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What I love about them the most is that they know how to make a client feel special. I visited them from time to time although not so often. Still, their staff remember me and know everything about my tastes. They are always friendly and always have a great table for me. The food here is also… Read more➤

8 Jun, 2021

Kusakabe Too much noisy.

This is an exquisite fine-dining restaurant with a luxurious interior and a sophisticated menu. Their food tastes superb and looks beautiful. The service is high end as well. The biggest problem is the noise. It was so loud inside that I could hardly hear my friends sitting at the same table. They should do something with that…. Read more➤

We picked this place on the recommendation during our holiday in the city. We met with our old friend there. He is local. In my opinion, it is a fancy and elegant place. My husband agreed with me. But our friend said it was not sophisticated enough for a fine-dining restaurant. We reserved a table beforehand, so… Read more➤

We chose this cafe to celebrate our mom’s birthday. There were 10 members of our family. We made a reservation beforehand. So, they have been waiting for us. The hostess showed us our table right away. They pulled two tables together so that we had enough space and felt comfortable. The atmosphere inside was elegant and sophisticated…. Read more➤

It is one of the hottest spots in the city. It is always crowded. It has a stellar reputation. And I have never heard any negative feedback about it. So, when I came there, I was deeply disappointed. I faced poor service from the very first moment. Their receptionist was impolite and even rude. Their manager tried… Read more➤

I was eagerly waiting for a visit to this place. I heard so many positive reviews about it from friends. Also, I read about it on the web. And the photos looked so promising and delicious. But, in reality, it was not so exceptional. First, their dining room is very noisy. It is overcrowded with tables. People… Read more➤

My friend and I were hungry and tired after enjoying shopping all day long and wanted to have a bite in some cozy place. So, I searched on the Internet and found this place. We were just one block away from it. There was a small line ― three people. Also, it was rather cold and windy… Read more➤

It is just OK. It is an ordinary place with an ordinary menu. It is located in a convenient spot, so it is rather popular among both tourists and locals. There are long lines at most times. But the service is quick, so, you will not have to wait for too long. The food is tasty and… Read more➤

It was worth the long wait. We got there during the rush hours in the afternoon. So, we have to wait for about 30 minutes to come in. Still, in this neighborhood, it’s a common situation. The long wait was fully compensated with delicious food, large portions and reasonable prices. The service was superfast. Our lunch arrived… Read more➤

We stayed at a hotel nearby and decided to have a look at this restaurant across the street. We saw that it was very popular among locals. There were always long lines in the evening. When we came in, we loved their homey relaxed atmosphere. When our food arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by the size of… Read more➤

Today, I dined in this place for the first time, but I am not sure that I will come here again. It is a nice restaurant with a lovely atmosphere and tasty food. The service was also OK. The waiter was polite and patient. The food arrived in about 15 minutes. It was warm and fresh. But… Read more➤

It was my first visit to this place, but not the last. I saw it when enjoying shopping at the local mall. I wanted to have a bite and decided to come in. It looked cozy and attractive from the outside. And I noticed that it was quite popular among shoppers. There was a lot of staff…. Read more➤

We were here on a Sunday evening. It was crowded and noisy. Maybe that was the reason why a waiter was so forgetful and not so polite. But I suppose that is not a convincing excuse for poor service. First, we had to wait for our food for more than 30 minutes. It looked great and tasted… Read more➤

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We came here on our friend’s recommendation. This is one of his favorite dinner spots. Sure, he told us how nice this place is. But it surpassed our expectations. It looked stylish, but not too fancy. The staff was friendly and enthusiastic. The waiter was ready to answer all our questions and to carry out every wish…. Read more➤

Be sure to visit this place during your next visit to this part of the city. It is one of the best restaurants in the city. Their food is better than in most other mid-price places. It is not a cheap place. But, still, local prices are quite affordable. Their food is excellent, and the service is… Read more➤

When I opened their menu, I got a bit disappointed. It seemed to be boring and uncreative. Still, I decided to give it a chance and made an order. And the food turned out to be good enough. There was a decent variety of textures, tastes and flavors. They serve ordinary and common meals. But they are… Read more➤

We came here on a Saturday evening with a company of 7 friends. We had no reservations. But they managed to find two free tables for us. They pulled them together. So, we had enough space for our party and felt quite comfortable. There were a lot of guests inside. So, it was a bit noisy. The… Read more➤

An excellent choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We learned about it by accident. We were in this neighborhood and decided to have dinner with a family. So, we googled a place to eat and found this one. There were many positive reviews, so we decided to stop by. And we were pleasantly surprised when we came… Read more➤

We found this place by accident. We were searching for a cozy restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and without long waits. We just saw it when walking down the street and decided to enter. And we were not disappointed. We loved it from the very first glance. There were lots of people, but it wasn’t overcrowded. It… Read more➤

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