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I landed at the airport in Rome. I waited over an hour trying to find a shuttle to take me to car lot. I finally made it to the counter and was upcharged 2x the amount stated on the internet because I didn’t have an international driver’s license. I have never been asked for one in my… Read more➤

Hi I have order a bisch warning drawer on 11/09 and still haven’t received confirmation email. The order should be delivered within 2 weeks and it’s already 21/09 and I am really concerned about it. My delivery address is 27 North Drive Swinton M274FF Ewa Jereczek. My email address is [protected]@wp.pl I am waiting for quick respond… Read more➤

Makro online purchase ref nr MAK3122932. I purchased a tumbledryer 29 Jul and before it was dispatched for delivery, the order was cancelled. Despite the cancellation, it was still delivered 10 Aug. We arranged to have it collected again to return the dryer. It took more than 2 weeks to collect (23 Aug). I still await my… Read more➤

21/09/2021 There were only two customers in the shop. I chose what I wanted to buy, tried it on and proceeded to the pay point. I was told by the salesman standing there to go to the other pay point where the sales lady would assist me. That sales lady was not standing behind the tills, but… Read more➤

Sir, I purchased ticket CCJ-AUH-JED through clear trip on 23-02-2020 unfortunately flight was cancelled but until now I didn’t receive my refund amount. My booking ref. is XBZ KNT & ticket number is [protected] my name is Hassain chelathodan. Clear trip says Etihad no yet process refund. my clear trip trip ID is [protected] Kindly do necessary… Read more➤

Hello Sir, Good Morning! For ten day I have been trying to contact Eithad Airways on Phone No.[protected] but there is no response but only taped voice is running for hours on phone but no customer care agent answering the call. Is it the way Eithad Airline, A Government Entity of repute is running now and are… Read more➤

Good afternoon! I bought with eDreams company 2 flight tickets a day Mon, 23 Mar, 2020, from Papeete to San Francisco with a French company. eDreams booking reference: [protected]. The company canceled the flight due to Corona virus, Covid 19. I contacted them to get a refund. They agree to return the money, but only in the… Read more➤

I booked a car with economy car rentals at Burgas airport, at 06.09.2021. After arrival, it turned out that there was no car for me and I had to wait two days for it, I had a meeting 150 km away that day!! Since than, no responds from the portal and I haven’t recive my money refund… Read more➤

I feel cheated and uncomfortable for the service they gave, which is ask to pay 1000+ dollars for hair wash. First time to wash is 79 dollars. I asked can just pay for the first time or not, the staff ignore me and suggest me to pay half first. I still cannot afford then ask me to… Read more➤

I chose to leave Xfinity due to exorbitant monthly cost. Xfinity has gone out of their way to NOT unlock my phones for going on three weeks. In addition, trying to reach a human being in there oh-so-helpful automated customer service is a joke. The system continually loops you back to where you started. I have attempted… Read more➤

1. Nima Elbagir hasbeen consistently reporting false and misleading stories about Ethiopia for the last several months and CNN’ JakeTaper aired it in his show without checking the accuracy of her stories. Nima has her own agenda. 2. Nima Elbagir has an obvious and perceived CONFLICT OF INTEREST when it comes to covering stories related ro Ethiopia…. Read more➤

Brittany Ferries
21 Sep, 2021

Brittany Ferries Club Voyage

I have joined Brittany ferries Club Voyage program and every time I go to book I cant access the discount pricing, I have tried from many computers and the same problem occurs that I cant log in as a member only “guest of a member” which will not give me the full discount! The customer service is… Read more➤

While trying to make a reservation, the dates switched back to the current day default. The very second I hit submit I realized what had happened and immediately began my attempts to cancel and contact the company. It has been a week and a half, I’ve lost $300, and cannot get a straightforward answer from anyone in… Read more➤

I linked in with affiny using match not realising it is 2 different things. I can’t delete my profile from a phone and can’t from my laptop as is a work laptop therefore restricted access to some sites. This is ridiculous . You have to make this easier for people. I have been duped and all this… Read more➤

I went to Roses Express Store #1 – 925 at 3053 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36606 on today, 9/20/21 around 6pm and requested an exchange for a Blender ([protected]) . The Cashier asked me for my receipt and I had it electronically on my phone. I proceeded to show it to her and she said, “I don’t… Read more➤

My wife used an online booking agency to book a car with Thrifty. I picked up the car in Detroit Airport on 8/26/2021. I was not given any paperwork at all, I was only asked to sign the electronic keypad. I asked for the rental agreement and was told that it would be emailed to me. The… Read more➤

myorder no is [protected] dtd. 09/16/21 for clinique moistriser 200 ml and with this they were giving free clinique 7 pc gift set worth of $41 which were missing I only recd.my moistiriser.they mail me for both item but send only one this happend second time with me butfirst time i did not complain but something going… Read more➤

I cannot believe you have done away with the plus size and petite size section. I asked the clerk about this and she has had nothing about complaints. Now as a plus size person I have to search through the store and listen to negative comments, used to be nice to shop with similar sized bodies and… Read more➤

Stud Hub is holding up payment for the following Listings: # [protected] # [protected] My Profile Specifically sat ” Direct Deposit to Bank account Your Resolution instructions are confusing. I am a multi year customer but something has changed So far, I am owed $ 413.00

Starz Entertainment
20 Sep, 2021

Starz Entertainment The channel

It sure would be nice if I could watch a show/movie without the screen going green. Everything I watch constantly flashes green on the screen. And I tried watching the Bourne series but it’s all screwy. Not sure why I’m still paying for this. This has been going on for MONTHS. And I know I’m not the… Read more➤

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