delays, and unreasonably long wait times when on the phone with accredo. I myself spend 2 to 3… Read more➤

Accredo Health Group
9 Apr, 2021

Accredo Health Group Stelara

Having a really hard time filling my medications. Takes several hours and several days to schedule one fill. I am exhausted and stressed from having to communicate with Accredo. Unfortunately, this is the only pharmacy I can use for my specialty medication. Talking to supervisors or pharmacists is useless. The medications that this pharmacy is responsible for… Read more➤

As I’m holding on the phone (45 mins) at this point with Xeljanz representation and Accredo, I feel compelled to file another complaint against Accredo for what can only be described as the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Xeljanz implemented a Copay Prepaid Mastercard Program in January this year for patients formally on… Read more➤

Fraud, Poor Service, Losses.

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