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I stopped in Sheetz about 20 mins ago after being in ER Dept at hospital most of the night with my daughter. I ordered a cheeseburger & sub for my other daughter & myself after being so long at hospital. I also bought chips & drink. When u walked up to counter the Sheetz supervisor named Andrea… Read more➤

I had my accident on August 14, 2021 and its September 20, 2021. My claim number is [protected]. I’m on my second claim adjuster and this one is worst than the first one. I call and can’t leave a voicemail, because her voicemail is full. I submitted all of the paperwork they needed from me and I… Read more➤

20 Sep, 2021

Popeyes chocolate beignees

I have been going to the Kerrville, TX Popeyes at least twice a week for a couple of years. They use to serve Hersheys chocolote Beignees until a few days ago, I ordered them every visit. I understand they have been discontnued at the Kerrville location but are still at other locations. I would like for you… Read more➤

There is hypocrisy in the NFL on two major issues which penalise the defense. 1. The illegal hands to the face. The running back can stiff arm a defensive player, shoving his hands directly into the face… No call. Defense does it… Penalty. Occasionally an offensive lineman will get the call against him, but if you are… Read more➤

I bought Audi A4 in June 2021 and upon collecting the car it didn’t have spare keys. I asked for the spare keys and the assistant said he will look for it. Weeks went by without hearing from Petrus. Then I did personal visits and spare keys potos were taken. It took a month before I received… Read more➤

KIA Motors
20 Sep, 2021

KIA Motors Vehicle problems

date of problem 17 Sep 2021. About 6 months ago I had to have the left rear speed sensor replaced on my 2017 Kia Sorento SX. At the time it was under warranty, since then they have replaced my Oil Pan gasket, as Kia said it was leaking, and had to replace the oil pressure sending unit…. Read more➤

I arrived at the KFC, located at Central &Baseline Rd, N/E corner after 10:00am. I went through the drive-thru since the east/side entrance’s door was locked. I asked the employee that I only wanted a Large Cole Slaw. The Hispanic employee said they were having problems with the cash register and could not sell any products. I… Read more➤

I have paid TriGreen LLC to fix my tractor 4430. I paid the full amount of $9731.28 believing they would fix my tractor. After numerous phone calls, towing fees and being pasted from one department to another. I’m out this and my tractor is not fixed. In 2021 Wade Incorporated took over TriGreen & Wade charged me… Read more➤

Complain pertaining to poor quality of defy fridge, In 2017 twice, 2019 and 2021 defy fridge was reported for repairs ( same issue all the time, broken fan). Job number: 1507842 & 804637. On the last repair 31 August 2021 the fridge spoiled my food and requested refund from your organization however was not assisted. Inability for… Read more➤

We are coming up on our 1 year with DR Horton and still have not had the broken brick on the front of the house. We’ve been given multiple dates as to when the brick will be repaired, over the course of a year & not once have they followed through with the repairs. The brick that… Read more➤

Long time customer. Weekly and I usually don’t use self-serve. This time I did and my $.89 purchase became $20.89. The Burnsville store manager said I must have asked for cash which I didn’t. I do recall the “cash” option but I declined it. Manager said “no” and that I must have said yes and selected $20,… Read more➤

Hi, I gave just suddenly lost my husband, and in going through our accounts I noticed a subscription for this in my account! £15 EVERY month! We have NEVER requested this!! I have tried with my bank today to cancel, I wish for this to be sorted immediately and my monies returned!! #wlycompletesave.com I have enough to… Read more➤

On roughly August 25th, I put in an order to start services in Albuquerque NM for internet. It was suppose to start sept 18th, it was first available day. Everything went fine. I received a paper in the mail with my first months bill info and plan pricing. Come Sat Sept 18th, the date we chose to… Read more➤

I ordered the product on a 30 day money back guarantee. After only a week of having the product, my bank account was charged $79.95! That is a ridiculous price for this product. When I called, your representative said, there is a 15 day return policy, (and the time starts the day you order it, not when… Read more➤

A step into the past have 40 episodes but currently only have 20 episode. But episode 13 no subtitles and no episode 18. Please do something about it, otherwise don’t give us hope by uploaded only half of the episode. It was avery good drama, and also loves to watch it again after sometimes. Please do something… Read more➤

on 9/20/21, I called promptly at 8:00 and spoke with Jack. He was condescending and arrogant during the entire conversation. I even voiced my complaint about his manner in dealing with my problem. His response was constantly, well that’s your opinion. He didn’t help at all. Over 30 minutes later, after talking with 4 different persons my… Read more➤

20 Sep, 2021

Zynga GOT slots

I am spending more than $500 a month to play. The algorithms have changed and they offer rewards but little comes. They are raping their players for money, and promising higher status, and bigger payouts. This is gambling, and it needs to be set accordingly so that zynga is returning at least something better in rewards for… Read more➤

Zulekha Hospital
20 Sep, 2021

Zulekha Hospital Dr.Rajalakshmi

This is regarding the experienece I had during my delivery at zulekha hospital, I wish no mother has to go through what i went through at thehospital during my first delivery with an ignorant and over confident doctor Dr.Rajalakshmi . Due to her negligence my baby was in the NICU from day 1 and is still on… Read more➤

Zone Fitness
20 Sep, 2021

Zone Fitness Gym contract

I am so unhappy with zone fitness, as they now have put me further into debt. I opened a contract in Nov/Dec 2020 for myself and my son at the Capricorn Square branch in Muizenberg Cape Town.. I ran into unforeseen financial difficulties and was in arrears for a few months. I was informed this month that… Read more➤

20 Sep, 2021

Yelp.com La cabana taco shop

Hello my complaint for this La Cabana taco shop at 2244 E Florida Ave Hemet, Ca [protected]-6226todays date is 9/20/2021 11:46:04 $21.75 plus tip $3.00 $24.75 total amount, I was at the drive thru and had a conversation with the cashier with like a Dyed forest green hair in ponytail, I gave her my chase debit which… Read more➤

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