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I want to warn other travelers against staying at this apartment! I didn’t like this accommodation: the room here was small, there was mold on the tiles and on the seams in the shower, the plumbing was old, and the water in the toilet was dripping… I asked apartment owners to do something and solve some unpleasant… Read more➤

We came to this apartment with our noisy family: 2 adults and 3 children under 10 years old. There wasn’t small beds for our children in the apartment, but 2 separate sofas are quite convenient for the little ones, so that’s okay, they like this one. Since we were traveling with children (they need specific diet and… Read more➤

I want to share with you my consumer’s experience with this online shop. First off, you access a wide assortment of goods that are very good looking with a trending design both in apparel and utensils. Secondly, the prices are very attractive as well. On the other side, such prices might not seem real, and it was… Read more➤

I am a client of this online electronic shop for over 5 years, and I can consider myself loyal. Being a loyal client means that I receive regular updates on a new collection as well as discounts that may enhance my shopping experience. It all resembles an eternal circulation where I order and get even tastier promotions…. Read more➤

This online site is like many others since they offer very affordable goods, and you simply cannot resist ordering more and more and more. I was hooked on their prices, and discounts, hence, managed to be almost in debt. As for their assortment, It is honestly enormous because they have items for beauty care, household goods to… Read more➤

Before ordering with one or another online shop, I proceed with my own research of its legit, relevance, and worthiness. I found dozens of reviews where clients told both that they stole money, and dozens of reviews where clients told that they never steal money, and so on. I was puzzled like never before, and decided to… Read more➤

I enjoy the university in all of its aspects. The campuses are lovely, my faculty is very helpful especially when I have new classes, and need to navigate through programs, and departments. Dorms living is also like in movies, as we share many parties, and studying-hours when we gather to prepare for the exam. That’s cool. When… Read more➤

I love this university, and I will always be there to support it but! This online teaching is so boring, that I cannot really get involved in learning something distantly. Of course, our professors are professionals but they are those who aren’t satisfied with such curriculum changes, and the Zoom program as well. Beyond that, I do… Read more➤

After spending almost 2 years there, I may say that the university is just okay if you have not been selected by other top educational establishments. You may find dedicated professors who do their best to make you interested in their subjects, but the overall atmosphere among all students was disappointing. I have so many folks who… Read more➤

Alpine Bank
17 Feb, 2021

Alpine Bank Help with my PIN

To be sincere, I am a type of a person who always forgets the PINs to basically everything. The same situation happened to my credit card. I knew that I could restore it using their website or with a message sent but it did not work. When I called their customer support team, they explained to me… Read more➤

We came to this apartment with our noisy family: 2 adults and 3 children under 10 years old. There wasn’t small beds for our children in the apartment, but 2 separate sofas are quite convenient for the little ones, so that’s okay, they like this one. Since we were traveling with children (they need specific diet and… Read more➤

Each time I need a domain, I purchase it here, and I know they will never fail me. It’s the service that always makes me smile because the experience is fabulous. The price range is very satisfying, the customer approach could not be better, and the online support is impeccable! My review might sound like a pre-paid… Read more➤

I understand that the hard times demand hard changes though where we should go to get a consultation? I tried to call the branch several times, and the waiting time was so annoying but it was okay, as I again understood the situation. Once I was connected to one of the reps, I was guided that all… Read more➤

I suppose that this cellular provider fits those people who don’t need much options and who use phones not very often. I’m one of them. For example, I don’t need much GB’s of data while I work from home, and have got Wi-fi from another provider. Also, I communicate with relatives via the Internet in FaceApp, so… Read more➤

We’ve been several times in this apartment and noticed that the service is deteriorating. Some months ago, upon arrival at the apartment, there were always compliments from the owners, they helped us solve some simply problems. Now, if we need to ask a question, we’ve to call the owner 3–4 times and more. The apartment has dishes,… Read more➤

We are still impressed by the apartment that was picked up for us. It’s modern, light and clean. Beds and sofas are soft, without any stains or spots. Also, there are all necessary conveniences: heating, hot and cold running water, air conditioner. Everything is afforded for a surprisingly moderate price. They quickly answered our messages and gave… Read more➤

The agency has found a neat apartment for our family that isn’t far from large malls and all necessary buildings. It’s located in a sweet area that our children like. There’s everything we need in the apartment: washing machine, cooker, fridge and all conveniences. Anyway, I give this company only 3 stars. Our door lock was broken,… Read more➤

I hope I am not the only one who at least once transferred money to a wrong account. Yes, I just mistook one number for another one. I contacted the bank immediately and explained the issue. The customer service representative said to me that if I called them later, the receiver would have already withdrawn them and… Read more➤

Have been using services of the provider for several years, and have never had problems with it. Pricing for everyday usage is low, I appreciate it. I was a customer of many cellular providers, and I know what I’m talking about. Their managers are always helpful, and they are great specialists. I’ve never got better support than… Read more➤

This month my bill was rather high though my phone was out of service for 2 weeks. I didn’t understand how it could be so, and decided to contact a representative. When I told about the problem, a polite manager decided to return me money that was charged off because of the system failure. He treated me… Read more➤

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