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This hotel is one of my favorite places to stay. First of all, I need to tell about incredibly polite, careful and attentive staff. These people are always ready to help and make my hotel stay to the utmost comfortable… Read more➤

I give this place 3 stars because of one pretty receptionist. This girl was always nice to me, she did her best to help me. Another receptionist acted really rude, and balled her eyes every time I asked for something…. Read more➤

I was in this restaurant with my coworkers for lunch. The restaurant appeared to have great energy, with all the staff members smiling and welcoming us. As we arrived at the lunch time, we really expected our food ndelivered with… Read more➤

The pricing of the company is outstanding. Anybody can afford to get a delicious meal with them. As for the quality of the order, it was more than decent. The greens were fresh and meal was delicious. Navigating through the… Read more➤

The hotel looks great: a heavy door decorated with forgery, a pleasant odor of fruit and flowers in the halls, friendly staff at the lobby. The guests are served sweet and beautiful apples in the lobby, the walls and the… Read more➤

The beef we ordered was not delivered perfectly. The box with our ground beef appeared to be open with juice splashed all over the box. Moreover, the rice pack appeared to be open as well, while mixing with the beef’s… Read more➤

It’s a perfect hotel with a friendly staff. We had a deluxe room, it is a spacious room with a big bed. We choose a room with a bathroom. Everything is clean, the hotel is cleaned every day, wi-fi is… Read more➤

It’s a great hotel. However, interior design is a little bit vulgar. For example, a rectangular wardrobe is located near the velvet gold armchair in the style of Louis XIV. But it doesn’t matter because the staff is attentive, breakfast… Read more➤

We went there ono vacation with a child of 9 years. The hotel is new and clean, the towels were cleaned and removed every day. Everything is convenient. The hotel is not in the center, but the transport to the… Read more➤

The delivery was made on time and was done rather quickly. The number of recipes that were offered exceeded our expectations. The recipes themselves were quite easy to follow and were intuitively understood. I personally prefer the not to spend… Read more➤

For the most part, the place is good. Each meal is delicious in itself, while it takes a while to get your order delivered. Complicated recipes, but executed decently. All components were fresh and instructions were easy to follow. Meals… Read more➤

Me and my partner have thoroughly enjoyed our meal. These were definitely not something we would have ordered on a regular day. However, we noticed that the order was not delivered fully. We specifically requested spices we wanted and did… Read more➤

The hotel is located at the beautiful bank. It is located in the palace. The hotel provides a service of the highest quality, the food is extremely tasty here. Concierge advised and ordered me the best restaurants. The staff is… Read more➤

It is an amazing new hotel. This hotel is an ideal option for a romantic trip. Each element of interior design contains natural materials only, and that’s great advantage. There’s an amazing bed, beautiful pillows and blankets, cozy furniture. Interior… Read more➤

Any guest needs a rest sometimes. This hoel is a great choice for those who are tired of sightseeing and want to relax a little bit. This place is well-known for its family atmosphere. It is located close to great… Read more➤

It’s an exceptional hotel, here we feel like home. Atmosphere is very cozy and friendly. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious, I can recommend this hotel to all my friends and relatives. The staff are very friendly, they are… Read more➤

I would like all hotels to be like this one. It is a superb place for vacation. The tourists are met according to ancient Turkish traditions of hospitality. The staff is always glad to see the guests! High quality of… Read more➤

On the day of arrival, my son had a birthday, and I contacted the hotel in advance, then I was transferred to guest relations, and we already communicated with the administrator on what’s app. Given the previous bitter experience of… Read more➤

Good day to all! I’ll start with the fact that we had a rest-three adults in November 2019. We were afraid that at this time of year it would be cold and we have nothing to catch there. But the… Read more➤

2 years could not get together and write a review. Of course, almost everything is forgotten, but I will write the main thing. Settlement: Quickly, no tipping is not allowed. After my arrival, the flight to Turkey was banned and… Read more➤

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