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I have lunch here every weekend. The menu is really long. And all the food is always tasty, fresh and warm. It is located in a busy place. So, there are always lots of guests. It can be a bit noisy. If you come here on weekends, be ready to wait for your food for about 20… Read more➤

I’ve enrolled in one of the medicine courses half a year ago, following the recommendation of my former schoolmate. I have nothing to regret about, but it feels like I pay for the subjects I don’t need. Is there a possibility to pick out the courses I need for my future profession instead of memorizing the things… Read more➤

Finally, I’ve found a place where I can combine my everyday schedule with the studies. I’m here for a year and a half, and I can say that everything seems to be promising. I can’t give a 5-star rating because I’m still not sure of what is waiting for me in the future.

It was a very satisfying experience. The only thing that I find disturbing with the university is the slow feedback. All in all, the university offers the following advantages: A wide range of courses; Transparent payment procedure; Highly-trained staff; Friendly professionals ready to adapt to your schedule when it comes to the alteration of the deadlines; Lightweight… Read more➤

Firstly, I want to thank you for your friendly attitude. I’ve never been so satisfied with the educational services before. Secondly, I feel so relieved that my younger daughter is now your student, and you helped her not only with the enrollment procedure but with the accommodation and socialization as well. Living in a rural area is… Read more➤

Well, I’m the one who rarely writes the reviews. This one will be short. I enjoyed the intelligent staff members and anyone who helped me get through this in my elderly age. I was willing to improve my skills and they helped me gain what I deserve, so now I’m an experienced pharmacist with a wider range… Read more➤

I’m always very critical about the choice of the educational institutions whether it’s about myself or my kids. This place turned out to be perfect for me because: They helped me with the temporary accommodation; They led me through all enrollment procedures; They charmed me with the masterful and knowledgeable attitude of the staff members. I highly… Read more➤

I was planning my master’s studies, and one of the things I was mostly worried about is accommodation. I’ve been looking for it for a long time until one of my friends advised me to connect with this university. I feel so satisfied because: I’ve been guided through all details of the university living I’ve been consulted… Read more➤

I’m so glad to enter a University like this. It helped me with a lot of things, and as a newbie, a feel grateful for it. The move-in process was effortless and stress-free; The personal support and guidance are incredible; There’s convenient accommodation support; I had no need searching for transport to move around the university; The… Read more➤

The website is very convenient, and everything is user-friendly and intuitive; It’s not one of the cheapest educational platforms to use; The online personnel is responsive, but not eager to communicate when it’s about financial issues; There’s no much trouble with the enrollment, but there are too many questions concerning the regularity of training and consultations. The… Read more➤

I’ve been here for two weeks only, but I’ve already been charged for two months, which is strange trouble because I cannot get in touch with the financial management of the college. The online service is strange. There’s nothing bad I can say about the educational issue. Two weeks have gone and everything is going fine. I’m… Read more➤

The service turned out to be worse than I expected. I didn’t get as much knowledge and recommendations as I expected. Of course, the staff is polite, and the whole thing looks professional and well-trained. But you should never choose this option if you’re at least a little bit experienced in the area of studies you’re willing… Read more➤

I base my review on the experience of my studies of 2015–2017. The overall knowledge I received on the course was great. In the beginning, I was thrilled with the feeling of delight because I finally got a chance to learn more about a new and more practical profession than a barista at the local coffee shop…. Read more➤

I had to get through a bit of running around before a had got the diploma. Nevertheless, my tight working schedule never prevented me from becoming an owner of the profession that will now help me move further through life. Thanks for giving me time and space to progress. I had some trouble concerning the assignments, and… Read more➤

Because of the specific life circumstances, I didn’t manage to finish high school. I had to start working to support the family and help my dad with maintenance medications after the surgery. The made me finally believe in myself. Thank you for making me move forward after losing faith in people. Now I’m sure I have a… Read more➤

I enrolled in their medical billing and coding program a year ago, and I do have nothing to complain about. I spent much time looking for a program like this in the local techs, but I failed. Hopefully, one of my former schoolmates advised me to get here. In about 4 months of studies, I understood that… Read more➤

There’s nothing I can say about the negative experience at the college. I’m very surprised to see this number of negative reviews here. Yeah, you will never be able to get any result if you merely go through a little bit of intellectual work here. The program implies a lot of training and additional exercise combined with… Read more➤

All in all, the school was good. And those nice people who encourage you on the way to your degree. I enjoyed both the discussions and the lectures. But in my opinion, there are things they still need to do something about, namely: It is expensive, so they should consider providing financial aid Sometimes it is difficult… Read more➤

4 Jun, 2021

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I know that it is not so easy to find an online store that will meet all your expectations. I had a few bitter experiences. But this website is a different thing. They are helpful, attentive and hard-working. I had never had any serious issues with them. Just a couple of small mistakes. And every time they… Read more➤

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