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I bought the tickets to watch Errol pence jr fight and now that he isnt stub hub would not refund me my money. I will no longer use stub hub for any tickets. This is beyond disappointing plus disrespectful on their part. User’s recommendation: Don’t use stub hub awful customer service.

19 Aug, 2021

Moneygram Moneygram

what can be the problem when logging in i enter a good email address and it says it is an incorrect email address, i can’t log in to the money gram

For my parcel info..i cant trace. This is my tracking no ENB17629****MY..this parcel so important to me..

Restroom at store at 15109 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80011 are filthy. No soap, toilet paper or paper towels. Employees can not wash their hands to prevent COVID and dispensers are broken. Filthy floors that have not been cleaned. User’s recommendation: Stay away from his store – staff also hostile.

I need help getting into Facebook it says I was locked out I have emailed my id nobody is helping me

19 Aug, 2021

Facebook My Marketplace block

I cannot sale my products on facebook and I cannot buy a products on facebook pls help My marketplace service please ON

My snapchat has been crashing, and i havent been able to get onto my account on my phone for numerous days, i called the snapchat support number and it was a disability hotline or something along the lines of that.

Still have not heard from anybody yet. Those numbers you gave me, still not right. The ticket was opened still have not heard from their customer service yet. User’s recommendation: They need to make an effort to call back the customers.

I am so sad, we went to tonight game, the only game we have bought tickets for! Just for the replica rings. When we get here there was no more! Yes we were late, car accident! Traffic! Parking. We paid good money for our seats! So sad I could cry. We only had 2 seat, why I… Read more➤

Apologize, for the language. We received some today. Thanks! The mail is a little slow here in the country. User’s recommendation: Stick with DSC.

About a lazy boy sofa and recliner about 25 years ago 2 years ago I bought a new Ashley furniture couch and double chair recliners yours lasted for 25 years and was still working when I bought my new Ashley furniture maybe I can trade my new Ashley furniture to you for some real furniture please help… Read more➤

Being charged a yearly fee Im unable to afford at this time. The person I spoke with had no help to offer a compromise on keeping my membership which means Ill be canceling it and moving on. User’s recommendation: No !

Bought a 2015 BMW X 3 i28i from Bell Toyota in Phoenix AZ have had many issues but you never posted it you need to do a better job of weeding out these corrupt dealers people use you because they think you only recommend that are safe to use you should at the very least use a… Read more➤

Mop pads for oversized mop head for H2O x5 steam mop.need to order pads.Cant find the right size pad. And alot of the pads are for a wet dry mop and not for steam. User’s recommendation: Hard to find the right pads for the oversized mop head for the h2ox5 steam mop!

I didn’t realize that I was paying the amount of $8.99, I thought it was actually $5.99 but the representative for Netflix was right about the price so I guess it has been worked out moving forward hope everything go in a positive way like anyone we would love for the price to be Lower because at… Read more➤

19 Aug, 2021

PayPal Money is on hold

A friend sent me money as payment for goods yet it was a donation. The money is on hold. I should be using this money to pay for examination fees in school. What can I do? Please help me. Thank you. User’s recommendation: Be careful when sending money.

19 Aug, 2021

Ubereats Item forgotten

This is the second night inna row I’ve had an missing item from my order nd nothing was done about it! I’m gonna sue!

Gotogate USA
19 Aug, 2021

Gotogate USA Reschedule fly

No good phone number to call never answered, and I need to travel but no help at all , so they make me pay 5 dollars to answer questions , ,but it’s not working. User’s recommendation: Do not cotogate.

Full name – karan rohit singh Instagram username- krohit_s Contact number-744095**** Email- [email protected]***.com mistake in My Account, I have lots of feelings with my account. I have been using this account for many year. Please instagram give me my account back. Please resolved my issue Thank You

19 Aug, 2021

OLX My phone number is banned

I dont understand why my phone numbers are banned by olx….i am trying to post add and whenever i try to verify my mobile number it says user account is banned..If olx doesnt want us to sell anything why do they advertise so much. My mobile numbers which are banned are below 989201**** 730452**** Email if associated… Read more➤

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