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The bank can be easily described as great with a supportive customer team, and convenient services. At the same time, I faced one stupidly strange thing. Once I visited their branch to close one of my accounts, and everything seemed smooth until they told me that I could withdraw my money only the next time. What does… Read more➤

I never knew about the benefits of debit cards, and my friends all told me to go for it. I planned a visit to this bank to just figure out whether the debit was fit for my needs, and I received even more. The reps introduced me to all possible pitfalls and pros which I never knew… Read more➤

They claim that they provide 4GLTE, but very often it turns out to be just 3G or even 2G. Ain’t cool, guys! This provider has got accessible plans, that’s true. But why do I need cheap, but slow working Internet, if I can pay a bit more and have great speed of data download? Also, coverage isn’t… Read more➤

I highly recommend this mobile services provider because it’s simply marvelous. They give you everything you need: stable Internet connection, high download rate, and possibility to call some people for free. And all it’s for less money than opponents offer. If you want it’s possible to get more options, but I don’t need it. I’ve never called… Read more➤

Once upon a time, there was a bank….. Joking. I have been a user of this bank for over 10 years, and that 10 years were ridiculously funny. It seemed like the bank recruited a rebranding manager every year. Some years, the bank faced ups, while some years it experienced continuous downs. Nevertheless, even through many failures,… Read more➤

Guys, I don’t know about your experience, however, my expectations were overly met. First off, I always came across poor bank services when I waited for hours to receive a call back, and stayed hours in the queues. This bank impressed me with a prompt and courteous approach to treating busy clients. I called the bank and… Read more➤

GW has a HORRIBLE customer service policy. I bought a couch in October 2020. We went to pick it up ourselves. When we got it home, we realized we were given a USED couch with defects. GW was surprised and “didn’t know how this could happen”. They offered to replace it and delivered a new one within… Read more➤

The university’s students are very warm-hearted, and supportive whenever freshmen come. Seniors do lots of stuff to help you through courses, sometimes even with sharing their tips on passing the exam with an A+grade. As for professors, they really know how to engage students in their subjects, and if I didn’t like one course at first, I… Read more➤

Similar to other online shops, this website has a good catalogue of goods, they have FAQs page, and page for determining your size. I rarely came across the need of contacting them directly, however, last week I wanted to claim that my goods were kinda spoiled after the delivery. Instead of contacting them through a designated online… Read more➤

From highs to lows, I was with this bank from the beginning. I experienced their rebranding and supported them when they were unfairly judged for poor service. I started my experience with them as a silver card member because I didn’t require any extra perks. Today, I am a platinum holder since I don’t want to wait… Read more➤

Like many other people, I am very lickerous on any type of discounts. I’ve been a client of this online apparel store for years since they have a big selection of apparel for women. When I tried to persuade my husband ro start ordering with them for his needs, he just refused because their discounts are not… Read more➤

What I want to mention first is their user-friendly website. Unlike my friends who use the services of other popular banks and regularly come across downtime with their official websites, I just sip my coffee and complete all transactions online in no time. Secondly, I’ve had a very bad experience of having my credentials stolen. I thought… Read more➤

I’ve waited too long to leave a review on this bank but now it’s high time since I see many doubts from potential clients. I registered with this bank as an individual entrepreneur, and I expected to fill numerous tax reports which I was not aware of. All I knew was that I should close the quarter,… Read more➤

I have no single idea why there are some reviews claiming about poor service of the bank. I am somehow the ground breaker of them because I joined their services since their launching. At first, it was very awkward because I regularly came across problems with the money withdrawals for no reason. After that, I figured out… Read more➤

I use their services since 2015 and until now I have had zero complaints. When you need to reissue your banking card, the whole process takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the confirmation of your personal details may simply occur online through their website. I really loved their customer service since they care about your full… Read more➤

Maybe I am too old-fashioned, however, I did not know that there are kids accessories to such an extent. My nephew was having a birthday last month, and I wanted to buy her cool, girlish pajamas. I found a wide assortment with prints of avocados, unicorns, bananas, and other popular stuff today. When I moved to the… Read more➤

I believe I am not the only one who wants to order many things but pay less. This e-commerce spot was recommended to me by Google, as easy as it is. When I opened their catalog of goods, I was completely lost, as they DO have everything from clothing to decor of your household. The prices, of… Read more➤

Ordering with pharmacies online is a very strange thing based on my friends’ feedback though I do not see why I should waste my time going to neighborhood pharmacies. This online pharmacy does not have a very wide assortment but they do have many products for kids such as vitamins, supplements and gummies. Please, do not think… Read more➤

I loved this shop but one delivered to me good disappointed me a lot. It was a necklace that based on the picture online had to have many green gems. What I received — a pretty necklace without 2 gems. I called their customer support team to learn more about the issue. I wanted to ask for… Read more➤

I used to see the catalogs of this shop with my neighbors who regularly overlooked some goods for their houses. Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of such shopping but when I came across their online website I was shocked with their interesting and affordable assortment. There are both goods for your living room, barbeque area,… Read more➤

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