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3iQ Corporation
4800-1 King Street West, Box 160

Phone number: 14166392130
Web: http://3iq.ca

Category: Business and Finances

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Poor quality of service

A little insight from their sad experience for people considering a contract with Oceancom tv. Oceancom tv seems to provide a TV program recording function. If you pay an extra 3 dollars a month, you will receive it in very poor quality, and for periods you will not receive it at all. When I expressed Oceancom's desire to use this type of service - 2 years ago, I had bought a 55 AU$ memory block for storing "seagate" recordings with a large amount of recordings in the online store, because I can't watch TV recordings made on the same day or 3- At 4-day intervals, not to mention saving a recording for re-viewing. Oceancom refused to connect the equipment I bought, but connected its own, from which trash can I removed,because after a short operation, distorting the image, connecting to the recording function or not connecting when it comes to mind, etc. , not giving the opportunity to make additional recordings after a few days, because the pathetic memory of the pathetic unit is already full. I called a master to replace this defect, replaced the decoder of the same brand, and forcing him to switch to a new contract, so that by fooling the customer that the old contract can not simply record a change of decoder, prolong his stay in Oceancom arbitrarily poor quality but paying for it constantly! After a short time, the decoder had to be changed again. I reported the damage by requesting to replace another brand of decoder in advance. The master arrived, found a defect, to my question,or Oceancom also has another brand of decoders, answered in the affirmative that there were 2 other brands of decoders and the next day arrived with the previous brand of decoders.. one might think whether this employee is included, could laugh if he did not threaten such "service". I refused to accept it and ordered another decoder to come. This was followed by events during the week in a hopeless battle with Oceancom, which ended as follows: another former Oceancom employee I knew in another context solved the problem with the old one, although explaining that it would not work for a long time because it was very poor in quality and Oceancom bought only for their own benefit, paying as little as possible for very poor quality decoders at the expense of further dissatisfied customers. I paid for the temporary repair of this defect with my own money to a personwhich helped me at least in that way because Oceancom didn't do anything at the time, although I asked for it again. When everything was done and I had paid with my money for the work for which the relevant "employees" of Oceancom received a salary and I in turn paid the money for the allegedly provided service of Oceancom, the manager of these employees appeared, wondering how I managed to deal with his employees (again could laugh if I didn't have to cry... ) and stating why I hadn't complained to him, apparently not knowing that I could only call one customer service phone. No. available and did not respond to calls or subsequent written submission, wasting additional time. Later, after a short time when the decoder broke down again, I once again applied for a replacement of another brand of decoder for both the employee and his manager, and it was replaced by "selteka "brand decoders, again trying to enter into a new contract for 2 years, thus prolonging the possession of my wallet. I refused to sign a new contract and, threatening to sue the court, ordered the replacement of the decoder in an existing contract. This was done. The memory of the replaced decoder "selteka" is still pathetic - only 86 hours and with which it is good, if you can record the programs you are interested in for less than a week, for such a luxury as to make recordings during your vacation, forgetting. Currently, this also no longer works and you have to face the "culture" of Oceancom service again - by reporting another damage by phone. Trying to tell how the damage manifests and what has already been done,to try to fix the defect, so as not to call the master unnecessarily-for example, by disconnecting from the electricity and switching it on again with the electrical contact, not with the tv remote control, inserting except the Oceancom card (I know from my sad experience that they are also a defect, because one this was also changed) the employee who answered the phone did not listen to anything, in parallel, told me to do the same thing I had already done, because he did not listen to me say that I had already done so, and so on. In the end, it took almost 7 minutes! To just report to the master for any damage, because to explain their essence, it also failed to tel. Due to the rudeness of the operator, in addition to paying for this tel. Call from your pocket for a premium rate. As a result of such "service", they had to spend their time again and report the damage in writing and describe the problem,so that the master who comes to prevent it will be clear about what will be necessary for his work and what will be taken with him to carry it out, so that he does not have to come again. What will be the result this time can only be guessed. It is not clear why Oceancom does not allow the use of a decoder purchased by a customer if its quality is perfect, but Oceancom does not provide it due to its greed and complete indifference to the customer. The contract means meeting the interests and needs of the contracting parties. Oceancom only cares about its own interests, not those of its recipients. To force these workers to only do your paid work, you will need to spend an inadequate amount of your time, health, money. Draw your own conclusions. I will personally terminate this "cooperation" immediately upon the expiration of the contract. Do not enter into an agreement with Oceanianom either,because it has long been under the same Oceancom.

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