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I ordered food from Rally’s on E Washington Street in Indianapolis, IN . The app said the restaurant was working on my order. I checked back on the app a few minutes later and my order was gone. I tried to track it but my order didn’t exist. I checked my bank account and it was charged… Read more➤

Have sent several e mail for to get access to my account as owner of the property. No reply. Very poor. No communication.

19 Aug, 2021

Tripalong.net Smooth Service

I used Tripalong for my vacation planning and bookings last month, and have to say that’s it’s quite helpful and facilitating. I usually don’t go out to write reviews about any company but their services deserve appreciation.

My msgs all disappeared and when I text someone and send it I look at their profile and my msg never went to them it disappeared and I am not receiving any msgs. I bought a subscription and for a month Apple had it and my bank account shows the purchase but pof doesnt acknowledge that I… Read more➤

My facebook and Instagram account had been disable please enable my all account. I’d- Ramanand Arya Password-993986**** Mobile no- 620282****

Could not generate code now completely cant access right account Created a new account or forget password or reset password dont work either

19 Aug, 2021

SharkNinja P65 warning

Said they are not sure why that warning is there, just not to use harsh cleaning chemicals in the product

For the past three months I have been charged 2499 a month for Uber pass that I do not have a use for because I have a vehicle of my own and I do not live in an area where Uber is a very accessible service and I want my money back and I want my money… Read more➤

I received an order, it didn’t fit, was very unflattering, have request return information. Now *** do I return and get my money refunded? User’s recommendation: Don’t order from this company!!

When playing poker, I have to make a decision with 30 seconds, but some players have a time extension. How does that work?

Is still a nightmare they’re still sending the food boxes that I never signed up for they’re causing my bank account or actually disability account to being overdraft so me and my daughter are having really hard because of something that I never ordered I’ve asked him refunded the money also they charged me for a one-day… Read more➤

Never invest money in furniture protection plans. save that money for ur next purchase rather than giving it to this company. User’s recommendation: Never buy guardsman protection plan. It will not cover anything. Save that money instead for future furniture.

Ekart Logistics
19 Aug, 2021

Ekart Logistics Invalid delivey

Hi,your order is very bad.i will book full hands shirts.but u give half hand shirts,different colours

I have been having issues logging in for awhile now. I have changed my password multiple times and still wont let me log in. I have tried to change my payment info and online wont let me get into my account.

I was paying for my food and I give the waiter a tip to n cash but they took it off my card. I want to know why they took the tip off my card

Even if you pay cash any and all refunds come check by mail between 7-14 days. This is not a family motel. User’s recommendation: Do not rent a room a the NW Red Roof Inn SeaWorld. It’s a hub of a drug den. People coming and going to the same rooms over and over to by ***… Read more➤

19 Aug, 2021

Dacor Built in oven

I can’t find someone that can or will fix my built in oven in michigan. Can you help me with that. please.

Everything is fine, just got confused about delivery date..Ok to do business with this outfit, it’s all good User’s recommendation: go for it.

I ordered $50 worth of food at Pizza Hut and I did not receive my order I received the wrong order and it had the wrong name on it and everything no one is answering the phone at Uber eats is hard to get to you guys I just want my money back right now you guys… Read more➤

My Facebook account was hacked Password is changed and my both numbers are removed now I can’t login to Facebook since 15-20 days User’s recommendation: They are not helping.

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