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I bought a "Hypnotism Weight Cd" from a Bunny Vreeland PHD .Turns out it did not even work! I called 800-755-**** or 805-984-**** . I left fifteen messages over the last fifteen days no response. Dear Dr. Vreeland PHD , I am sorry to bother you, but your CD "Hypnotism Weight Cd" that was sent by you… Read more➤

DB Associates
31 May, 2007

DB Associates DB Associates

I too also mailed a check to DB Associates in the amount of 85.00 Dolloars after also receiving a letter from them promising to send me home work and that i can earn Money at Home by stuffing Enevelopes. The Check was cashed on April 30th at Discover Bank. But I still have not heard one word… Read more➤

30 May, 2007


i was foolish enough that i placed an order with this company on june 18th 2007. the order wa for one year for 39.95. i put it on my credit card. my bank jut called and ask if i authoized 59.95 this month for//? i told the bank i did not authorize it and to not pay… Read more➤

Same old story here in New Mexico!!  A very nice young man came to our door saying he was a neighbor who lived around the corner.  He named off several of our other neighbors as good friends and told us he was a member of the UNM Baseball team.  He said his name was Chris.  Coincidence?  So is… Read more➤

I purchased the most expensive mattress at Bailey's Sleep Gallery store in Wasilla. It was delivered and I discovered that the mattress was thicker on the left side than the right. (It was a memory foam-style mattress). I called them immediately, and they said they wouldn't take it back. Fine print on receipt says "Returns on accepted… Read more➤

Last week we tried to visit Comedy Cellar. We made a reservation for all the people and (it was 10 of us). However after waiting in line for 20 minutes we still were not able to get into the club.The week prior to the event we tried to make a reservation, but they informed us that they… Read more➤

I think Aria Technology Limited (Aria PC Technology), online trader, tried to *** me –this is why:- GOODS – DESCRIPTION – QUALITY: Firewire card’s picture didn’t show, description didn’t say, I asked if had an internal socket, it assured that it had –it didn’t. Ram didn’t work; told, it said that I bought cheap ram which didn’t always… Read more➤

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