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AARP Services

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601 E Street, NW
District of Columbia
United States
Phone: 1888 687 2277

Category: Health and Life Insurance

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Complaints & Reviews — AARP Services

The ” we care for you ” moving company in Fort Lauderdale Fla is a scam. They advertise specializing in seniors but are a fraud. Bait and switch prices and holding furniture hostage while running up fees. ADVISE ALL AARP MEMBERS TO STAY AWAY. An estimate given by a different company -Trinity relocation- was subbed out to… Read more➤

We ordered The Perfect Sleeper for my Mom in March, based on the recommendation from the AARP magazine. The chair was finally delivered on July 3rd. It was defective and was operating on its own. No one near it and it would open and close on it own. Obviously, there was a short in the wiring. This… Read more➤

Not sure why I was pulled off assignment but Dr. Karlyn Emille did not give me a good reason and she tries to keep you afraid from asking any questions. I have left her some messages but she does not answer them. She seems to feel she is a superior entity beyond reproach. I am well aware… Read more➤

My complaint is that United/Medicare Supplement changed its list of approved hospitals effective July 1. Their letter says that even if Medicare pays for the inpatient stay, they will not pay their part if the stay is not in one of their approved hospitals. NO hospitals in the Charlotte area are on the list. Neither Atrium nor… Read more➤

AARP Services
26 Jul, 2021

AARP Services Phone cellular

purchased a phone after looking through warp magazine for 30.00 with cc paid, then quoted almost 14. and change monthly do not use cell nor know mill bills which was charge over 25.00 asked to cancel 2nd month fuming to think they took the liberty of adding texting and more min when I don’t even use cell… Read more➤

AARP Services
28 Jun, 2021

AARP Services Dental charges

Benefits Statements from Jan. 20 2019 to April 29, 2021, not received by me, since Dr. Paul Freedman DMD, Boston, MA, never sent information to Delta Dental per Delta Dental on [protected]. Instead, Dr. Freedman asked and was paid per Master Card for all dental charges since February 1 2019 to [protected], a total of $34, 325.00…. Read more➤

$75.20 monthly. I only have one prescription that I am told cost them less than $30.00. Is it not abuse of an elderly person and fraud? I live only on social security, I take good care of myself, and do not abuse of anything. I have only one prescription, and my next step will a formal complaint… Read more➤

I recently moved to tx from az need new auto insurance- called the hartford -received quote and paid in full for a year- $$$$ 2/2021 – in email was told about an option of having an app on while driving from hartford – i asked several friends and they told me to opt out of the app-i… Read more➤

AARP Services
25 Mar, 2021

AARP Services Bill


I was sent a letter from AARP Medicare Advantage United Health Care. Stating that I owed for a YEAR of unpaid Walgreens premiums. First one was for $1, 401.30 And then they sent another one for $491.60 to collections for unpaid premiums. I have NEVER HAD Walgreens Pharmacy coverage. And I am on Medicare and Medicare pays… Read more➤

We filed a claim with The Hartford for roof damage and the claim has been denied. I am more concerned with the lack of concern and response from their team members than anything else. They will not return calls, answer the phone, etc. We have not decided if we will pursue further action to resolve this issue…. Read more➤


Hello! I am addressing people who have suffered from the allegedly illegal activities of LLC "MTTC" service and LLC "TELE2". There is reason to believe that the two SIAs have agreed on how to limit consumer rights, namely that TELE 2 may avoid free replacement of devices or refunds to the consumer. Namely, "MTTC" repairs the smart device in its service, but when returning it to the customer indicates that the repair was not performed except for software updates, or was not performed at all, because everything works in MTTC premises (people have such a hobby, whole phones and that you don't know where the software update button is). In this way, the consumer is deprived of the opportunity to exercise his rights with a claim against "TELE - 2". At the moment, I will not go into legal terms, etc., the purpose of the content is as follows: 1) If you or your acquaintances have suffered from this possible illegal activity and you want this unfair practice to cease to exist, then you can safely contact us or pass this message on to your acquaintances, friends, relatives who are victims of this scheme. 2) To address both companies in all instances, which are competent to deal with this issue, including (Police and KNAB)... with a collective application (therefore we need you). 3) We will take civil action in court and apply for compensation with your consent to anyone who has suffered from this practice. PS Several additional experiments will be performed to support the evidence and facts. Therefore, at the moment we cannot share with you in detail how the scheme is implemented, but in general you already have a clear basis for the answer about the work done in the MTTC service regarding your smart device. We are waiting for your news to e-mail: [hide] @, we will contact everyone. Please contact us only for those who can prove that they have been or are existing TELE2 and MTTC customers and have encountered similar problems. An extract on your name from the MTTC service page can serve as proof. Share this message and feel free to email us, together we can do more! Thanks!

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