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I returned some items back to the store. This is a store that still have layaway. So the refund was higher than what I paid when I picked up layaway. Was on phone with Achievecard Rep explaining that I paid a few to have items held. Do the math and you’ll get the difference. They sent me… Read more➤

No e mail no part i had to call them to get a horrible excuse about they had not even shiped part i ask for my refund ill keep you posted i could have already got my part from a realiable company

Same story as everyone else, old billing company was bought in mid 2016 and thereafter my collections went through the floor. Not sure how this company continues to be afloat, my guess is they will be convicted of massive feaud one day.

I was in need of capital for equipment purchase. I could have paid cash but didn’t want to spend all my liquid assets. I found my way to “On Deck” by seeing a commercial and noticed it was owned by a Shark on the Shark Tank show. After hearing how she struggled to start her own business… Read more➤

I do not need the movie “the story of Jesus for children “. I mistakenly bought a movie that I already have. You can take it off my downloads because I didn’t watch it either.

Omar the owner is a piece of crap, he loves to belittle his employees because he thinks he is better than anyone. Largest ego ever. He treats his emplotees like they are animals and tells them he will fire them in front of the entire office. The rules pertain only to everyone that is not him or… Read more➤

When I purchase truck he promises me one free service voucher

I also have been using Grecian Formula for 15 years. I bought a bottle at Wal-Mart the other day & returned it because it did not have the yellow stuff floating on top. I always thought this was sulfur. I then went to the Pharmacy & looked at all of the bottles of Grecian & none of… Read more➤

I am on the selling end of a homebuying transaction. The buyers decided to go with this company to inspect the home. Normally one would expect one person to be in the house inspecting the home. But this time there were three people traipsing through the house in their…

Cascade Clean
5 Apr, 2018

Cascade Clean No fresh smell

I “splurged” and purshased cascade dish tabs. 60 pack. There is absolutely no fresh smell. I opened the dishwasher to the stell wet smell. I have no idea why. Maybe these tabs are The basics no fresh smell? That’s why they were on sale. ? Now I have 59 of these tabs. Luckily they at least do… Read more➤

5 Apr, 2018

HHGregg About warranty

Have tried to get someone out to fix my stove and refrigerator. Warren tech company is not doing their job. Purchased these appliances through HH Greg. I have been trying since last year to get these items fixed with no help. I Purchased this contract with HH Greg on each appliance.

Took care of it right away.

5 Apr, 2018

Thermador Phony Phony

I called Thermador and Wolf/Sub-Zero Both companies referred me to Mr Appliance 808 337-9319 Before we buy appliances on an island it is critical there is someone certified to repair the appliance. Especially when paying top dollar. One would think that these companies would make sure that whom they refer you to is certified and open for… Read more➤

March 31 i went to libs in hauppauge for cut and color. The young lady was extremely personable however the color was very drab brown i wanted a reddish brown….i get better color from a box dye…..the cut was supposed to be layered….i am still looking for the layers lol. I will now have to get another… Read more➤

I ordered 4 19 inch rims, never received an email confirmation. Then i called they put me on hold for more than an hour, finally got in contact with the sells rep. Website says 7 bussiness days to receive shipment, then i call back 9 days later after not getting the item. Thats where im told it… Read more➤

Shame on this company to cave to an 18 year old demand just because he is so immature that he cannot handle someone disagreeing with him. I am so disappointed in your company for caving to this young man and his huge temper tantrum. Due to your company pulling ads from Laura Ingrams show i will not… Read more➤

My nhl tv has had constent problems cuts out all the time, terrible picture quality. I have spent countless hours on the phone with support over a month and they are useless. On top of all of that tons of black outs I was not informed about. They need to be sued , just…

My earnings are NEGATIVE. I had over 4 dollars and now its a NEGATIVE amount. They claim something is wrong with the way they computed the tasks. That’s *** If that were all they wouldn’t have shut down their online chat and their facebook page. FB page does not exist…

Update by user May 05, 2018 Had to contact Sylvania and got it resolved. Update by user May 05, 2018 I finally had to contact Sylvania directly. They immediately responded, contacted O’Reilly’s. Got gift card about 2-3 weeks later. Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2018 Bought my product at O’Reilly Auto Parts in November 2017…. Read more➤

This site is a Chinese scam. Don't do it! You buy 6-XL. They send things that are like 12-year-old size; then they make you pay shipping to return, make you fill out all kinds of forms, then they charge you a “re-stocking fee”. {{Redacted}}

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